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‘Mandelstam Street’ Exhibition Opens at the State Literature Museum with Support of HSE University

On March 16, the HSE Madelstam Centre together with Vladimir Dal State Literature Museum opened a museum dedicated to poet Osip Mandelstam and his wife Nadezhda. Below, HSE News Service talks about the exposition ‘Mandelstam Street: Osip and Nadezhda’.

A common space with Soviet posters, a hallway, and the rooms of Osip Emilievich and Nadezhda Yakovlevna holding the main objects of the exhibit — the museum of the great poet and his wife — is presented as a communal flat. In the future, the couple will soon have neighbours: writers Mikhail Bulgakov and Andrey Platonov will ‘move into’ the other rooms. This is how, after years of wandering, the Mandelstams have finally acquired their home, says one of the exhibition curators, HSE Mandelstam Centre Director Pavel Nerler.

Pavel Nerler
© Mikhail Dmitriev/ HSE University

‘This is a museum of people who never had their own home. This is our attempt to create a home for biographically homeless people,’ Pavel Nerler said. ‘Furthermore, this is a museum of not only a poet, but his wife as well. Nadezhda Yakovlevna is an important figure in Russian literature, thanks to her memoirs and to her heroic efforts. When Osip Emilievich died, she remained alone, dedicating her life to preserving his poems, saving his archive, and then, writing her great memoirs about him’.

In Nadezhda’s room, visitors will see the desk where she kept Madelstam’s poetic archive during the hard times of 1946-1957. They can also see underground books, memoirs, and other books that belonged to Nadezhda. Most of the exhibits in her room have been provided by the HSE Mandelstam Centre. Osip Mandelstam’s room contains treasures from the State Literature Museum, multimedia exhibits, and other things that are related to the poet and his creative biography.

‘Since everything is confined here, we had to go deeper: each of the exhibits has its history, its own drama, which can be revealed during the excursion,’ said Pavel Nerler. ‘It may seem like a plain book, but it hides a lot of drama—about how it was banned, and then, how it was published for 18 years in the ‘Poet’s Library’ series. Or, for example, a medal, which tells us a story about the opening of the monument to Mandelstam in Moscow. Visitors can delve into each of the exhibits to learn more about the poet and his wife.’

The limited space of the museum gives rise to another unique aspect: none of the expositions it holds will be permanent; they will be changed every 6 to 12 months. Eventually, a cinema hall will appear in the common space. Then, visitors will be able not only to study literary artefacts, but to watch films about their favourite authors—Mandelstam, Bulgakov, or Platonov.

The ‘Mandelstam Street: Osip and Nadezhda’ exposition is open in the central building of the State Literature Museum.

Address: 15 Zubovsky Boulevard, Building 1.

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‘There Is No Need to Fear the Atom; It Only Works for the Good of Mankind’

On April 26, on the 35th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, an interactive exhibition was held in the atrium of the Pokrovka complex. Students learned about the history of nuclear power in Russia and how nuclear power works today. In addition, visitors were able to measure the radiation level of their smartphones (spoiler alert: non-life-threatening) and even try their hand at building a nuclear power plant.

On Food and Home: Art and Design School Lecturer Creates an Exhibition for the HSE ART GALLERY

For Alexey Ryumin, curator of HSE Art and Design School’s track in Animation and Illustration, his current exhibition, which is on display at the HSE ART GALLERY, is his largest and most personal. In the exhibition, the artist presents more than a hundred 3D-printed objects: architectural pieces (frames, doorways, windows, webbing) and their inhabitants—emoji cats, horses, couriers, angels, and nesting dolls. Read on to learn about the concept of the exposition, the nesting dolls, and the Slavic hut.

HSE ART GALLERY Opens Unusual Exhibition ‘Sonic Fiction: Designing Sound Spaces’

Noah’s Ark below decks, a utopia about the happy coexistence of all life forms, the universe of tinder-dating — HSE ART GALLERY’s new exposition has turned the gallery into a sound theatre, a mix of fictional and real worlds, where visitors are transported by sound. The unique sound exhibition ‘Sonic Fiction: Designing Sonic Spaces’ was created by students of HSE Art and Design School (of the ‘Sound Art and Sound Design’ Programme and others) as well as famous Russian and foreign artists. The artists and curators told the news service about the concept of the exposition, their work, and sound and neural networks.

‘I Want To Reflect the Crazy Times We Are Living in, Where Everything Is Upside Down’

On November 10th,HSE ART GALLERY opened an exhibition showcasing pieces by second-year students of the Master’s programme in ‘Contemporary Art’ under the supervision of famous Russian artist, Vladimir Dubossarsky. A special feature of the exhibition is its sound design: all the images are accompanied by compositions of sound artists, most of whom are also students of the HSEArt and Design School. They focused on the theme of forced relationships, the impact of the pandemic on the creative process, and the mixing of art forms.

Golden Bee Biennale Poster Exhibition Opens at HSE ART GALLERY

The works are dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus and VKHUTEMAS—the two main art schools of the 20th century that formed the cradle of the European and Russian avant-garde and world design. The posters, which will be on display at the HSE ART GALLERY until November 1, were designed by nominated artists of the Biennale.

‘With My Installation, I Invite Viewers to Feel Like Kids’

The NOW exhibition, featuring works by alumni of the Design and Contemporary Art profile, will continue its run at the HSE ART GALLERY for one more weekend before it ends on October 11. HSE News Service spoke with the featured artists about how they answered the question ‘Who are we right now?’ and what they would like to convey to viewers with their work.

HSE Art Gallery Opens Third Exhibition Season

The gallery is celebrating its return from working from home to regular offline life with the recently opened exhibition ‘NOW’. This exhibition displays graduation projects by nine graduates of the programme in Design and Contemporary Art.

Students from HSE Art and Design School Present Works at Blazar Young Contemporary Art Fair

The Blazar Fair, a satellite event of Cosmoscow, is designed to help young talents develop and promote themselves. Fresh ideas, trends, Russian and international practices of contemporary art - all of this can be found at the Museum of Moscow from September 9 to 13, 2020.

HSE University School of Art and Design in St. Petersburg and ‘Manege’ Open a Joint Exhibition

On August 14, the ‘Thirty Three Characters’ project, which was created by the HSE University School of Art and Design in St. Petersburg in partnerships with the ARKI Creative Workshop, will open at the Manege Central Exhibition Hall in St. Petersburg. The project combines a series of outdoor installations dedicated to the Cyrillic alphabet.

Authorship Proven by Mathematics

Marking Mikhail Sholokhov's 115th anniversary (1905-1984), linguists Boris Orekhov of the HSE and Natalya Velikanova of the Moscow State University confirmed his authorship of the epic novel about the Don Cossacks. The researchers were able to attribute the novel using the text distance measure proposed by John Burrows. Termed Burrows' Delta, it provides a simple and reliable method of attributing or confirming the authorship of various texts.