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State Final Certification

State Final Certification (SFC) on the Master’s Programme “Applied Statistics with Network Analysis” in academic year 2020/2021 includes:

- Preparation and defense of Master’s Thesis.

Students need to have successfully completed the obligatory master's programme components before being allowed to proceed the SFC.

Schedule of the State Final Certification

State Final Certifications

Procedure SFC



List of students

Master’s Thesis defense






10:00 am -

16:00 pm

Anastasia Baranova

Irina Gutman

Ekaterina Ivanova

Radhakrishna Kallakuri

Alexander Levin

Kirill Lesnykh

Anastasia Makarova

Alexandra Mikhaylova

Mikhail Novoselov

Rakib Hassan Pran

Anastasia Fokina

Master’s Thesis defense



10:00 am –

16:30 pm

Ilya Gornosko

Aleksei Ivanchenkov

Yulia Kozlova

Yulia Koroleva

Brennan Lewis Larson

Li Ling

Lara Mishchenko

Anna Tereshonok

Bulat Khamitov

Eduard Yanakov



Approximate topics for the projects:

- Sociology of science: the study of research teams through the analysis of bibliometric data and analysis of textual information. Within this area, a project is being carried out to analyze the structure of the international scientific community of network researchers (which began as an analysis of the Russian research community), which analyzes the networks of collaboration and collaboration between scholars, citations and sociations between authors and journals, as well as the thematic structure of the network research field in general and over time. The project analyzes large amounts of data from the Web of Science database. Another ongoing project within this area is devoted to the study of interactions among Soviet and Russian sociologists and is based on the application of the methodology of mixing quantitative and qualitative methods (mixed methods) in analyzing narrative texts (biographical interviews).

- Sociology of media and mass behavior: the study of the dissemination of information and behavior of individuals in the online environment. This group of projects includes several research areas implemented by individual groups of laboratory staff. One of the directions is related to the methodological foundations of the processing of textual materials written by users of social networking resources, and the study of their morphological, grammatical, stylistic and contextual differences from traditional written speech, as well as an analysis of their tonality. Another direction is represented by applied research of information waves and information campaigns in the media, media and social networks, as well as methodological developments to identify them. Another area is devoted to the study of users and individual user groups and the study of mass behavior in social networks.

- Political science: the study of political processes with the help of statistical methods. Within this direction, there are several projects in which network analysis is used to study the forms of power and the phenomenon of soft power, social and political changes in Russia and other countries (using non-parametric data analysis methods DEA), political protests, activities of think tanks in the global community, new social movements.

- Organizational research: the study of formal and informal groups and groups. This group of projects includes research on the study of interactions in various organizations, commands and teams. Since 2018, the project is continuing to study the interactions between the head office and representative offices of a separate Russian energy company.

NRU HSE regulations for the State Final Certifications:

1. Regulations for Final State Certification of Students of Bachelor’s, Specialist and Master’s Level Programmes at HSE.

2. HSE Regulations for Term Papers and Thesis

3. Regulations on Checking Student Papers for Plagiarism and the Publication of Bachelor’s, Specialist and Master’s Thesis on the HSE Corporate Website

4. Procedure for Appealing the Results of State Final Certifications

Video recording of SFC events.

To ensure the transparency of the state final certification procedure during the state certification tests, we will organize a video recording of all state certification tests that are part of the SFC.