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Friday, November 27

Internet Search Possible without Search Engines

Specialists from the HSE’s Nizhny Novgorod campus plan to create a new system of structuring data and accounting of webpages. The Laboratory of Algorithms and Technologies for Networks Analysis has won a grant from the Russian Science Foundation to study ‘Clustering and Search Techniques in Large Scale Networks.’


of businesses use the internet for commercial purposes.

Commenting in the Blogosphere Has Elements of Being a Fan

Commenting on Live Journal is often concentrated around the most popular bloggers. Who authors the posts plays a more significant role in forming discussions than the subject matter. These are the conclusions of researchers at the HSE Laboratory of Internet Studies LINIS, Olessia Koltsova, Sergey Koltsov and Sergey Nikolenko.

Doctors Should Intervene into Internet Diagnosing

It’s time for doctors to actively control discussions of self-treatment over the Internet. Unqualified opinions of uninformed people can mislead many participants of Internet communities, and doctors’ comments about online prescriptions would help users to make right decisions and could even save their lives. Elena Tarasenko, Deputy Head of the HSE Department of Health Care Administration and Economy, has studied the content of web communities dedicated to self-treatment in social networks.

Research Finds Little Difference between Top-ranking and Casual Bloggers

Top-ranking LiveJournal (LJ) bloggers in Russia differ from casual contributors by how much they blog, but offer largely the same content, according to a study by Sergey and Elena Koltsov of the HSE's Internet Research Laboratory (St. Petersburg).

There is no Development without Internet

Peter Major,one of the world's leading experts in the field of ‘Governing the Internet’ comes to Moscow on September, 24th to spend a few days for sharing his experience and views with the HSE teachers and students. He will deliver a lecture ‘Internet as a Key Element of Development’, a seminar ‘Internet Governance’ with a consultation session and a seminar ‘International Structures of Internet Governance: forum on internet governance, forum on IT’ with a master class ‘Internet Governance Mechanisms’.