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Summary of Degree Programme

Field of Studies

09.04.04 Software Engineering

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Network Programme


Length of Studies, Mode of Studies, Credit Load

2 years

Full-time, 120

Language of instruction


Instruction in English

Qualification upon graduation


Double-degree Programme


Use of online learning

With online tools

Competitive Advantages

The programme is aimed at training professional administrative managers, project and development teams managers (both at the technological and economic-managerial levels) that are able to organize the effective management of software development projects on time and within the allocated budget. The content of the Master's programme complies with the international recommendations for teaching software engineering at the graduate level in higher education institutions. The title of the programme underlines the fact that software is an important, or even key, component of various systems, the component around which other parts (elements) of the systems are built. As the Guide to the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK) states, "software engineering (SwE) and system engineering (SE) are intimately intertwined". As a whole, the programme is being designed and improved to address the dependence of these two interdisciplinary approaches (fields of knowledge) and to actively develop students' analytical and technical skills. The academic mobility of the Master's programme students (short-term exchange programs within the framework of existing agreements at faculty and university-wide levels), their participation in the research activities, projects within the  university and companies dealing with software development and deployment is also encouraged.

Professional Activities and Competencies of Programme Graduates

The Master's Programme is aimed at developing competencies that will enable its graduates to carry out professional activities in the fields of 
information and communication technologies - in particular, (a) industrial software development of various complexity levels, (b) managing projects and developer teams, (c) making decisions concerning the reasonable choice of the modern technology stack for the development of software systems and complexes, (d) development, justification and validation of IT-project solutions, assessment of risks, budget constraints and project's completion time, as well as realization of international group projects, including management of virtual development teams;
science and education that embraces, but is not limited to (a) delivering training courses in educational institutions, (b) development of specialized courses of various levels of complexity in the field of IT, (c) planning and organizing scientific research activities, interdisciplinary theoretical and applied studies, in which different aspects of software and systems engineering play an important role.

Programme Modules

The approved Curriculum for the educational programme stipulates the division of the overall workload (set of credit points) into consolidated coursework section and a research (project) section. The "classical" structure of the Curriculum is divided into modules (4 modules over one academic year); as usual, each course is associated with a specified number of credit points. The variation section of the Curriculum is limited (1-2 courses) at the moment. Research (project) activity starts at early stages (first module) of the 1st year of study and proceeds to the 2nd year, allowing each student to be actively engaged in a work on topic of personal interest (individually or in a small group) in the field of Software Engineering or related field(s).

Options for Students with Disabilities

This degree programme of HSE University is adapted for students with special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities. Special assistive technology and teaching aids are used for collective and individual learning of students with SEN and disabilities. The specific adaptive features of the programme are listed in each subject's full syllabus and are available to students through the online Learning Management System.

Programme Documentation

All documents of the degree programme are stored electronically on this website. Curricula, calendar plans, and syllabi are developed and approved electronically in corporate information systems. Their current versions are automatically published on the website of the degree programme. Up-to-date teaching and learning guides, assessment tools, and other relevant documents are stored on the website of the degree programme in accordance with the local regulatory acts of HSE University.

I hereby confirm that the degree programme documents posted on this website are fully up-to-date.

Vice Rector Sergey Yu. Roshchin

Summary of Degree Programme 'System and Software Engineering'

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