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The Application

We recommend that you apply as early as possible to ensure that you receive all necessary information and visa support documents on time! 

Application deadlines:

Fall Semester (second half of a year) – June 15

Spring Semester (first half of a year) – October 15

Registration deadlines:

Fall Semester (second half of a year) – June 30

Spring Semester (first half of a year) – October 30

HSE academic calendar can be found here.


6 STEPS on the way to be a visiting student



Step 1. Check fees and if you are eligible to apply.

Step 4.
 Register as a visiting student, following the e-mail intsructions

Step 2. Fill in an online application, following the deadlines.

Step 5. 
Sign a contract.


Step 3.
 Find out about the results via email within 10 business days.


Step 6.
Prepare for your departure.

Before applying online please prepare the following documents:

— Scanned copy of the passport (should be valid of at least 1,5 years from the entry date)
— Letter of motivation
— Academic reference*
— Copies of the university/college transcripts/records from the current studies
— Preliminary course choice
—  EU citizens informed consent (for EU citizens only)

*In case you are not ready to upload the document through the online application form, please have your reference person send it to semester@hse.ru directly.

For additional information, please contact the Semester in Moscow team.  
E-mail: semester@hse.ru