The Road to Academic Excellence

The World Bank in Washington has launched a new book, ‘The Road to Academic Excellence’, which presents eleven case studies of young research universities from all over the world. The only Russian example included in the book is the Higher School of Economics.

Russia and the Council of Europe: Topics for a Common Agenda

‘Russia and the Council of Europe: Topics for a Common Agenda’ is a collection of analytical papers based on the results of the 10th session of the International Center of Russian-European Studies ‘Baltic Practice’. This was an event which took place in Oslo (Norway), organised by the University of Oslo with the support of the Wergeland Center (European Resource Center on Education for Intercultural Understanding, Human Rights and Democratic Citizenship).

‘We Invest Into Quality, Not Quantity’

On October 4th the HSE administration and leading scholars hosted the delegation of the Tilburg University (Netherlands). What does the Rector Philip Eijlander think of possible forms of inter-university collaboration?

Scenario Planning of Apocalypse

On October 4th Peter Schwartz, a world renowned futurist and Honorary Professor of the HSE, spoke at a seminar organized by the HSE Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge.

About the Usefulness of Hospitality

On October 3rd Rohit Verma, Executive Director for the Cornell University Center for Hospitality Research (USA), gave a master class for students and lecturers of the HSE and other Moscow universities, as well as representatives of the hospitality business. He also had a meeting with the administration of the HSE Faculty of Management.

Corporations and Volunteering

On September 19th Kenn Allen, a leading international expert on corporate volunteering, spoke at a seminar organized by the HSE Center for Studies of Civil Society and the Non-Profit Sector on ‘Corporate Volunteering: a Global Perspective’.

The Study Has Revealed Slacker Lecturers

On September 13th 2011 a seminar by the HSE Institute for Educational Studies took place. Martin Carnoy, Professor at the University of Stanford and Academic Supervisor at the HSE International Laboratory for Educational Policy Research, spoke on ‘The Low Achievement Trap: Comparing Schools in Botswana and South Africa’.

Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurship Policies in Central and Eastern Europe. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar, 2011

A Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurship Policies in Central and Eastern Europe has been published in the UK. Alexander Chepurenko, Dean of the HSE Faculty of Sociology, is the author of the chapter on 'Entrepreneurship and SME policies in fragile environments: the example of Russia'.

FP7: In the Framework Beyond the Frames

On July 22nd an information day dedicated to the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme for research and technology development took place at the HSE. Anna Pikalova, Director of the HSE International Centre for the Promotion of Mobility of Researchers, Students and Postgraduates, told us about the HSE’s participation in this programme and particularly about the creation of a Russian-European information portal as part of FP7.

Germany And Russia: Innovation Development

On July 11-th, the three day Russian-German seminar ‘S&T and Innovation Development’ started at HSE. The organizers of the event are the Institute for Statistical studies and Economics of knowledge (ISSEK, HSE) and the Fraunhofer Institute for systems and innovation research (ISI, Germany).