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Адрес: Москва, ул. Мясницкая д.20, к.544
ORCID: 0000-0001-6626-3936
ResearcherID: P-9229-2017
Scopus AuthorID: 57191821278
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Чепуренко А. Ю.
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Рой Чоудхури Арнаб

  • Начал работать в НИУ ВШЭ в 2017 году.

Образование, учёные степени

  • 2014
    PhD: National University of Singapore, специальность 22.00.06 «Социология культуры», 22.00.05 «Политическая социология»
  • 2006

    Магистратура: Университет Самбалпур, специальность «Социология»

  • 2005

    Магистратура: Университет Самбалпур, специальность «Социология»

Выпускные квалификационные работы студентов

Полный список ВКР

Учебные курсы (2018/2019 уч. год)



Статья Roy Chowdhury A. The Politics of Interlinking of Rivers // Third Concept. 2006. Vol. 20. No. 233. P. 7-12.


Статья Roy Chowdhury A. A Don Quixote in the middle of Intellectual Inferno: Travels and Travails of a Third World Sociologist // International Sociological Association E-Bulletin. 2010. Vol. 17. P. 79-102.






Статья Roy Chowdhury A. Book Review: Dancing With the Rivers: People and Life in the Chars of South Asia by Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt and Gopa Samanta // Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography. 2015. Vol. 36. No. 1. P. 132-134. doi






  • 2012
    37th Annual Meeting of Social Science History Association (Ванкувер). Доклад: Subalternity, State-Formation and Movement against Hydropower projects in India, 1920-2004
  • 2010
    10th Essex Conference of Critical Political Theory (Колчестер). Доклад: Hydro-politics and Dynamics of Mobilizations against Large Dams in Maharashtra: a Post-Marxist Approach
  • International Sociological Association (ISA), World Congress (Гётеборг). Доклад: The State on a Hydraulic Mission: The Political Ecology of Large Dams in Maharashtra

Опыт работы

July 2016- June 2017 : Postdoctoral Researcher, in Move Media Communications under Bangladesh and Thailand office.

July 2015- June 2016: Visiting Assistant Professor, Public Policy and Management Group (PP&M), Indian Institute of Management –Calcutta (IIMC).

August 2013- January 2015: various positions (TA, RA and Postdoc) in National University of Singapore.

Расписание занятий на сегодня

Полное расписание

Teaching at HSE – Tips, Approaches and Challenges

'Teaching at HSE' workshop held on November 15 once again welcomed internationally recruited faculty members and led a discussion about teaching findings and best teaching practices.

Changing the Tracks

Several of this year’s tenure-track faculty members have stayed at HSE previously as postdoctoral fellows. The HSE Looktalked to Arnab Roy Chowdhury, Assistant Professor at School of Sociology, about his experience and on how best to get immersed into the HSE academic community.

Experiencing Moscow

In addition to interviews with international faculty, The HSE Lookis launching a new feature – a column about their life in Russia, what they discover in different cities, and interesting venues at HSE and beyond. If you have an interesting experience to share, please contact us at ifaculty.support@hse.ru. In this issue, we present a column by Arnab Roy Chowdhury.

Welcome Aboard: Post-Doc Introductions

Every year, HSE hires post-doctoral researchers from all over the world. And in 2017-18, more than 30 of them started work at laboratories and research centres in a large range of fields and specializations. The HSE Lookis pleased to introduce this year’s international researchers, so that you can learn more about your colleagues and find out about opportunities for potential collaboration.

Annual Workshop on Intercultural Communication ‘Living and Working in Russia’

On September 22 'Living and Working in Russia' workshop welcomed new international faculty members to HSE.