HSE Academic Journals


Chief editors: Alexander Gabibov, Sergey Kochetkov

Issued since 2009


Analytical journal

Indexed by the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK), Web of Science – Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI), Scopus.

Editor-in-chief: Prof. Leonid Gokhberg

Aims and Scope: The journal has been issued since 2007. It aims to establish Foresight culture in Russia through the dissemination of the best Russian and international practices in the field of future-oriented innovation development. It also provides a framework for discussion of S&T trends and policies. The Foresight is included into the list of scientific journals, approved by the Supreme Certification Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

The target audience: Policy-makers, businessmen, expert community, researchers, university professors, post-graduates, undergraduates and others interested in S&T and innovation analysis, Foresight and policy issues.

Frequency:The journal is issued quarterly.

Permanent Sections:

  • Foresight methodologies
  • The best practices of Foresight studies
  • Long-term priorities of S&T and innovation development
  • S&T and innovation trends and indicators
  • S&T and innovation policies
  • Strategic programmes of innovation development at national, regional, sectoral and corporate level
  • Interviews with renowned Russian and foreign experts
  • Glossary on state-of-the-art terminologies

Author guidelines: Submissions should be sent to Leonid Gokhberg. Renowned Russian and foreign experts in S&T and innovation, allied policies, Foresight and strategic planning are among the authors of the journal.


Phone: +7(495) 621 28 73       

E-mail: lgokhberg@hse.ru (Leonid Gokhberg)



Editor-in-chief: Andrey Rossokhin

Issued since 2018


Quarterly journal on mathematics

Indexed by Web of Science, Scopus and Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI)


Yu. Ilyashenko (Independent University of Moscow, Cornell University, Moscow State University, Steklov Mathematical Institute, Higher School of Economics)

M. Tsfasman (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Independent University of Moscow, Institute for Information Transmission Problems, Poncelet Laboratory (CNRS and IUM))

S. Gusein-Zade (Moscow State University Independent University of Moscow)

Aims and scope: The journal presents highest quality research and research-expository papers in mathematics from all over the world. Its purpose is to bring together different branches of our science and to achieve the broadest possible outlook on mathematics, characteristic of the Moscow mathematical school in general and of the Independent University of Moscow in particular.

An important specific trait of the journal is that it especially encourages research-expository papers, which must contain new important results and include detailed introductions, placing the achievements in the context of other studies and explaining the motivation behind the research. The aim is to make the articles — at least the formulation of the main results and their significance — understandable to a wide mathematical audience rather than to a narrow class of specialists.

Frequency: The journal is issued quarterly.

Permanent sections: are not required by the editorial stuff.

Author guidelines: Articles, as a rule, should be submitted in English as a PDF file accompanied by its source file in LATEX or TEX. Figures should be attached as separate files in one of the formats PDF, EPS, BMP, PCX, TIFF, JPEG with resolution no less than 600 dpi. All the files should be sent by e-mail to mmj@mccme.ru.


Paper submission: mmj@mccme.ru

Subscription: American Mathematical Society 201 Charles Street Providence, RI 02904 U.S.A. Tel.: (401) 455-4000, Fax: (401) 331-3842, E-mail: cust-serv@ams.org


Editor-in-Сhief — Evgeny Zaramenskikh

Business Informatics is a peer reviewed interdisciplinary academic journal published since 2007 by National Research University — Higher School of Economics (HSE), Moscow, Russian Federation. The journal is administered by the Graduate School of Business. The journal is issued quarterly, in English and Russian.

The mission of the journal is to develop business informatics as a new field within both information technologies and management. It provides dissemination of latest technical and methodological developments, promotes new competences and provides a framework for discussion in the field of application of modern IT solutions in business, management and economics.

The journal publishes papers in the areas of, but not limited to: modeling of social and economic systems, digital transformation of business, innovation management, information systems and technologies in business, data analysis and business intelligence systems, mathematical methods and algorithms of business informatics, business processes modeling and analysis, decision support in management.

The journal is included into the list of peer reviewed scientific editions established by the Supreme Certification Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

The journal is included into Scopus, Web of Science Emerging Sources Citation Index (WoS ESCI), Russian Science Citation Index on the Web of Science platform (RSCI), EBSCO.

The journal is distributed both in printed and electronic forms.


An academic quarterly e-publication which provides a comprehensive analysis of law in the digital world.

