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How HSE Supports Its Students

How HSE Supports Its Students

HSE supports its students in many ways, from providing financial assistance to helping students reach their academic and professional potential. Read on to learn more about what the University does to support its undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students.

Creativity, Business, Travel, and Career Development

From the moment you step on campus as an HSE student, you can receive support from the University in terms of both your professional and personal growth.

The Student Initiative Support Centre is dedicated to activating the creative potential of HSE students. In addition to helping students start and promote organizations, associations, and clubs, the Centre provides assistance with holding university-wide events.

Today HSE is home to about 200 student organizations. The range of their activities is wide: from arts and culture to sports, investments to volunteering, foreign languages ​​to entertainment, HSE student life has something for everyone.

Academic mobility programmes also provide exciting enrichment opportunities. HSE students can expand their professional and personal horizons by studying at another HSE campus, another Russian university, or a university abroad.

Valeria Kasamara, Vice Rector, HSE University

Valeria Kasamara, Vice Rector, HSE University

This year, HSE students have access to over 70 universities in 27 countries around the world, each of which has its own unique set of areas and disciplines. Mobility programmes offer free tuition at universities around the world, and some universities offer scholarships that cover room, board, and transportation.

Studying abroad is very simple: study well enough (have an average current score of at least 6) and pass an international exam in the relevant foreign language (if the university requires it). After that, you just need to choose a programme that corresponds with your own, calculate your budget, apply online, and wait for your results. If you are accepted, you can apply for a visa (if applicable), design your individual curriculum, and book your plane ticket.

Don’t put off applying until right before the deadline; apply as soon as possible. Browse the programme catalogue, and apply online. You know what to do.

For those who dream of conquering the world through entrepreneurship, the HSE Business Incubator is the best university accelerator according to the 2019 UBI Global international rating. It teaches not only HSE undergraduate and master’s students how to build a business from the ground up, but external students as well.

Throughout its existence of more than 10 years, the HSE Business Incubator has attracted 1.3 billion rubles in investments and helped several thousand startups from all over Russia test ideas, release products, and launch businesses.

For those not interested in launching a startup, the Career Development Centre offers assistance and guidance in a wide range of other professional trajectories. The division cooperates with more than 500 Russian and foreign employers, including Sberbank, Rosneft, the Ministry of Economic Development and Justice of the Russian Federation, as well as Microsoft, Google, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, EY, Mercedes-Benz, Bloomberg, McKinsey and other well-known global companies. The Centre's staff advises students on career development, resume writing, organizes master classes and workshops with employers, and hosts a large career fair, the HSE Career Marathon.

When they graduate, HSE alumni do not lose access to HSE’s support network. The Alumni Centre helps former students stay in touch with HSE (you can get a pass to all buildings on the Moscow campus and use the campus’s coworking spaces and libraries and take university elective courses). The unit also offers career advising for alums and runs a mentoring programme that helps HSE students of different generations share their professional experience with each other.

Payments, Scholarships, and Other Forms of Financial Support

The social policy of HSE University stipulates that various categories of students are eligible for financial support. For example, assistance is provided to students who have children.

More information about all of the types of social assistance can be found on the page of the Office of Staff and Student Benefits.

Students can also receive special scholarships in recognition of their academic success. University students leading an active research, social, and creative life can qualify for increased payments.

All types of scholarships, as well as the criteria for obtaining them, can be found on the page of the Centre for Scholarships and Charitable Programmes.

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130 HSE University Students Receive Scholarships under VK Education Subscription Programme

As a result of the annual VK scholarship programme, the students receive monthly payments and other bonuses for developing skills and growing professionally. These include career consultations, access to a closed pool of vacancies and internships, the opportunity to participate in VK Education training programmes without undergoing an additional selection process, and a subscription to VK Music.

Don't Doubt Your Ability and You Will Get Everything That Is Rightfully Yours at HSE’

Yuanqi Zhou, from China, is currently studying on the Master's in Comparative Social Research under Russian government scholarships and funding from the China Scholarship Council, while also working as a research assistant at Centre for Civil Society and Non-Profit Sector Studies. In this interview, Yanqi talks about scholarships, HSE University’s impressive academic resources, and the soothing qualities of a Moscow sky.

‘HSE Has Made Me Confident and Brave’

Enrolment in undergraduate programmes is underway. International recipients of the Russian Government Scholarship can study at HSE University for free and get a place at an HSE dorm. Senanu Dekpo-Adza from Ghana and Hamisha Rijal from Nepal study at HSE University as part of the scholarship programme. They shared their experiences of admission and studies at HSE University with the HSE News Service.

Applications Open for 2022 Full-Tuition Doctoral Scholarships

International students interested in joining HSE University can apply for full-tuition scholarships from the Russian government. Applications for the 2022/23 academic year are open from March 1–11. We spoke to HSE University doctoral students about their work and about how scholarships have helped them pursue their research goals.

Scholarships to be Awarded to Student Research Paper Competition - 2021 Winners

On September 29, the HSE Academic Council approved the Regulation on Scholarships for the Winners of the HSE University Student Research Paper Competition - 2021. The competition winners will now receive scholarships of 20,000 roubles per month.

Last Call: International Applicants Can Still Apply for HSE University Scholarships

If you are an international applicant, you still have time to apply for scholarships from HSE University. The full-tuition scholarships are awarded annually in May. This year, the Scholarship Committee will meet for the last time on May 27, 2021 to determine who receives full and partial scholarships.

‘Everyone Is Cool and Loves What They Do’

Ulyana Rusetskaya of Belarus is in her first year at the HSE Art and Design School. She entered HSE University by winning the HSE Global Scholarship Competition (GSC) for foreign citizens in the area of design. Ulyana spoke with the HSE News Service about how to prepare a project for the GSC and how the HSE community differs from other university communities. Prepare for the GSC 2021 with the winners of the GSC 2020!

‘I Really Enjoy Learning Russian’

Karla Sofía Torres Pesquera is an exchange student from ITAM, Mexico City. She is spending one semester at HSE University, from January to June. She has talked to HSE News Service about the courses she is taking this semester and also described her life at the HSE dorm.

Ilya Segalovich Scholarships Awarded on the Fifth Anniversary of HSE’s Faculty of Computer Science

As part of the HSE Faculty of Computer Science fifth anniversary celebration at Mercury Moscow City Tower, Ilya Segalovich Scholarships were awarded.

Online Scholarship Calculator for Undergraduate Applicants

International students applying to HSE’s undergraduate programmes can receive scholarships that fully or partially cover their tuition costs. Some of these scholarships are awarded based on entrance exam results. Now we have an online calculator that will help you determine what scholarship you qualify for when  applying to one of HSE’s Bachelor's programmes.