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Address: 11 Pokrovsky Bulvar, Pokrovka Complex, room T309
SPIN-RSCI: 1425-9480
ORCID: 0000-0002-0874-8393
ResearcherID: K-1797-2015
Scopus AuthorID: 6603133320
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Alexis V. Belianin

  • Alexis V. Belianin has been at HSE University since 2007.

Education and Degrees

  • 2000

    University of Manchester
    Thesis Title: Preference reversals revisited: theoretical and experimental analysis

  • 2000

    Doctoral programme
    University of Manchester

  • 1993

    Degree in Political Economy
    Lomonosov Moscow State University, Economics

Awards and Accomplishments

Best Teacher – 2017, 2015

Courses (2023/2024)

Courses (2022/2023)

Courses (2021/2022)

Courses (2020/2021)

Courses (2019/2020)

Courses (2018/2019)

Editorial board membership

2007: Member of the Editorial Board (Экономический журнал НИУ ВШЭ), Экономический журнал Высшей школы экономики (HSE Economic Journal).

Participation in conferences

  • XVII April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development, Moscow, Russia, April 2016. «Влияние телевидения на отношение россиян к Украине».
  • ASEEES, New Orleans, US, Nobember 2012
  • SABE 2012, Granada, Spain, July 2012 (speaker and organizer of junior research workshop)
  • IAREP/SABE/ICABEEP Conferebce 2011 (Exeter, Great Britain). Paper: « Cooperation and spite: an experimental inquiry into the nature andcauses of punishment in public goods games»
  • XII Международная научная конференция по проблемам развития экономики и общества, РФ, Москва, 5-7 апреля, 2011, "Factors of cooperative behaviour in experimental games".
  • 7th International Conference of Ural State University named after A.M. Gorky,РФ,Екатеринбург,April 2010,"Voting power in games: empirical observations and theoretical explanations".
  • From intentions to behaviour: reproductive decision-making in a micro-macro perspective,Австрия, Вена,Dec 2010,"Determinants of fertility in Russia: a structure dynamic approach".
  • XI Международная научная конференция по проблемам развития экономики и общества,РФ, Москва,Apr 2010.
  • X Международная Конференция Общества по коллективному выбору и нормативной экономике (Society for Social Choice and Welfare),РФ, Москва,July 2010,"Strategic foundations of coalition formation: experimental evidence and theoretical explanation".
  • Rationality, behaviour and experiments conference at SU-HSE, June 4-6,2009: "Generalized power indices: an experimental approach."
  • X Annual Scientific Conference of the SU-HSE (Moscow, Russia), April 7 -9, 2009: “Generalized power indices”, “Entry in the Russian railway markets”.
  • ХIV Baikal International Conference, July 3 - 9,2008:"Common Knowledge is Power. Methods of Optimization and Their Applications".
  • IX Annual Scientific Conference of the SU-HSE (Russia, Moscow), April 1 - 3, 2008: "Determinants of Fertility in Russia".
  • Third Congress of the Game Theory Society (Evanston, USA), July 13 - 17, 2008:"Common Knowledge is Power."
  • World Meeting of the International Association for Research in Economic Psychology (Rome, Italy), September 2 – 7, 2008: "Choice Through Similarities", "Cooperation and trust in Economics and Social Life."
  • Bicocca University of Milan, Verbania, Italy, February, 2007 : "Reciprocity: theory and facts".
  • II International conference of RAMEC, Ekaterinburgh, Russia, April 26 – 29, 2007.   
  • IAREP/SABE Joint Meeting, Paris, July 2006.
  • XIV World Congress of the International Economic Association, August, 2005.


Timetable for today

Full timetable

Master Programs Tracks Supervisors Met Future Students

Academic supervisors shed light on program structure, elective courses, research seminars, and specializations for the future students of English taught Master's programs at the Faculty of Economic Sciences. The material will be updated as the events progress

The results of the Third Pacific School-Conference are summarised

The III International Pacific School-Conference on Experimental Economics was held on 19-27 September in Vladivostok at the Far Eastern Federal University.

‘Our Experimental Economics Community Welcomes Everyone from Professors to Bachelor’s Students’

From September 19–27, 2023, the Third Pacific School Conference on Experimental Economics (PSEE) will take place in Vladivostok. The conference has been organised by the HSE UniversityInternational Laboratory for Experimental and Behavioural Economics as part of the Mirror Laboratories project with the Research Laboratory for Modelling Socio-Economic Processes at Far Eastern Federal University. The conference will be held in an in-person format, and foreign participants can take part online.