Chief Editor — Irina Bogdanovskaya


Chief editor: Igor Orlov

Issued since 2007


Quaterly journal

Aims and scope: this  peer-reviewed academic journal aims to advance the theory and practice of how cities, urban areas, and communities function and develop. Its goal is also to promote the urbanist profession and strengthen the authority of HSE and its Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism in both the national and international academic community.


  • Presenting the results of the most recent research in urbanism theory and practice and related fields;
  • Publishing the most important papers in urbanism from around the world (both academic and applied) so that Russian professionals and students are informed about contemporary studies and practice;
  • Creating a corpus of best practices in spatial planning, master plan development, strategies and concepts, rules of land use and construction, spatial planning and development projects, and urban environment revitalization;
  • Developing a community of professional researchers, attracting young specialists in urbanism, facilitating communication in the professional community;
  • Extending academic ties and cooperation with Russian and international researchers with expertise in urban economy, sociology, cultural studies, transport, and architecture;
  • Establishing a discussion platform to provide structure for the field of discourse in Russian urban studies;
  • Establishing an institution for critical review in Russian urbanism.

Chief editor: Alexei Novikov, Dean of the Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism 

Please send your questions, as well as papers and reviews (formatted according to the requirements) by email at usp_editorial@hse.ru

Вестник международных организаций


Scientific and informational journal

Indexed by Web of Science, the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK), Web of Science – Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) and Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI).

Editor-in-Chief: Marina V. Larionova

Frequency: quarterly

Aims and scope: Published by the HSE International Organizations and International Cooperation Research Institute. Contains complex information about the activities of international institutions (European Commission, G -8, Organization for Economic Cooperation, World Bank, UN and UNESCO) in the sphere of education, science and new economics with the aim of widening the scope of information and raising the quality and effectiveness of participation of Russian students, professors, lecturers and experts in international cooperation.



Analytical and research issue

Indexed by the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK), Web of Science – Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI), Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI), and Scopus

Editor-in-chief: Prof. Lev Jacobson

Aims and scope: The journal Public Administration has been published by the State University - Higher School of Economics since 2007. The journal provides a good opportunity for effective information exchange, professional discussions and publication of research results. The editorial policy is to publish highly specialized materials (just to avoid doubling subject matters of other issues) along with the focusing on the interconnection of the properly public administration problems with the relative economic, legal, political science and administrative problems, including state - civil society interaction.  The editorial board consists of prominent Russian and foreign scientists, specialists in the field of public administration, and politicians.

Frequency: 4 issues a year.

Target audience: This journal is meant for analysts and researchers, public and municipal administration employees and for a wider readership interested in current becoming and developing the public and local administration system in the Russian Federation.

Permanent sections:

  • The theory and practices of the public administration
  • Legal aspects of the state and local administration
  • The analysis of experts
  • The discussions
  • Case Studies
  • The training and the improvement of specialists in public administration

Author guidelines: Copies of the paper should be sent to editorial stuff.  Publications should meet basic standards of academic journals. Papers without a reference list will not be accepted.


Tel/fax: +7(495) 624 06 39 (Irina Zvereva)

Address: The Higher School of Economics, 20 Myastitskaya Str., Moscow, Russia, room K-203



Journal for education issues

Indexed by the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK), Web of Science – Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI), and Scopus.

Editor-in-chief: Prof. Yaroslav Kuzminov

Aims and scope: The journal has been published since 2004. It aims to provide a medium for professional discussion on a wide range of educational issues. It also targets to promote educational science. Original research papers by Russian and foreign experts in education and discussion materials on the educational development are published in the journal. A fundamental aim of the editors is to keep the journal multidisciplinary and to cover traditional pedagogical issues as well as the sociology, economics and philosophy of education. The Journal of Educational Studies is included to the list of leading scientific journals and editions approved by the Higher Attestation Board of the Science and Education Ministry of Russia for the following disciplines: educational science and psychology, philosophy, sociology and cultural studies, philology and art studies, economics. 

Target audience: Leading Russian universities, governmental bodies responsible for education, legislators, educational institutions, think tanks, public organizations and foundations interested in education.

Frequency: 4 issues a year.

Permanent sections:

  • Education Policies
  • Theoretical and Applied Research
  • The Content of Education
  • Statistics and Sociology of Education
  • Practice
  • Discussion
  • History of Education
  • Book Reviews and Survey Articles

Author guidelines: Submissions should meet basic standards of the academic journals. Only unique papers are accepted. References are obligatory. Please, contact the editors with all questions considering the publications.


