'Political Correctness Constrains Researchers'

From July 26th - 30th the VIII International Council for Central and East European Studies (ICCEES) Congress took place in Stockholm. The event takes place once every five years and brings together researchers from Russia and East Europe. This time 14 teachers and researchers from the HSE took part in the Congress, the largest delegation from one institution at the forum. Some participants of the Congress told us about the event.

‘Russia and the EU: Uneasy Relations. A Look from Belgium’

Academic Papers of the 9th International Session of the HSE Russian–European Center for Multidisciplinary Research were published by Vytautas Magnus University Press, Kaunas, Lithuania.

‘For us, this is a Challenge’

In early June, as part of the international cooperation development programme, an official delegation from the HSE visited Shanghai. Andrey Klimenko, HSE Vice Rector and head of the delegation, told us about the aims of the trip and agreements reached.

Poland: the Return to Europe

On June 8th and 9th the HSE Faculty of Law welcomed Michal Sewerynski, professor at the Institute of Lodz, Poland.

‘How to Make Educational Systems More Effective?’

On May 22nd Sir Michael Barber delivered a lecture on ‘How to Make Educational Systems More Effective?’ at the HSE. Video of the event added.

Energy Saving: Forecasts and Research

Recently the U.S. Russia Foundation for Economic Advancement and the Rule of Law (USRF) awarded a grant to the Higher School of Economics and the University of North Carolina for a joint research project. Oleg Karasev, Deputy Director of the HSE Foresight Center, told us about this project.

‘Internationalization of Education is Becoming a Real University Practice’

A survey conducted through the HSE website as part of the second stage of the OECD research project entitled ‘Institutional Management in Higher Education’has been completed and the results published . Tatiana Meshkova, Assistant Rector of the HSE, told us about the project’s goals and the initial results.

Does Culture Matter for Development?

On April 15th a round-table discussion entitled ‘Does Culture Matter for Development?' took place at the Higher School of Economics. Chandran Kukathas, Professor at the London School of Economics, opened the discussion with his report. You can watch a video of the event here.

Housing Policies in Welfare States

On April 7th Peter Boelhouwer gave a public lecture at the HSE on ‘Housing systems in Western Europe: Theory and Practice’. The lecture took place as a supplementary event to the 11th International Conference on the Problems of Economic and Social Development.

Honorary Report by Klaus Zimmermann

On April 7th Professor Klaus F. Zimmermann delivered an honorary report on ‘Labor Mobility and the Integration of European Labor Markets:EU Labor Markets after Post-Enlargement Migration’. The event took place as part of the HSE 11th International Conference on the Problems of Economic and Social Development.