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HSE University Students Win Five Gold Medals at IMC'20

HSE University Students Win Five Gold Medals at IMC'20

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Ninety six university teams from all over the world participated in the main mathematics competition of the year. Typically, IMC takes place in Blagoevgrad (Bulgaria), but this year it was decided to hold the competition online due to the pandemic.

There were also changes to the number of tasks (eight instead of the traditional 10), reviews of solutions, and the appeals process. Nevertheless, these changes proved to be no obstacle for the joint team of the HSE University Moscow’s Faculty of Computer Science (FCS) and Faculty of Mathematics (FM), which won seven medals, with four golds, two silvers, and one bronze.

The winners:

  • Daniil Ivanik (FCS, first year of studies) – First Prize;
  • Nikita Kalinin (FCS, second year of studies) – First Prize;
  • Maxim Urmanov (FCS, third year of studies) – First Prize;
  • Alexander Shlimovich (FM, third year of studies) – First Prize;
  • Rodion Zaytsev (FM, third year of studies) – Second Prize;
  • Danila Ivanov (FCS, first year of studies) – Second Prize;
  • Karim Shamazov (FCS, second year of studies) – Third Prize;
  • Alexander Latyshev (FCS, second year of studies) – Honourable Mention.

In addition, two third-year bachelor’s students from the Faculty of Mathematics, Evgeniya Akhmedova and Renata Valieva, participated in the competition outside the joint team, winning Second Prize medals.

Students of the HSE St. Petersburg School of Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science showed excellent results in the individual competition. Vladislav Epifanov, a senior of Applied Mathematics and Information Science undergraduate programme, repeated his last year's result, winning the First Prize. His classmates, Nikita Andreev and Makxim Surkov, earned Second Prize medals. Vasily Alferov, a first year Master's student of Software Development and Data Analysis, and Vladislav Mosin, a senior in Applied Mathematics and Information Science programme, were awarded Third Prize medals.

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This year’s International Economics Olympiad for high school students started on September 7 with an opening ceremony that celebrated the biggest and most diverse group of students yet to compete in the Olympiad, now in its third year. 29 teams from 29 countries will compete this time. The event, which is being held online due to the pandemic, will last until September 13.

HSE University Announces New Project Competition for Launching International Laboratories

The number of international laboratories run in cooperation with leading international scholars is set to expand at HSE University. The competition aims to support the existing and create new research teams. Applications will be accepted from July 10 to August 31, 2020.

Authorship Proven by Mathematics

Marking Mikhail Sholokhov's 115th anniversary (1905-1984), linguists Boris Orekhov of the HSE and Natalya Velikanova of the Moscow State University confirmed his authorship of the epic novel about the Don Cossacks. The researchers were able to attribute the novel using the text distance measure proposed by John Burrows. Termed Burrows' Delta, it provides a simple and reliable method of attributing or confirming the authorship of various texts. 

HSE and Steklov Mathematical Institute Mathematician Alexander Efimov Awarded EMS Prize

Alexander Efimov, a research fellow at the International Laboratory for Mirror Symmetry and Automorphic Forms of HSE University, has been awarded the European Mathematical Society’s prestigious Prize.

Mathematics for Politics: How to Model the Division of the Arctic Territories

Egor Borsuk from the HSE International Centre of Decision Choice and Analysis has developed a software that can resolve international territory disputes. He has tested the programme on the disputed Arctic region. The researcher spoke about his innovation at the 21st April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development and in an interview for IQ.HSE.

Two HSE Projects Win ‘Mega-Grant’ Competition

A ‘Mega-Grant’ Competition for ground-breaking research projects funded by the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education was held for the seventh time, and this year’s competition winners included two projects that will be based at HSE University campuses. One research group will study dynamic systems at HSE – Nizhny Novgorod, and a new social neurobiology laboratory will begin work at HSE University in Moscow.

HSE Students Take 3rd Place at International Mathematics Competition for University Students

The International Mathematics Competition for University Students was held in Bulgaria from June 28th to August 3rd, 2019. 360 students from 77 teams from all over the world took part in one of the most prestigious student competitions in mathematics. Teams from the Faculty of Computer Science and the Faculty of Mathematics represented HSE University at the event.

‘Our Whole Life Is a Dynamic System’

Recently the Laboratory of Topological Methods in Dynamics, which is headed by Professor Olga Pochinka on HSE’s Nizhny Novgorod campus, received international status. Professor Pochinka spoke with the HSE News Service about the applied use of research in fundamental mathematics and her grand plans for the future.  This interview is the first of a special series on HSE’s international laboratories.

International Teams to Compete at HSE SPb Startup Festival

On June 24-28, HSE University – St Petersburg will be hosting HSE Fest, an international festival featuring university startups. 22 teams from 10 countries, including the HSE SPb team, ‘Sphere’, will be competing for grants in support of tech startups.

‘Math is Beautiful’

Anna Kozhina, a Research Assistant at HSE’s international Laboratory of Stochastic Analysis and its Applications, earned her PhD at Heidelberg University in Germany with highest distinction and earned an academic degree of the first category  from HSE’s new Dissertation Committee. This year Anna’s dissertation was awarded the Wilma-Moser prize, which recognizes the best work among female graduate students in the natural sciences. In an interview with HSE News Service, Anna discussed what made her fall in love with mathematics and how science keeps her on her toes.