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HSE Opens an Exhibition at Khitrovka on History of the Place

This exhibition has become part of the Open University project and is held on the HSE’s Anti-versary. It covers the history of Khitrovka and its surroundings, and offers a historical view of each object.

Khitrovskaya Ploshad, which hosts the exhibition, is an important part of Moscow for HSE. Several university buildings are situated here, and the best view of the square is available from HSE as well, from the windows of the Faculty of Communications, Media, and Design.

HSE has organized an exhibition that tells visitors about the history of Khitrovka and its surroundings and offers a historical view of each object.

This space, previously occupied with estates, evolved after the 1812 fire. The empty land with burnt buildings was bought at auction by Major General Nikolay Khitrovo. The place was named after him. The philanthropist donated this land to the city and planned to spend his funds to organize a meat and greengrocers’ market there, but never did.

In fact, Khitrovka became an all-purpose space, including seasonal trade and a kind of labour market, where all types of workers were hired. In addition, the mushrooming bunkhouses and inns made the square a gathering point for the low life of the city.

In the early 20th century, Vladimir Gilyarovsky, journalist and writer, brought the directors Konstantin Stanislavsky and Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko here for an excursion, alongside the artist Viktor Simov, all of whom were staging Gorky’s play ‘The Lower Depths’. This way they ‘inhaled the slum spirit’, meeting the ‘barefoot intellectuals’, thieves, and other inhabitants of Khitrovka.

HSE occupies a complex of buildings along Khitrovsky Pereulok and part of Maly Tryokhsvyatitelsky. They used to be occupied by the Myasnitskaya constabulary, which (un)surprisingly neighboured the old criminal heart of Moscow. The Myasnitskaya constabulary has detained some renowned arrestees, such as poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, or writer Ilya Erenburg. Doctor Dmitry Kuvshinnikov worked under the auspices of this constabulary, whose spouse became an inspiration for the heroine of Anton Chekov’s story ‘The Grasshopper’.

For many years, Khitrovka was out of bounds for Muscovites due to a lengthy construction project. In the centre of the square, there was a construction pit hidden behind a high fence. However, In 2014, the city decided to organize a garden here, which now hosts exhibition stands. Now, everyone has an opportunity to learn more about the history of Khitrovka.

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Moscow-2050 Exhibition Opens at Shukhov Lab

In December 2019, Shukhov Lab – the HSE Laboratory for Experimental Urban Design – is turning three years old. For its anniversary, it has set up a gallery with collages depicting future images of Moscow. Before the close of this year, the Moscow-2050 project goes toShenzhen Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture in China.

Works of HSE Art and Design School Students to Be Auctioned for First Time

On December 4, the HSE ART GALLERY opens a pre-auction exhibition of works by students of the HSE Art and Design School. Within two weeks, the exposition will be available to all lovers of contemporary art, after which it will go to GUM, where the pieces will be put up for auction at the joint New Year’s SAMPLE and the HSE ART GALLERY auction.

‘Artistic Style Is a Mirror of the Soul’

A personal exhibition of Alexander Dzhikia, Professor the HSE School of Art and Design and Supervisor of the School’s track in Environmental Design, is now open at HSE ART GALLERY. HSE News Service spoke with the artist about how to search for one’s own style and why our environment needs to be designed by professionals.

‘The HSE ART GALLERY Is Not Just a Place You Visit During the Semester, but a Full-Fledged Gallery’

September marks the one-year anniversary of HSE’s gallery of contemporary art, HSE ART GALLERY – an exhibition space for the HSE Art and Design School. HSE News Service spoke with gallery participants about the gallery’s first exhibition of the new season, the gallery’s future plans, and student art.

'Comrades of Light' Exhibition Opens at HSE Art Gallery

On June 18, the HSE Art Gallery opened a new exhibition, Comrades of Light, a full-scale installation simulating the space of a Soviet apartment with barely noticeable mutations and distortions. Within this space an alternative history of the Soviet Union unfolds on a sequence of matchbox labels, some of which are copies of real labels from the 1950-80s, and some of which are the creations of project authors Alexandra Kuzetsova and Darya Dolgopolova.

HSE Hosts Exhibition Devoted to Last Months of Mandelstam’s Life

The exposition ‘Osip Mandelstam – End of the Road’ located in the HSE building at 20 Myasnitskaya Street in Moscow reconstructs the final 11 weeks of the poet’s life and profiles many of his contemporaries.

Student Photo Exhibition Opens in Moscow

On November 30, a new exhibition opened at Belyayevo Gallery called Collective Belyayevo, featuring works by sophomores from the Photography in Fashion and Advertising bachelor’s programme of the HSE School of Art and Design.

Exhibition about 1968 Events Opens in HSE Building

A new exposition in the assembly hall of the HSE building on Staraya Basmannaya is dedicated to the events of August 1968: the invasion of Czechoslovakia by Soviet troops. Here, you can see declassified documents from the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union archives; leaflets and posters; amateur photos by railroad worker Josef Kut illustrating what was happening on the streets of Prague; and a ‘graphic diary’ by Czech artist Jiří Jirásek.

HSE Opens New Modern Art Gallery

The HSE Art Gallery is the first of its kind among Russian universities. The gallery is expected to become a space for established contemporary artists and students to work together and share their experiences with one another. They will be able to not only present their works at the gallery, but also participate in the creation of exhibitions.

'HSE is Now Russia’s Largest Centre for Empirical Research'

Leonid Gokhberg, HSE First Vice Rector, Director of the Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge, spoke on his first steps in academia, working with foreign researchers, on foresight research as well as shared his thoughts on HSE research development.