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Setting Personal Boundaries in the Age of ‘New Ethics’

Setting Personal Boundaries in the Age of ‘New Ethics’
Psychologists acknowledge that there is no longer any public consensus on gender relations and issues. The HSE Media Practices Centre held a training session on ‘How to Find Common Ground with People Living in the New Ethical Reality,’ in which experts discussed key elements of ‘new ethics’ and their influence on social relationships.

Ethics 2.0: Why Machines Should Learn to Make Difficult Decisions

Machines are now able to teach themselves, and they can handle large data more confidently than a human can. So why not leave the most difficult decisions up to them? At the most recent Future Foundation Technology Ethics Conference, HSE Associate Professor Kirill Martyonov talked about how humans are helping robots understand what is good and what is not, and he also discussed the dangers associated with the development of artificial intelligence.