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22 Jan 2024
17 March 2024
Where can I do my internship?

In HSE or at any external organisation. The place and your intership activities should be connected to the topic of the MT. There are two man rules:

- Internship should not take place with Individual entrepreneurs or sole proprietors; 

- If you are doing an internship at your place of work, it should take place at a different department, your supervisor cannot be your manager/chief as well.

Which documents should be provided before the internship?

1. All students should provide internship 

Application  and  internship program to the study office through the form

2. Fill in your internship info in LMS, module "internship". Email  cfiapa@hse.ru a confirmation that you have filled the form in LMS (p.1)

3.  In case internship takes place in HSE, a letter of confirmation from your supervisor should be provided to the study form (free form).
If internship takes place outside of HSE, extra documents should be prepared  and sent to the representatives of the Internships and Project Activity Center cfiapa@hse.ru:

Sample of offer letter

Filled Example of an offer letter 

sample of annex to an offer-letter 

filled example of annex to an offer-letter 

4  In case of any questions or issues with LMS, email  cfiapa@hse.ru with the following info:

 - Dates of internship (according to study plan)

 - Name of the organization

 - Address with post index

 - Full name and position of the internship supervisor from the organization

 - Full name and position of HSE supervisor


How to fill out the documents?
What should I do after my internship?

After finishing their internship, students should upload into the form and e-mail their academic supervisor the following documents: 

1. Internship daily record 
2. Internship report 
3. Internship Materials 

Defense of internship results would be done simultaneously with the thesis pre-defense.

How to fill out the internship daily record and report?