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HSE Enters Expert’s Research Productivity Ranking in 10 Subjects

©Higher School of Economics/Mikhail Dmitriev

The Higher School of Economics has entered the Expert Analytical Centre’s ranking in 10 subjects. The ranking studies the research productivity of Russian universities. In five subject areas, the university has taken first position in the ranking.

HSE has become the best university in economics, social science and humanities for the third year in a row, and shares joint 1st place with MSU in the first-ever published ranking in medicine. HSE has become 2nd in mathematics, improving its position by 2 points compared with last year. HSE has also entered the rankings in computer science (4th place), Earth science (11th), engineering (11th), physics (12th), and material science (21-22).

The authors explain HSE’s achievements in medicine as follows: ‘Vasily Vlassov, Professor at the HSE Department of Health Care Administration and Economy, has co-authored several international papers that looked at the results of research in excessive weight, cancer, reasons for mortality in various countries etc. These international papers have become the basis for hundreds of other papers. They have received two or three thousand citations, which is 350-450 times higher than the average in this field. Another element in HSE’s success is its active collaborations and publications in medicine-related topics. In both cases, the university researchers have had the opportunity to use their strong competencies in econometrics and statistics’.

The ranking has been published since 2016 and evaluates the publication activities of more than a hundred Russian higher education institutions. In 2018, 14 subjects were analyzed, and for the first time, medicine was assessed as a separate field. The indicators used in the ranking are divided into three equally important blocks: ‘Relevance/quality’, ‘Scale and sustainability’, and ‘Quality of growth’. The first block evaluates the average citation index, weighted citation in subject areas, and the level of journals. The second block evaluates how sustainable the results are, and whether they have been received by one or two strong researchers, or by a larger number of researchers. The third group of indicators takes into account the specifics of the university systems’ growth, and its task is to detect and neutralize those practices that are not totally clear or transparent. It includes two indicators: ‘Quality of citation’ (calculates the share of self-citation in the total volume of citations; as the grade reaches the bottom line of 40%, it starts decreasing steeply), and ‘Paper concentration’ (evaluates how broad the range of journals is where the university presents the results of its research).

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HSE Enters Top 20 Best Universities in QS EECA Ranking

This year HSE University rose six positions to take 17th place in the QS Emerging Europe and Central Asia University Ranking (QS EECA).

HSE University Expands Number of Subjects in the Shanghai Ranking

HSE University has retained its position in the Top 100 of the Academic Ranking of World Universities, otherwise known as the Shanghai Ranking, in sociology and mathematics. The university improved in political science and has also placed in the same group in economics. At the same time, HSE moved to the next group in management and entered new subject areas – psychology and business administration. HSE is the only Russian university ranked in four subjects: Sociology, Management, Business Administration, and Political Science. HSE University is Russia’s leader in economics and ranks in the same group as Moscow State University in mathematics.

HSE Achieves Greater Prominence in THE Subject Rankings

The Higher School of Economics has been included in the Times Higher Education (THE) ranking for psychology for the first time, placing in the 151-175 group. HSE also retained its ranking for the physical sciences (401-500) that it has held since last year.

HSE Joins ARWU Top-100 in Two Subject Areas

The Higher School of Economics (HSE) has entered the Top-100 in Sociology and Mathematics of the Shanghai Ranking. It is also now the leader on this ranking among Russian universities in Economics, Political Science and Management.

HSE among the World’s Top 200 Most International Universities

The Higher School of Economics has been ranked 162nd in a new ranking of the world’s most international universities compiled by Times Higher Education.

HSE Joins Top-100 in the QS Rankings of Young Universities

HSE is the only Russian university to win a place in the top 100 QS rankings of universities under 50.

HSE Makes World’s Top-300 Best Universities List in Management and Social Sciences

In the annual QS World University Rankings published on September 16, the Higher School of Economics maintained its overall position in the 501-550 group, while placing 232nd in the ‘Management and Social Sciences’ category.

The Top Applicants Continue to Choose Strong Universities

On September 5, 2013, at a press conference held at RIA Novosti, the results of a 2013 monitoring study on enrollment in state-funded places in Russian public universities were presented. The study was prepared by the HSE and RIA Novosti and commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Science, and the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.

For the First Time Ever HSE Students Participate in the ‘Student Experience in the Research University’ Project

Interest in international education ranking is growing all over the world, and universities are trying their best to take higher positions. At the same time, the objectivity of the global rankings increasingly gives rise to doubts. Igor Chirikov, Director of the HSE Center of Internal Monitoring, tells HSE news service what they take into account and what they don’t, and what the alternatives are.

Author of the Shanghai Ranking visits the HSE

On October 18th 2011, as part of the preliminary programme of the 3rd International Conference of the Russian Association of Higher Education Researchers, Professor Nian Cai Liu, author of the world-renowned Shanghai University Ranking, gave a lecture at the HSE.