Phone: +7(495) 628 51 02, +7 (495) 621 85 23

E-mail: edu.journal@hse.ru 

Address: The Higher School of Economics, 20 Myastitskaya Str., Moscow, Russia


Analytical journal

Aims and scope: The journal has been published since 2005. It is the standard-analytical edition about the state and local procurement system. Here readers can find analytical researches, the methodological materials for regulation of the standard-legal information for all participants of process: the state customers, control authorities and suppliers. The authors of the journal are developers of the standard-legal base and the experts of the state procurement system.

Target audience: The journal is targeted at the state and local customers and suppliers employed in the state procurement system, for representatives of the federal and the regional authorities at legislative and executive levels.

Frequency: 4 issues a year.

Permanent sections:

  • Editor's-in-chief column
  • Burning issue
  • School for state customers and suppliers
  • Legislation
  • Professional community

Author guidelines: Papers should meet basic academic standards. All submissions must be sent with references.  


Tel.: +7(499) 611 15 28, fax: +7(499) 611 24 62

E-mail: amahov@hse.ru (Alexander Mahov)

Address: The Higher School of Economics, 44 a Varshavskoye highway, Moscow, Russia


Chief editor — Sergei V. Zakharov

Web-based journal on demography in Russian. Issued since 2014.

Web-based journal on demography and allied subjects in Russian

Editor-in-chief: Nikita V. Mkrtchyan

Aims and scope: The journal has been issued since 2001. Since that time more than 300 numbers were issued. The edition targets to disseminate the information and the scientific knowledge on demographic situation, demographic trends and their social and economic consequences in Russia and around the World. The Higher School of Economics Institute of demography researchers, Russian Academy of Science institutes scientific- fellows, the Moscow State University researchers and tutors, well-known experts from other Russian and foreign organizations, professionally engaged in demography and allied subjects, are among the authors.  

Target audience: Researchers and experts on demography, economics, sociology and other social sciences, officials of all levels, professors and students, journalists, politicians, etc.

Frequency: The journal is being published every fortnight.

Access: Free access is provided.

Permanent sections:

  • World News
  • Questions and answers
  • At the Russian space
  • Population accountant
  • Expert vision
  • Periodicals pages
  • Students pages

Author guidelines: send your materials with references to demoscope@demoscope.ru


Phone: +7(495) 772 95 90*2163

E-mail: avishnevsky@hse.ru (Anatoly Vishnevsky)

Address: The Higher School of Economics, 11D Pokrovski bul., Moscow, Russia, room 229


Indexed by the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK), Web of Science – Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI). Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI, and Scopus

Aims and scope: The Journal of Social Policy Studies provides a forum for scholarly discussion of different aspects of social policy in Russia and abroad. By placing at the center of its analysis the issues of contemporary social, economic, political and cultural transformations societies in transition as well as the reasons and consequences of such changes, the Journal integrates a wide range of disciplines. To contribute to the development of social policy as an academic discipline and to expand a cross-disciplinary research area in Russia, the journal publishes scholarly papers written from critical perspectives, which analyze social problems, reflect on the policy processes and rethink the impact of social policies on inequalities. The focus of articles ranges from macro-perspective of national and international social policy to specific cases on region and organizational levels.

The Journal of Social Policy Studies (JSPS) publishes major articles, disciplinary review essays, book reviews, and special sections, which involve various aspects of social policy including associated teaching and learning issues.

Founder - Pavel Romanov

Editor-in-Chief - Elena Iarskaia-Smirnova

Deputy Editor-in-Chief - Alexander Kondakov

International Editor - Richard Mole, University College London, UK 


101000, 9/11 Myasnitskaya Ulitsa, Moscow, Russia

Phone: 7 495 7729590*22494

Email: jsps@hse.ru


Publication frequency: 4 issues per year. Issued since 2016

Chief editor: Andrey Bystritskiy

The journal “Communications. Media. Design” publishes major scientific articles (sections “Theoretical aspects of Communications, Media and Design”, “Empirical studies of Communications, Media and Design”, “Practical aspects of Communications, Media and Design”), essays (sections “From the history of Communications, Media and Design”), book reviews and special sections which involve Interviews with the experts in Communication studies, Media and Design, “Debut” section for young researchers, essays about leading researchers, reviews of major academic events, dedicated to Communications, Media and Design. 

Published since 2016.


Chief editor: Irina Ivashkovskaya
ssued since 2008
Indexed by the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) and Web of Science – Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).