Head of the laboratory participated in the workshop 'Private Solutions to Collective Action Problems' in Venice

SABE President Belyanin Alexis took part in the annual SABE-IAREP conference at the University of Côte d'Azur

About the section "Theoretical Economics" of the XXIV Yasin (April) International Scientific Conference on Problems of Development of Economy and Society

In April 2023, the annual April (Yasin) Conference was held at the National Research University Higher School of Economics. The organizer of the section "Theoretical Economics" was the Head of the International Laboratory of Experimental and Behavioral Economics A. Belyanin. В.

Conversation with ForbesLife: Alexey Belyanin shared his opinion on the study of trust in society

To answer the question of how trust affects longevity, the well-being of citizens and democracy, the author of ForbesLife Sergey Filimonov asked experts in the field of research on the nature of trust in public life.

The Second Pacific School Conference on Experimental Economics has ended. How was it?

A few days ago, the Second Pacific School Conference on Experimental Economics ended. We talk about how it was.

ICEF Bachelor’s Degree Graduates Have Successfully Defended Their Theses

Of the 180 undergraduates who defended their theses in 2022, six obtained the maximum score of 10. Here’s what the top achievers think had led to successful thesis defense, how they prepared it, and what they are planning to do next.

Scholars from Moscow and Vladivostok Join Efforts to Study Institutes and Preferences in Economic Behaviour

Applications from HSE departments for the ‘Mirror Laboratories’ open project competition are open until May 20. One of the ‘mirror laboratories’ successfully operating today was created as a result of a similar competition in 2020 by economists from HSE University and Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) to study institutes and preferences in economic behaviour. Alexis Belianin, Head of the HSE International Laboratory for Experimental and Behavioural Economics, talked about how peers from Moscow and Vladivostok collaborate.

Experimental methods for the study of social preferences

Alexey Belyanin held a workshop at FEFU

“Sanctions and International Interaction Improve Cooperation to Avert Climate Change” 

New discussion paper by Alexis Belianin, Heike Hennig-Schmidt, Gianluca Grimalda,Till Requate and Marina V. Ryzhkova

RExSchool21 on Experimental and Behavioural Economics of Social Norms and Social Preferences

The international Summer School came to the end

IAREP-SABE 2021 Virtual Conference and Early Career Researchers Workshop

More than 400 participants from over 20 countries took part in the online event

Experimental economics whereabouts: why social scientists need experiments?

Alexis Belyanin presented his talk at the section "Perspectives and Problems of Applied Behavioral Sciences" of XIX International Conference "Vectors" by young scholars of Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences

Research visit to Vladivostok

Alexis Belianin visited Far Eastern Federal University

"What do we know, what we don’t and what we cannot know so far about COVID-19: The case of Russia"

New article by A. Belianin (joint work with A. Shivarov) published in the Journal of Behavioral Economics for Policy

IV Congress of the Russian Economic Association

Dr. Belyanin and Dr. Suvorov acted as organizers of the thematic conference of the congress on behavioral and experimental economics

‘A person that works in education must study all the time’

Diana Kolesnikova graduated from ICEF BSc programme in 2011 and went to apply her mathematical skills in unusual fields – education and psychology. Her project called “obraz zhizny” (Russian for “way of life”) received the HSE Alumni Award in 2020 in the “philanthropist” category. In the interview Diana tells us how the right environment helps in studies, why it is important to try out different occupations, what the reasons to study graduates’ experience are, and how it is important not to be afraid to show your opinion to make the university better.

‘Scholars Are Humans, and You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Them’

ICEF not only trains professionals in economics and finance, but also provides a perfect start for an academic career. Daniil Esaulov, lecturer, coordinator of student research work at ICEF and manager of ICEF Academia project, talked to us about how ICEF develops research skills, what students do at ICEF Academia, and why one shouldn’t be afraid of authorities in research.

'Research is like a detective story, it is very engaging'

Martsella Davitaya is an ICEF 2017 BSc programme graduate who received first class degrees from both HSE and University of London. Right after her BSc she entered a PhD programme at Columbia University (USA), where she is currently studying, doing research and teaching. In the interview she spoke about her career choices, her impressions of studying at Columbia and her future plans.

'ICEF pushes the boundaries of understanding the scope of opportunities in front of you'

Ekaterina Chegayeva completed ICEF BSc Programme in 2017 to continue her studies at master’s level at Princeton. A Master in Finance, she's currently employed by USA's J.P. Morgan, where she is working on the details of retirement savings system as part of Asset Management team. In this interview Ekaterina shares how ICEF enlarges the horizons for its students, how to choose among the programmes allowing to work in the US without getting a work visa first, why American employers seek quantitative finance majors, and how J.P. Morgan makes retirees well-off and happy.

