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Internship is an essential part of the Study Plan being counted for 15 ECTS and planned for 10 weeks in Module 3, 2nd year of studies.

Contents of internship:

Make sure that the internship place meets the requirements outlined in the Internship regulations

Dates of Internship: January 13 - March 20, 2020.

Applications aaccepted: till December 15.
Report submission: March 20, 2020.

*If your internship is outside these principles you need to file a formal request to the internship council. Please, note that exemptions need to be thoroughly reasoned.

Internship opportunities:

1) Students can either apply to an internship place offered by the Master's Programme. Please, note that the number of internship places and the list of available organisations proposed by the programme may be subject to change every year and you should wait for the official announcement about the beginning of application period from the programme.
Internship organisations hosting students since 2014 can be checked on this page

2) Students are also encouraged to take an initiative in finding their own internship place. In this case they should follow the standard application procedure mentioned below.

Application procedure:

1)     Fill in the application form.

2)     Fill in the internship plan.

3)     Submit the documents to the Internship council (via the study office - Master’s programme manager).

4)     Submission deadline: December 15, 2019.

5)     Wait for its approval of your internship place. An HSE supervisor will be assigned to every student for their internship.


Submission and assessment:

1)     After the internship prepare the internship report signed by your Internship Supervisor at the organization and submit to HSE Supervisor. You should submit your reports at the end of module 3.  If you have a split internship, you should also submit a mid-term report.

2)     Your internship will be assessed by an HSE Supervisor according to the ten-point scale (your supervisor at the internship organisation gives a recommended grade at the report).

A list of documents to be submitted:

Internship application
Internship plan 
Internship report