Право. Журнал Высшей школы экономики


Quarterly journal on law and legislation

Indexed by the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK), Web of Science – Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI), and Web of Science - Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI).

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Irina Bogdanovskaia

Aims and scope: The Law was founded by the State University - Higher School of Economics in 2008. It targets to develop legal thought and promote reform of the legal education system. Leading academicians and practitioners in judiciary are among members of the Editorial Council and the Editorial Board.

Target audience: The journal is addressed to academic community, university professors, post-graduates and students.

Frequency: The journal is issued quarterly.

Permanent sections: 

  • Legal Thought: History and Modernity
  • Russian Law: Conditions, Perspectives, Commentaries
  • Law in the Modern World
  • Legal Education Reform
  • Discussion Club
  • Law in Figures

Author guidelines: Information about the authors, i.e. full name, degrees, positions and contact information must be submitted. Articles are submitted in Russian or English. Only original articles can be published.  


Phone: +7(495) 220 99 87

E-mail: lawjournal@hse.ru

Address:The Higher School of Economics, 17 Malaya Ordynka Str., Moscow, Russia


Journal for Sociology and Ethnology  

Indexed by the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK), Web of Science – Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI), Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI), and Scopus

Editor-in-chief: Svetlana Barsukova

Aims and scope: The Universe of Russia seeks to continue the national sociological tradition, where past and present have always been deeply interrelated. The journal publishes applied studies results, sources and issues on Russian social science history, latest statistics and scientific issues. The materials and studies are dedicated to the social structure of the Russian society, social institutes and processes, social policy, demography and ethnography. The Universe of Russia serves as an academic edition, a scientific review, a teaching assistant and an educational and methodological guide. It publishes both theoretical and applied studies results. 

Target audience: The journal targets all interested in social issues and the future of Russia.

Frequency: The journal is published quarterly.

Permanent sections: are not required by the editorial stuff.

Author guidelines: Submissions should meet basic standards of the academic journals. In addition to the main text every submission must include full biographical information, i.e. full name, date of birth, official name of organization, degree of education, academic status and contacts.  Papers without reference list are not accepted. Each text will contain 1-2,5 authors` sheets. All abbreviations must be explained. All rights for submitted publications are reserved by the editorial board.


Tel: +7(495) 772 9590*4193 (Efim Romanaenko, Secretary)


mirros@mail.rumirros.info@gmail.com (Editorial Board)

ovsey@hse.ru (Ovsey Shkaratan)

Address: 7A Vavilova Str., Moscow, Russia, office 1007



Indexed by the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK).

Scientific Supervisor: Vladimir Stroh, Head of the HSE Department of Organizational Psychology 

Aims and scope: The E-journal Organizational Psychology was established in 2011. The aim of the journal is to provide professional communication among researchers and professionals in organizational psychology, to publish the results of new organizational-psychological studies, to implement new academic and applied developments in practical work with organizations and to attract young colleagues to the professional community of organizational psychologists.

Frequency: 4 issues per year.

Permanent sections:

  • Research in organizational psychology
  • Organizational psychological practice
  • Reviews 
  • First steps
  • Conferences
  • Literary guide


Editorial office: orgpsyjournal@hse.ru


Psychology and associated issues journal

Indexed by the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK), Web of Science – Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI), Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI), and Scopus

Editor-in-chief: Vadim A. Petrovsky

Aims and scope: The journal Psychology has been published by the Faculty of Psychology of the Higher School of Economics since 2004. The editorial stuff aims at top quality of publications. More than 2/3 of its Russian authors have DrSc degree. During 3 years 16 members of State academies (including the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Education), 32 professors of the Moscow State University, the St-Petersburg University, and the Higher School of Economics became authors.  11 RAS - researchers employed as lab - directors, chiefs or deputy - chiefs of the research - institutes are among them.

Target audience: The Psychology aims at professional psychologists: tutors, researchers and practitioners. The Journal prefers articles of general character interesting for psychologists of different specializations. Each journal's issue contains a section dedicated to a special topic and a number of miscellaneous articles.

Frequency: The journal appears quarterly.

Permanent sections:

  • Philosophy and methodology issues
  • Theoretical and methodology studies
  • Special issues
  • Short reviews

Author guidelines: Submissions should be sent to Ekaterina Lapteva in Microsoft Word standard. Papers should meet basic standards of academic publications. Texts can be submitted in Russian, English or French. All papers are published without fee-paying. 


