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Academic Council

Academic Council is a collegial body that manages an educational programme. The Council makes decisions related to programme contents and implementation. The Council determines the curricula and approves disciplines’ syllabi, as well as the list of topics for term and graduate papers, and the programmes for final state exams.
Nicholas Vonortas

Chairman of Academic Council, Professor of Economics and International Affairs, George Washington University, Leading Research Fellow, Research Laboratory for Science and Technology Studies, ISSEK

Leonid Gokhberg

First Vice Rector, National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE), Director, HSE Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge (ISSEK), Professor, Department of Educational Programmes, ISSEK

Dirk Meissner

Academic Director of Master’s Programme, Deputy Head, Research Laboratory for Science and Technology Studies, ISSEK, Professor, Department of Educational Programmes, ISSEK

Agamirzyan, Igor

Vice President, HSE

Jonathan Linton

Chair in Operations and Technology Management, School of Management, University of Sheffield, Head, Research Laboratory for Science and Technology Studies, ISSEK

Ian Douglas Miles

Professor, University of Manchester, Head, Research Laboratory for Economics of Innovation, ISSEK

Aho, Esko

Prime Minister of Finland (1991–1995), Executive Chairman of the Board, East Office of Finnish Industries, Board Member, Skolkovo Foundation, Chairman, Industrial Advisory Board of the Skolkovo Foundation since 2012

Akim, Michael

Vice-President, ABB in Russia, Member of the Board of Directors at Association of European Business (AEB), Chairman of the working groups on Innovation and Modernization at FIAC (Foreign Investment Advisory Council) and AEB

Carayannis, Elias

Full Professor, George Washington University

Gault, Fred

Professorial Fellow, United Nations University

Nedzvetskiy, Maxim

Head of Directorate, public joint-stock company "Gazprom"

Polt, Wolfgang

Head, Centre for Economic and Innovation Research, Joanneum Research

Salikhov, Sergey

Director, Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

Shadrin, Artem

Director, Department of Strategic Planning and Innovations, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

Sorkin, Leonid

General Director, Vice-President, Honeywell in Russia