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The primary goal of this programme is to develop students’ skills in applying multi-disciplinary analytic approaches to population development and resource allocation issues, essential for public administration in numerous sectors. It is aimed at individuals with different backgrounds who want to understand the ways in which changes in development and population influence each other.  A strong theoretical background and history of population development issues are provided together with up-to-date approaches to analyzing and projecting population structure and needs for resources. Based on this knowledge, population policy and key demographic challenges (that arose in the second half of the 20th century, and persist in the 21st) are discussed.

2 years
Full-time Programme
Instruction in English


HSE at the 53rd Independence Anniversary of the Republic of Kenya

Academic Supervisor of the programm "Population and Development" Prof. Vladimir Kozlov and 2nd year student, Kephas Odoyo, representing HSE at the 53rd Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kenya. In attendance are diplomats from various countries. The keynote speech was given by Minister for State Russian Federation and Kenyan Ambassador to Moscow on 9/12/2016.

Exchange student in Bologna University. Part 2.

The next part of the adventure and study by Alexandra Malakhova, student of the program "Population and Development". She shares her life and study experiences of participating this exchange program with University in Bologna, Italy

Exchange student in Bologna University. Part 1.

Alexandra Malakhova - the student of the program "Population and Development" shares her life and study experiences of participating this exchange program with University in Bologna, Italy

International Students Can Now Apply to HSE through a Simplified Procedure

HSE’s Admission Rules for the 2017/2018 academic year have undergone some changes in regards to international admission. The admission track is now unified for students from both CIS and non-CIS countries. Thus, only two exams must be passed in order to be accepted into a given undergraduate programme, while competitions for Master’s programmes only require a portfolio and an interview. The rules for International Olympiad Competitions have also been changed. Registration for these competitions ends on November 15.

Teaching Quality Assessment

From its very inception, our University has always paid special attention to the quality of teaching. Getting feedback on how you assess the studied courses and the work of your teachers is an important part of quality evaluation. Programme leadership need to understand how successful individual courses are, and if their syllabuses should be modified. Teachers use evaluation results and recommendations to learn if the course requires adjustments and to plan its further development.

Banking Cards for HSE Students

HSE has gradually begun transitioning payment of scholarships to VTB 24 cards. Cards will initially be issued to first-year Bachelor’s, Specialist and Master’s students. Scholarship payments for first-year students will be transferred only to VTB 24 cards.

“Sexuality and Social Work Conference 2016”, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland.

The Sexuality and Social Work Interest Group is an international network of academics, students, practitioners and service users that seeks to develop knowledge and practice innovations in the field of sexuality studies and social work. It seeks to encourage connections between members and interested organizations to enable further research and practice development. Muhammad Umer Ehsan  - the student of program "Population and Development" shares his experience of participating this conference.

How to Go on Academic Mobility: Information Sessions

HSE E-mail for Students

At the end of August, all freshly enrolled HSE students will get HSE e-mail addresses. They will be able to get their addresses at their initial meetings with programme office staff*. We’d like to inform you more about the opportunities that come along with HSE e-mail.

A Voyage to East Africa : Destination Kenya

One week long exploratory journey by HSE delegation to Kenya last week was a significant step forward for the better appreciation and understanding about one of the largest economic power house in East Africa.