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The primary goal of this programme is to develop students’ skills in applying multi-disciplinary analytic approaches to population development and resource allocation issues, essential for public administration in numerous sectors. The programme is for individuals with different backgrounds who want to understand the ways in which changes in development and population influence each other. A strong theoretical background and the history of population development issues are provided together with up-to-date approaches to analyzing and projecting population structure and needs for resources. Based on this knowledge, population policy and key demographic challenges (that arose in the second half of the 20th century, and persist in the 21st) are discussed.

2 years
Full-time Programme
Instruction in English


Martin McKee gave a lecture for students of the programme

On Tuesday, November 7th instead of 100 Anniversary of the October Socialist Revolution celebration the students of the Programme got a chance to listen to a lecture by Martin McKee. The lecture was devoted to achieving the health sustainable development goals. Dr. Martin McKee is professor of European Public Health at London Schools of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM)

International Conference “New Trends and Directions of Migration”

The International Conference on Migration tagged “New Trends and Directions of Migration” was held in National Research University- Higher School of Economics from 26th to 27th October, 2017 to look at some of the issues that borders on current migration and challenges.

19 th World Festival of Youth and Students

The 19th World Festival of Youth and Students was held from the 14th to 22nd October 2017 in Sochi, Russia. More than 5,000 volunteers were kind enough to welcome and help all the delegates from the various point of arrival till students got settled in, even while it rained heavily. Students of our program, Love Umesi, Ola Bamidele, Oni Isaac and Obiri Emmanuel had a chance to participate in that wonderful Festival.

Stephen G. Wheatcroft gave a lecture for the students

On October 9 Stephen G. Wheatcroft who is professor of the School of Historical Studies, University of Melbourne gave a lecture for the students from Population and Development programme. His research interests include Russian pre-revolutionary and Soviet social, economic and demographic history, as well as famine and food supply problems in modern world history.

Public Administration From A Scientific Point Of View

Tim Jaekel graduated with a PhD in Political Science from Heidelberg University. Before he joined one of Russian Universities in 2015 he served as a postdoctoral research fellow at the German Research Institute for Public Administration in Speyer and as a teaching fellow at the German University of Administrative Sciences. In his current research Tim investigates why some public decision makers engage in innovative behavior while others do not. In particular he analyses the role of performance gaps, learning, and strategic interaction on individual and collective bureaucratic behavior. Besides his corporate webpage you can also follow his blog at publicsector-research.net

8th LCSR International Workshop «Quantitative Research of Social Changes Across the World»

The Laboratory for Comparative Social Research of the National Research University Higher School of Economics announces a call for the 8th LCSR International Workshop «Quantitative Research of Social Changes Across the World», which will be held within the XIX April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development. It will take place in Moscow from the 10th till 13th of April 2018. The submission deadline is January 10, 2018.

III All-Russian Scientific Forum 'Science of The Future Is The Science Of The Young'

 An international conference involving renowned academics, researchers, social scientists and development researchers who were representatives of 18 countries (Russia – from 50 cities of the Russian federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, Algeria, Nigeria ), from 85 universities, 39 research centers, social institutions and NGOsand a huge number of audience. Our student, Ola Bamidele Emmanual, shares his experience of participating this conference.

VI International Summer School

During the first week of September the VI International Summer School "Measurement of volunteer activities: economic efficiency, social effects, and its impact into development of a country, regions, and municipalities" took place in Moscow . The event was organized by the Centre for Studies of Civil Society and Non-Profit Sector . Evgenia Fedorova, the student of the 2nd year 'Population and Development', shares her experience.

Research Paper Competition Winners Can Get a Headstart on Their Academic Careers

The application period for HSE’s Student Research Paper Competition has started. The winners will have an opportunity to take part in workshops on academic skills development, while those in state-financed studies will improve their chances of seeing their academic scholarships increased. Also, in addition in HSE students, learners from other academic institutions are eligible for this competition.

Young leaders for health conference 2017 (Berlin, Germany)

The Young Leaders for Health (YLH) is an interdisciplinary platform with the aim to stimulate exchange of knowledge and opportunity as well as network with people across the globe involved in Global Health. With support from the World Health Summit and Charité University of Medicine, the YLH Conference 2017 was organized at the Charité University Campus in Berlin, Germany from 17th-20th August 2017. Our student, Kofi Aduo-Adjei, shares his experiences of participating this conference which was held in Berlin