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Student Project Work (Projects)  is organized to implement knowledge and experience achieved by students in the course of their studies, as well as solving problems of practical or theoretical relevance. PW can be organized in the form of teamwork, but no more than 3 students.
Organizational forms of PW:
• Institutionalized, i.e. in the form of students project work in research or study groups, project organizations as a team member or research interns;
• Non-institutionalized, i.e. in the form of a broad list of student’s independent projects, which must be connected to the professional specifics of the Programme.


Project Work Regulations 23-24 (PDF, 411 Кб)

Project work application

Project work application 

Project work evaluation sheet

Project Evaluation Sheet

Types of Projects

№1 Project with research advisor
Create a project under your research advisor's assistance.
№2 Project Fair
Pick a project from the hse project website with the number of credits no less than 6.
№3 External Organizations
Work on your project in an external organization.


1 course

November-December - Choice of advisor and project. Get marks for current activity. 

1st May - Final opportunity to change topic of project

1st June - Project is complete and the evaluation sheet is sent to the study office.

2 course

October-November - Choice of advisor and project.

1st May - Project is complete and the evaluation sheet is sent to the study office.

Where and how can I find the project?

Students can choose projects from the HSE Project Fair. They may also work on the project in other organizations outside the university, having either internal (HSE units, including the Institute of Demography) or external (not related to HSE) employers. PW could also be initiated by the student himself. Research Project can be written under the guidance of the student's Master Thesis Supervisor.

Where should I upload the information about my Project Work?

After the approval of the Supervisor and before the start of the project student must fill the special form and provide the project information

After the completion of the project student must upload the final report into the special form and ask Supervisor to send the report to the Study Office to esmyslenova@hse.ru