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A Crisis of Trust Prevents People from Enjoying Life

A crisis of trust in Russian society keeps people from enjoying their lives to the full, said Anna Mironova, Research Intern of the HSE’s International Laboratory of Socio-Cultural Research and postgraduate student at the HSE Department of Demography in her presentation at the XV April International Conference.

Companies Who Love Their Staff Will Be Rewarded

A company that makes more effort to encourage initiative among its employees, supports their professional growth, and cares for their well-being will find it easier to hang on to motivated workers and improve the chances of company success. At the HSE XV April International Conference Alla Kupreychenko showed how corporate social responsibility predisposes an organisation to good results.

Property Makes a Person Free

Harvard professor Richard Pipes, one of the most renowned Western experts in Russian history, explained why freedom in Russia is impossible without a developed private property system, in his speech at the 15th April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development.

Freelancers Value Freedom More than Money

The income and satisfaction freelancers get from their work depends largely on their professional self-worth. Education and experience are rewarded financially but these don’t determine an individual’s sense of job satisfaction. Researchers Denis Strebkov and Andrey Shevchuk presented these findings in a paper at the HSE XV April International Conference on Economic and Social Development – 'How does Human Capital Influence the Income and Job Satisfaction of Self-employed Professionals?'

70% of School Leavers Move to Big Cities

Once out of secondary school, two thirds of young people leave their home villages and small towns never to come back. Russia's 'backwoods' are increasingly depopulated and rapidly ageing, notes Ilya Kashnitsky in his paper 'A Cohort Study of Intraregional Migration of Russian Youth' presented at the HSE's XV April Conference.

Banks Should Not Skimp on Risk Management

Most Russian banks do not skimp on risk management costs. The only exception are aggressive retail lenders too fixated on cost-cutting, said Mikhail Mamonov at the HSE's XV April Conference.

Food as a Weapon

The ability to provide enough food for yourself, and have a surfeit to sell for export, is becoming a way for states to influence world politics and the economy, says Alina Savelyeva, assistant to the Dean at the HSE Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs. In the lecture she delivered at the HSE’s XV April International Conference 'The role of food potential in modern international politics', Savelyeva considers the mechanisms of how food can be a weapon.

‘HSE is Becoming, in My Eyes, a Wonderful International Academic Community’

From 28th  March to 4th  April 2014 the Laboratory for Comparative Social Research is holding its  4th International Workshop  'Social and Cultural Changes in Cross-National Perspective: Values and Modernization' at the HSE in Moscow.  Key note speaker Arye Rattnet gave a short interview to the HSE English Language News Service about his positive experience of working with HSE students and researchers.

Test-tube Babies are Changing our Understanding of Parentage

The growth of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), surrogate motherhood, etc, have changed our very idea of parentage. The concept of a parent as an integral and inseparable whole is now being broken down into a number of different roles – there are ‘genetic’ mothers, ‘birth’ mothers and ‘feeding’ mothers while fathers can be ‘genetic’ or ‘social’. This atomisation of parenthood explains the prevailing ambiguous attitude towards ART as Olga Isupova, Alexei Belianin and Anna Gusareva showed in their presentation at the HSE XV April International Conference ‘Economic and Social Development’, in the ‘Demography and Labour Markets’ Section.

Laura Solanko: ‘An Academic Today Cannot Help but Want to Create and Work’

As part of the XV April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development, a ceremony took place to award the National Prize for Applied Economics, which this year went to William Pyle and Laura Solanko for their convincing validation of Mancur Olson’s hypothesis using unique data on Russian business associations.