Phone: +7 (495) 709 65 68     

E-mail: psychology.hse@gmail.com  



Editor-in-Chief: Elena A. Ivanova

Aims and scope: The journal makes extensive use of information provided by the Federal Agency of State Statistics, Ministry of Finance, Central Bank of Russia and leading Russian information agencies. The analytic material is richly illustrated with tables, graphs and diagrams.

Frequency: monthly

Permanent sections:

  • Estimations of economic activity roundup
  • Industry
  • Investment processes
  • Agricultural and food sphere
  • State finances
  • Monetary policy
  • Financial markets
  • Foreign trade
  • Social sphere
  • Short-term statistical forecast


Web-based journal

Indexed by the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK), Web of Science – Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI), Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI), and Scopus

Editor-in-chief: Prof. Alexander Filippov

Aims and scope: Founded in 2001, the journal has promoted strong communication between sociologists and theoreticians of other fields involved into fundamental issues of sociology. The goal of the Sociological Review is to provide necessary information for self-education in sociology and social theory advance. It also targets to help in applying for academic grants or scholarships in sociology or associated fields. The Sociological Review is a wide collection of translations, reviews, papers and original articles published in Russian. Theoretical sociology issues are the main focus. The Sociological Review has also provided relevant students with relevant sources for studies and research.

Target audience: covers scholars, tutors and students, involved in social studies and research.

Frequency: 3 issues a year.

Permanent sections:

  • Sociological education
  • Translations
  • Summaries
  • Reviews

Author guidelines: Issues should be sent to Alexander Filippov. Papers should meet basic standards of academic journals.


Phone (mobile): +7(916) 500 21 72

E-mail: filippovaf@gmail.compuma7@yandex.ru (Alexander Filippov)

Address: The Higher School of Economics, the Centre for Fundamental Sociology, 12 Petrovka Str., Moscow, Russia, office 182


Journal of Language and Education


The journal publishes theoretical, analytical and research articles in the fields of linguistics, interdisciplinary linguistic studies, psycholinguistics, pedagogical psychology, methods of teaching languages and cross-cultural communication. The articles range from research-based work to personal experience of implementing a language course. The journal addresses academics, professionals, and students interested in innovations in phonetics, lexis, grammar, interdisciplinary linguistic studies and theory and practice of teaching languages. The aim of the journal is to bring together scholars, practitioners, and researchers working in the above important disciplines worldwide.
Indexed by: ScopusWeb of Science (ESCI), the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK).

Tatiana A. Baranovskaya, Dr. Sci. (Psychological Sciences), Tenured Prof., National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia
Valery D. Solovyev, Dr. Sci. (Physical and Mathematical sciences), Prof., National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow;Kazan Federal University, Kazan, Russia


Chief editor: Vladimir Porus
ssued since 2017


Chief editor: Vladimir Kantor

Issued since 2018


Quarterly issue on Economics

Indexed by the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK), Web of Science – Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).

Editor-in-chief: Prof. Evgeny Gavrilenkov

Aims and Scope: The journal was founded in 1997. Leading Russian and foreign economists are among its authors. It aims to publish original theoretical and applied studies results, provide impacts for scientific discussion and establish high standards of economic research. The journal aspires to reflect positions of researchers specialized in various fields of economics. It also targets to provide economists with a good opportunity to publish both theoretical and applied studies results.

Target audience: Readers of the journal are researchers, teachers, students, members of the Russian Government, businessmen. The journal targets all interested in economic issues and Russian economy prospects.

Frequency: The journal is published quarterly.

Permament sections:

  • Theoretical issues
  • Applied analysis
  • Lectures, scientific life
  • Methodological problems of statistics
  • Reviews
  • Statistics

Author guidelines: Articles are published in Russian and English. Only original articles, lectures, monographs, and reviews are submitted. In addition to the main text each submission should include information about the authors, i.e. full name, degrees, positions and contact information. Each text will not be over 1-1,5 authors` sheets. Only Arabic figures in the text are admitted. A reference list is a must.


Phone: +7(495) 621 82 74, +7(495) 628 04 42 (O. Osipova)

E-mail: gavrilenkov@hse.ru (E. Gavrilenkov)

Address: The Higher School of Economics, HSE Economic Journal, 11D Pokrovski bul., Moscow, Russia, rooms D-213 and D-214


Web-based journal

Indexed by the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK), Web of Science – Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI), and Web of Science - Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI).

