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HSE University’s Faculty of Computer Science to Hold 2024 Winter School on Software Engineering

HSE University’s Faculty of Computer Science to Hold 2024 Winter School on Software Engineering

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On February 26–29, 2024, HSE University’s Faculty of Computer Science will hold a winter school on software engineering for the third time. It will focus on modern software development tools and methods. From February 26 to 28, the school will be held online, and on February 29, it will take place at the HSE University building on Pokrovsky Bulvar in Moscow. Those interested can register to participate until February 22.

The school will be held in Russian. Participation is free for everyone.

This year, the school will host lectures and workshops where participants will learn about modern approaches to the development of mobile applications, computer games, and the creation of user interfaces. The main topics of the school are game development, mobile and front-end development. The speakers include teachers from the Faculty of Computer Science, as well as representatives of Yandex, Sberbank, Tinkoff, VK, and the gaming industry.

Nikolay Pavlochev

Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Computer Science and Academic Supervisor of the Bachelor’s in Software Engineering

‘This year, we decided to focus on mobile development and machine learning, as they are the hottest topics in modern IT. It’s hard to imagine our near future without smartphones and powerful neural networks at hand. Our speakers will explain where these fields are heading in their development, how they affect our lives, and how we can use these trends to be at the forefront of IT.

How else will the school be useful? Choosing a university and educational track is one of the most important choices in life. A great education in IT is based on talented students and teachers, a live connection with industry, and a practice-oriented approach. All participants of our school will be able to personally verify that the Bachelor's in Software Engineering contains these ingredients, which makes it one of the best in Russia. At the very minimum, this will increase motivation for school students to enrol in SE. And at best, it will also allow participants to acquire valuable knowledge in mobile development and machine learning.’

Sergey Shershakov

Deputy Head of the School of Software Engineering, Faculty of Computer Science

‘Four days of lectures and workshops await us, and we will spend the final day in person in the building on Pokrovsky Bulvar, capping the school with a discussion about generative models and their impact on programmers’ work with the participation of leading experts in the field of AI. For school participants, this will be an excellent opportunity to meet in person, while colleagues from remote cities will have a reason to visit Moscow.

Today, software engineering is one of the most relevant areas for the development of individual competencies. The engineering approach is the only working tool that allows for the development of truly complex and integrated systems. One of the goals of our school is to increase young professionals’ interest in computer science in general and software engineering in particular.

A new feature of this year’s school will be the day of the CPD Centre at the Faculty of Computer Science, during which representatives of the centre’s industrial partners will give talks. We hope that the school will be of interest to a wide range of participants: undergraduate students will discover something new and get interested in studying further on a master’s programme in engineering, school students will be able to understand that an engineering specialty related to software development is exciting and promising, and even accomplished specialists will be able to spend their time in a beneficial and engaging way.’

Olga Maksimenkova

Associate Professor at the School of Software Engineering, Faculty of Computer Science

‘This year, as part of Game Dev Day, we will offer students several workshops run by gaming industry representatives, and we will hold a round table devoted to opportunities for developers in the Russian indie game segment. Of course, we cannot forget about artificial intelligence—we will reflect on this topic in two lectures.

I believe that the variety of activities will not only allow people to learn something new, but also to improve their practical skills. The winter school will help participants find a trajectory for further professional development—for example, in our Master's programme in System and Software Engineering. The Master’s covers a lot of topics that are relevant to modern computer game developers, from managing processes transformed by AI to the specific features of human-machine interaction.’


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of students who took part last year in the HSE Winter Schools for prospective Master’s programme students are willing to recommend them to their friends*. Registration for the 2016 Winter School is already underway.