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HSE Art and Design School Students Attend ADCR Awards

On September 19, 2017, a ceremony of the Art Directors Club Russia (ADCR) Awards took place in Moscow. Students from the HSE Art and Design School with their ‘Genders*’ and ‘Save Frisian’ projects took first and second prizes in the ‘Young & Students’ nomination. Furthermore, Oxana Paley, Curator at the HSE Art and Design School, took third place in the ‘Design & Craft’ nomination.

Alexandra Parkhomenko, Anastasia Ashukina, and Viktoria Boyko, fourth year students, (Curators: Stephan Lashko and Ivan Yakushev) submitted their ‘Genders*’ project for the competition. In their studies, they noticed that, while traditionally, only two genders are usually mentioned, the male and female ones, there are, in fact, many more. This project aims to provide information on all key genders, explain their differences and structure, as well as present this information in a clear and visually stimulating manner. The project includes two posters, a website and a card game.

The poster features a chart of genders including names, definitions, symbols, and other key features. They are arranged in groups and subgroups, as in Mendeleev’s periodic table of elements. The second poster consists of gender flags, whereby each colour carries a meaning, and their combinations are both individual and symbolic.

Since people have grown used to getting their information from digital sources, the students decided to create an interactive version of the gender chart as a website. This is the first resource to feature a collection of the most complete information on various genders.

The project also includes a card game, whereby each player can roleplay various genders. The interactive approach helps those playing better understand gender differences. You can see how the game works in this video.

‘We were lucky to work on a project, which not only thrills us, but is also valued by much more experienced people. This is a double success. When we were submitting “Genders*” for the competition, we were not so much hoping to win, as much as we just wanted to share the results of our hard work, which was a point of pride for us. Sometimes, it’s important just to believe in what you are doing, and not stop doing it. Some people leave things halfway through, but if you go all the way, the result is often better than you might expect,’ the project authors said.

Click to view the full project on the student portfolio website (in Russian)

Anna Dmitrieva and Sophia Verlina, students at the HSE Art and Design School (Curators: Stefan Lashko and Ivan Yakushev), put together a project about an underrepresented community, using the example of Saterland, a town in Germany. Despite its low population (only about 15,000 people), they still speak in their native language - Saterland Frisian. The Frisians were recently forced to use bilingual (German and Frisian) signs in the town. The students suggested a solution for this problem.

‘It wasn’t easy to implement this project. We absolutely had no idea how to visually reflect two cultures, without actually offending anyone. We discussed many options, but suddenly remembered how we learn languages ourselves - by just putting up stickers with new words on everything around us. The solution was unexpected, but it was decisive for our project. Despite the difficulties, we are nevertheless pleased with the result. We are grateful to the curators for their support,’said Sophia Verlina and Anna Dmitrieva, sharing their emotions about the event.

Click to view the full project on the student portfolio website (in Russian)

Oxana Paley, Curator at the HSE Art and Design School, participated in the competition with a visual identity project for an architectural firm.

‘I love it when simple methods, without any excessive elements, are used to generate solutions. And I’m happy that the jury values my project,’Oxana said in regards to her victory.

The ADCR Awards is a Russian professional competition in advertising and design, organized by Art Directors Club Russia.


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Student Projects Collect 5,069 HSEcoins Before Taking a Break

At the beginning of the new academic year, HSE launched a new mechanism to support student projects called HSEcoin.  The first phase of fundraising through this platform took place from September 13 to November 20. During this time, student projects managed to collect 5,069.14 HSEcoins, which equals more than one million roubles based on 2018 exchange rates.  Below is a summary of the first phase of the HSEcoin campaign.

Student Photo Exhibition Opens in Moscow

On November 30, a new exhibition opened at Belyayevo Gallery called Collective Belyayevo, featuring works by sophomores from the Photography in Fashion and Advertising bachelor’s programme of the HSE School of Art and Design.

HSE Staff and Alumna Take Part in Creating ‘Hello, Moscow!’ Project

The Moscow metro has launched a big educational project ‘Hello, Moscow!’ (Priviet, Moskva!). This will turn the Moscow transport system into a ‘guide’, telling the passengers about the city in various contexts, and making the everyday commute a more useful and interesting journey. The project creators include HSE staff and alumna.

HSE School of Design Students Decorate Hermès Storefront in GUM

A project by Zlata Sapko and Marina Aleksashina, third-year students of the programme in Fashion, won a competition organized by Hermès and the HSE School of Art and Design. The presentation of the project took place in GUM.

HSE Opens New Modern Art Gallery

The HSE Art Gallery is the first of its kind among Russian universities. The gallery is expected to become a space for established contemporary artists and students to work together and share their experiences with one another. They will be able to not only present their works at the gallery, but also participate in the creation of exhibitions.

Where Designers Are Made

White walls with stickers and residue from coloured tape, smoothies and vegetarian dishes at the cafeteria, and students whom it’s difficult to send home even at 11:00 p.m. – this is how third-year Fashion student Zhenya Sychev and third-year Communication Design student Inna Zozulya described the HSE School of Design in the latest edition of Open House.

Alexander Zeldovich Joins the Design School Team

The Design School is launching HSE Film School, bringing together all educational levels: the BA in Film and Video-Art, Modern Art programmes, further education, post-graduate and MA studies. HSE Film School is led by renowned film director and screenwriter Alexander Zeldovich, who talks here about why contemporary film needs a new approach, what will be taught in the Film School, and why.

Designers and Teachers Need to Establish Dialogue

When a classroom is well-organized, children not only feel comfortable, but also learn more effectively. Ways to create such a space were discussed at the research seminar ‘Design of educational spaces’, which was held at the Center of Leadership Development in Education at HSE’s Institute of Education on July 12-13.

All Students to Be Given HSEcoins at HSE Day

At the beginning of the new academic year, HSE launched a new mechanism for supporting student projects – HSEcoin. Now students will be the ones deciding how financing will be distributed to student initiatives.

School of Design Exhibition at Central House of Artists

The exhibition Design NEXT opened last Wednesday at the Central House of Artists in Moscow’s Krimsky Val area. This is the continuation of the first Moscow Biennale of Design, which took place in 2017. During the event, group exhibitions by Moscow design universities were all brought together at a single location. The exhibition also featured personal expositions by Russian graphic, industrial, and fashion designers, including Anna Kulachek and School of Design Curators Alexandra Lartseva, Stephan Lashko, Philipp Tretyakov, and Tim Yarzhombek.