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This programme examines the complexity of science, technology and innovation management and policy. Students acquire competences that are frequently in short supply at companies and public institutions, primarily a global perspective on science, technology and innovation and the ability to make evidence-based assessments in the field of science, technology and innovation policy and management. As this field is constantly changing, so too is the programme, which is responsive to industry changes so as to best prepare students for successful careers. Equipped with specific in-demand knowledge and skills, graduates go on to careers with in management at companies, governmental organizations, and international groups. Students also have the opportunity to participate in double-degree or exchange programmes with partner universities in Germany, South Korea, the Netherlands, and Turkey.

2 years
Full-time Programme
Instruction in English
Dirk Meissner, Head of HSE Master’s Programme 'Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation'


Science Diplomacy as an Emerging Topic: Some Insights from Professor Pierre-Bruno Ruffini

On 21 February, 2017, Pierre-Bruno Ruffini, Professor of Economics, University of Le Havre (France) and previously Counselor for Science and Technology at the Embassy of France in Russia (2007-2010) and Italy (2010-2013), delivered the open lecture «Science Diplomacy – Basic Concepts and Key Issues» under the HSE Master`s programme «Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation» for students, scholars and practitioners.

Building an International Master’s Programme: Design of Curriculum and Role of Partnerships

Dirk Meissner, Professor at the Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge and the Academic supervisor of the Master’s Programme ‘Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation’, has talked to HSE English-language news bulletin, The HSE Look, about programme development and achievements.

Governance in STI Programme Proves to be Right Fit for Delhi Native

After completing an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering in his native Delhi, India, Shashank Pant began searching for a Master’s programme that would provide a balance between management and science. HSE’s Governance in STI programme turned out to be what he was looking for as he prepares for an eventual career in innovation at a multinational corporation.

HSE Announces Olympiad Competitions for English-taught Master’s Programmes

In March 2017, International Olympiad Competitions will be held for perspective students interested in studying in Master’s programmes at HSE University. All current undergraduate students and recent university graduates students interested in pursuing a Master’s degree are invited to participate.

Essay Competition Among Second-Year Master Students

In terms of the Research Seminar course, two guest scholars gave an academic speech to the second-year Master students of the “Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation” programme. Prof. Jeong Dong Lee (Seoul National University, Korea) devoted his presentation to capability transition failure from implementation capability and concept design capability as a source of middle income trap. Prof. Liu Youfa (Shanghai Institute of International Studies, China) discussed relations between China and Russia through the prism of One Belt One Road Initiative. Seven groups of students wrote a group academic essay related to one of these topics. Three essays were awarded  "Best Academic Essay" certificates and online publication.

Bolivian Student Makes Most of Time in Moscow while Preparing for International Career

Jazmin Quevedo Cascante, a native of Bolivia, graduated this year from HSE Preparatory Year Programme and is currently pursuing her Master’s in the Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation. She came to HSE with plans to eventually work in an international environment where she can have a positive impact on society.

Second-Year Students Anastasia Narkhova and Dmitry Plekhanov: About ‘Learning–by–Living’ Approach During Their Summer Internship at OECD

Second-year Master students took an internship in OECD in summer 2016 and shared their experience about the country where Victor Hugo and Honoré de Balzac were born.

Seminar "Cybersecurity. The Role of Government, Industry and Society"

On December 9, 2016 the seminar “Cybersecurity. The Role of Government, Industry and Society” led by Kaja Ciglic, Senior Cybersecurity Strategist Microsoft, will be held in Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia

Tudor Rickards: about creativity, leadership and president Trump

On 7 and 14 November, 2016, the ISSEK second-year Master’s students had a chance to walk across  a “creative bridge” between Moscow and the UK: to attend online lectures by one of the world’s creativity leaders – Tudor Rickards – Emeritus Professor of Creativity and Organizational Change at the Alliance Manchester Business School, Alex Osborn Visiting Professor at the State University of New York at Buffalo, the author of numerous books and articles on creativity, and the co-founder of the academic journal “Creativity and Innovation Management”. The online lectures took place within the course “Managing Creativity and Innovation” by Dr. Mikhail Gershman.

International Students Can Now Apply to HSE through a Simplified Procedure

HSE’s Admission Rules for the 2017/2018 academic year have undergone some changes in regards to international admission. The admission track is now unified for students from both CIS and non-CIS countries. Thus, only two exams must be passed in order to be accepted into a given undergraduate programme, while competitions for Master’s programmes only require a portfolio and an interview. The rules for International Olympiad Competitions have also been changed. Registration for these competitions ends on October 18 (for some countries, deadlines may be extended).