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Endless Show

Endless Show
Media projects today are increasingly gravitating towards multiple platforms. The flow of content across different media channels from television to online games is a phenomenon often called transmedia storytelling (TS). The most well-known Russian TS projects include Golos, Night Watch and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. While relatively new in Russia, transmedia storytelling has recently been examined by HSE researchers for its local specifics. 

Scholars and BRICS Representatives Discussed Media Influences

Scholars and BRICS Representatives Discussed Media Influences
On April 25 th  and 26 th , 2016, an international conference ‘Comparing Media Systems in BRICS Countries: A Review of Conventional Paradigms’ took place at HSE. The event was organized by the Faculty of Communications, Media and Design, and supported by IAMCR.

Russian Businesses Underutilise New Media

Russian businesses have been slow in adopting new media tools. Many companies continue to rely on official websites to reach out to customers and avoid using social media and blogs, as they are not ready for an equal dialogue with external audiences, according to Iosif Dzyaloshinsky and Maria Pilgun, professors of the HSE Faculty of Communication, Media and Design.

The Olympics, the World Cup, FIFA, Global Media Events and Social Commotion

Renira Gambarato is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Communications, Media and Design,School of Media. Originally from Brazil, Renira has been at HSE since 2013. She talked to Anna Chernyakhovskaya of the HSE English News Service  about her experience of adjusting to living and working as an academic in Russia and about her joint project with HSE and Brazilian researchers on media convergence of global sporting events and opportunities to air feelings of social injustice.

Russia and Brazil: Studying Global Media Together

A group from Brazil’s Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais visited the HSE to participate in a seminar that was part of the ‘Russia-Brazil Major Sport Events: Social Commotion in Global Media’ joint project.