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Vadim Radaev

Aims and Scope: The web-based journal Economic Sociology has been issued since fall 2000. The main objective of the journal is to broadcast the latest research in the field and share relevant information with scholars engaged into the economic sociology studies. A major part of texts is presented in Russian. Some papers can be found in original English version. Given a scarcity of digital resources related to economic sociology in Russian Web - space, this new venture is viewed as an important contribution.

Target audience: Russian speaking professionals is the main target group. 

Frequency: Economic Sociology is a bi-monthly journal released by five issues in annual volume (July-August are excluded).

Access: Free access is provided.

Permanent sections:

  • Interviews
  • New Texts
  • New Translations
  • Insight from the Regions
  • Debut Studies
  • Professional Reviews
  • Book reviews
  • Research projects
  • Teaching Materials
  • Conferences

Author guidelines: Copies of the paper should be sent to Vadim Radaev and Zoya Kotelnikova. Paper should meet basic standards of academic journals. Papers without a reference list will not be accepted. Your reference list should be arranged in alphabetical order. Every citation in the text or substantive notes must have a corresponding reference entry, and every publication placed in the reference list must be mentioned in the text or notes.

Manuscript text should be double - spaced. In addition to the main text, every submission must include (1) a 100-200 word abstract (in English and Russian), (2) a reference list, and (3) brief personal data, containing full name, official name of organization, degree of education, academic status, professional address, e-mail. 



radaev@hse.ru (Vadim Radaev)

kotelnikova@hse.ru (Zoya Kotelnikova)



Scientific Supervisor: Prof. Vadim Radaev

Aims and scope: The ESForum was established in 2006. It was financed within the Innovation in Education program of the Higher School of Economics. The newsletter guideline is "Life as research". It considers life to be permanent search aimed to know more people, obtain new experience in both science and daily life, learn from each other and jest while doing our cause.

Target audience: THE ESForum serves to contribute young researchers, students, tutors and research fellows. Professionals involved into economic sociology researches are the main target group.

Access: free access to the digital version

Frequency: 5 issues per year.

Permanent sections:

  • Meeting
  • Learning
  • Studying
  • Joking

Author guidelines: Contributors are recruited mainly from the HSE students, tutors and the Lab fellows. If you wish to become the ESForum author, please contact Zoya Kotelnikova or Elena Alexandrova.


Phone: +7(499) 152 07 61  or +7(915) 322 74 83 (Zoya Kotelnikova or Elena Alexandrova)      


kotelnikova@hse.ru (Zoya Kotelnikova)

ealexandrova@hse.ru (Elena Alexandrova)    

Address: The Higher School of Economics, 3 Kochnovsky proezd, Moscow, Russia, room 403


Editor-in-chief: Mikhail Fedotov

Issued since 1999


Editor-in-Chief: Vera Rusinova

Issued since 2023



Editor-in-chief: Grigory Kantorovich

Issued in 2007–2012


Editor-in-chief: Maxim Medvedkov

Issued in 2015–2020 


Editor-in-chief: N. Kalinina

Issued in 1996–2012


Editors-in-chief: L. Grigoryev and I. Makarov

Issued since 2023


Chief Editor — Maria Yudkevich

Issued since 2014.


Quarterly informational newsletter published by National Research University Higher School of Economics since 2014.

Aims and scope: HERB is intended to highlight the transformation process of higher education institutions in Russia and the counties of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The newsletter seeks to present multiple-aspect opinions about current challenges and trends of regional higher education and give examples of the best local practices. We envisage our audience as a wider international community of scholars and professionals in the field of higher education all over the world. The project is implemented as part of cooperation agreement between Higher School of Economics and Boston College Center of International Higher Education.


Editorial Board:

Maria Yudkevich – HSE Vice Rector, CInSt Director

Ivan Pavlyutkin – Senior Research Fellow at HSE
Laboratory for Studies in Economic Sociology

Igor Chirikov – Senior Research Fellow at HSE Institute 
of Education, SERU-I Managing 
Director at the Center for Studies 
in Higher Education, UC Berkeley

Manja Klemencic - Postdoctoral Fellow in Sociology 
at Harvard University (USA)

Philip G. Altbach - Founding Director,  Center for International 
Higher Education at Boston College (USA)

Contact info:
Editorial e-mail: ihe@hse.ru;herb.hse@gmail.com 

Mailing address:
20 Myasnitskaya Str., Moscow, 101000


Editor-in-Chief – Alexander B. Kamenskii

Issued since 2021.


Editor-in-chief: Irina Sakhno

Issued since 2024


Editor-in-chief: Valerian Anashvili

Issued since 1991