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Transfer and Reinstatement to the Economics and Economic Policy Programme

Transfer of students to the Master’s Programme ‘Economics and Economic Policy’ is pursuant to the following bylaws: 

Guidelines for Transfer of Students of Bachelor’s/Specialist/Master’s Programmes at National Research University Higher School of Economics, and Bachelor’s/Specialist/Master’s Students from Other Academic Institutions to National Research University Higher School of Economics (hereafter the ‘Guidelines for Transfer of Students’);

Regulations on Procedures for Evaluating and Transferring Results of Previous Education towards Programmes at the Bachelor’s, Specialist and Master’s Degree Level at National Research University Higher School of Economics

Terms and conditions of the transfer are set forth in the Procedures for Transfers of Master's Students at HSE University and Other Academic Institutions to the Master's Degree Programmes in Economics (field of study 38.04.01) of the Faculty of Economic Sciences at HSE University 

 2023/2024 academic year Evaluation Committee includes:

Chairperson: Dmitry Veselov, PhD, Candidate of Sciences, Associate Professor at the Department of Theoretical Economics
Comittee members:


    Renata Yanbykh, Doctor of Sciences, Head, Agrarian Policy Department
  • Olga Kuznetsova, PhD, Assistant Professor at the Department of Theoretical Economics
  • Vladimir Panov, PhD, Doctor of Sciences, Associate Professor at the Department of Statistics and Data Analysis
  • Tatyana Ratnikova, Candidate of Sciences, Associate Professor at the Department of Applied Economics
  • Evgenia Serova, Doctor of Sciences, Professor at the Department of Applied Economics
  • Andrei Tatarinov, Doctor of Sciences, Professor, Senior Expert at the Department of Statistics and Data Analysis
  • Alla Fridman, Doctor of Sciences, Professor at the Department of Theoretical Economics
  • Maria Sheluntcova, Candidate of Sciences, Assistant Professor at the Department of Applied Economics

Secretary: Maria Geroeva, Head of Unit, Master's Programmes Curriculum Support, mgeroeva@hse.ru, Pokrovski Boulevard, 11, office T521

Students can be transferred to a state-funded place, provided that such places are available under the programme. More information about state-funded places is available here.

Transfers for studies under the degree programme are organized in June, December and August of the ongoing academic year. Make sure that you submit an application for transfer within the specified period set for your degree programme. Applications for transfers submitted after established deadlines will not be considered.

Deadlines for applications for transfer to the degree programme:

 Summer periodWinter periodAdditional Period
Publishing information about places available for transfer to degree programme no later than June 01no later than December 01no later than August 20
Submitting documents and applications for transfer June 02-07December 07-12August 21-26
Holding evaluations and decisions on transfers by the evaluation committee June 11-21December 16-26 September 1-10

Details of the transfer procedure are described in HSE Academic Handbook:
Transfer of students within HSE University
Transfer to HSE University from Other Academic Institutions

Please note that students willing to transfer to HSE University from other academic institutions should file applications for transfer to their preferred degree programme via the special Online Service for Applicants by Transfer

HSE University’s Student Service Centre provides consultations with respect to any matters related to the student transfer at studcentre@hse.ru.


The reinstatement of students under the 'Economics and Economic Policy' Master’s Programme shall be organized pursuant to the following bylaws:  

Procedures and Conditions for Reinstating Students Who Were Dismissed On the Initiative of National Research University Higher School of Economics or Other Grounds, and the Procedures for Re-admitting Students to Studies After Academic Leave, Maternity Leave, Parental Leave or Childcare Leave.

HSE Academic Handbook: Reinstatement.


Student Transfer to a Different Degree Programme/Campus