'A crisis situation can land macroeconomists a big break'

A 2017 graduate of Master’s Programme Financial Economics, Nurdaulet Abilov has stepped up to the position of Kazakhstan’s lead quantitative macroeconomic analyst and is in charge of Nazarbayev University’s Economic Modelling Development Center. In this interview, Nurdaulet reveals why Southern Europe makes a perfect place for studying econometrics, how one can develop a passion for economics by lending money to family, and what anti-crisis strategies are being currently developed by Nazarbayev University.

Vibrant Subfield of Experimental Economics Continues to Grow at HSE

On November 6, the International Laboratory for Experimental and Behavioural Economics at HSE University hosted the international conference, Experimental Economics in Russia – 2019. Laboratory Head Alexis Belianin spoke with HSE News Service about what experimental economics is and why it is a particularly dynamic area of research for scholars of economics.

New Publication on trust and power as determinants of tax compliance in the Journal of Economic Psychology

Alexis V. Belianin co-authored a paper published in the Journal of Economic Psychology on "Trust and power as determinants of tax compliance across 44 nations“

Research seminar "Age Discrimination in Hiring: an Experimental Study"

Speaker: Ekaterina Klepikova (HSE Faculty of Economic Sciences).

‘At the Conference We’ll Be Talking about Different Facets of Life in Russia: From New Investment Policy to the Digital Economy’

Today, the XIX April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development begins. HSE Academic Supervisor Evgeny Yasin talks about the main topics that will be covered at the conference, as well as some of the participants.

Neighbours: Who is Close to HSE in Rankings. Economics

We continue talking about universities that are alongside HSE in the 51–100 group in various subject areas in the QS ranking. Today we have economists speaking about their ‘neighbours in the ranking’.

How Behavioral Economics Changes Personal Perception

In 2017 Richard Thaler received the Nobel Prize for research in behavioral economics. Since 2009, the HSE Laboratory for Experimental and Behavioral Economics has been researching this field of economics. Alexey Belianin, Head of the Laboratory and Deputy Director of the International College of Economics and Finance, and lab staff members told HSE News Service why standard economic models do not work and how to make a person behave in a particular way.

Honesty Test

Why Russians Were Asked to Toss a Coin

ICEF Research

Initially focused primarily on teaching, ICEF has been purposefully and consistently building a research community within its team since the start of international recruitment of PhD researchers in 2005. ICEF has a very vibrant research seminar, several research groups, and two laboratories. Alexis Belianin, ICEF Assistant Professor and Head of the Laboratory for Experimental and Behavioural Economics, and Carsten Sprenger, ICEF Assistant Professor, Head of the International Laboratory of Financial Economics, told The HSE Look readers about the achievements and plans of ICEF team in research.

Baltic Practice Turns to the East

The Baltic Practice International Summer School, held by the HSE Public Policy Department, has celebrated its 15th anniversary. Its organizers and participants recently spoke about what’s most important for people to know about the Baltic Practice, and about why, after 15 years, the school is changing direction.

From My Point of View, That Was the Best Outcome

Artem Neklyudov, ICEF BSc Graduate 2007, last year completed his PhD in finance at Carnegie Mellon university. In this interview he talks about what influenced his decision to become an academic, how to find work after graduating, and why research involves teamwork.

University’s Social Mission

HSE has hosted the first patient conference ‘Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS): sharing experience to help people with ALS. The event was organized by a group of relatives of people with ALS, in conjunction with the Federal State Public Scientific Institution ‘Neurological Science Centre’, and the ALS Support Service at the Miloserdie medical centre. The HSE’s International College of Economics and Finance and the Laboratory for Experimental and Behavioral Economics acted as co-organizers. Volunteers, psychologists, and doctors in various specialties who are involved in treating people with ALS also took part.

CMSSE Public Research Seminar. A report by Alexey Belyanin.

On May 10, 2013, CMSSE was held the public research seminar. Report on the theme "Tax compliance and trust to the government: cross-country experimental study" by Alexey Belyanin (PhD, Associate Professor at HSE).

Baltic Practice-2011: A New Level Of Research

On August 1st at the Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas, the XI International summer research school Baltic Practice began. This is an annual event organized by the HSE Department of Public Policy. Nina Belyaeva, Academic Supervisor of the school and Head of the Department of Public Policy, told us about the schedule of the practice and the new areas of research which are being carried out as part of it.