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Regular version of the site

Information for applicants

Registration of documents (after the order to enroll in the program is issued).  

- Registration of student. If you submitted your photo when submitting your documents or provide it to the Student Office before August 30th, we will try to give you student tickets on September 6th (it also depends on the date of issuing the order). 

- Registration of SCC (student social card). To get an SCC, you need to show your student card. SCC is received in Moscow Multifunctional Center (MFC). It is possible to apply to start from September 10th, as the period of data verification after enrollment is about ten days.

You can check whether the data have been transferred to you in the Register at http://www.soccard.ru/students/ . In case of a lack of data in the Register, the student should contact the Academic Office. Lack of data means that there is a lack of up-to-date information about the student (passport data, address of actual stay, etc.) in the university's database or incorrect data. 

Registration of electronic passes:

Due to the need to provide first-year students with electronic passes in a short period, the Pass Centre operates during September 2019 in the extended working hours mode.

Registration of electronic passes for graduate students, students is carried out at:



September 1-30


There are 3 operators working




There is 1 operator working

st. Shabolovka St. 26, 4110 Cab.


 (m. Shabolovskaya)




Operating hours:


 from 10.00 to 19.00 every day


 (except Saturday, Sunday).


Lunch break from 13.00 to 14.00.

B. Three-Holy Lane, 3, Cab. 114


(m. Chistye Prudy, Kitay-gorod, Kursk)




Operating Hours:


from 10.00 to 17.30 every day


 (except Saturday, Sunday).


Lunch break from 13.00 to 14.00.

Please note that from October 01, 2019 access to the territory of the NIU HSE is carried out strictly by electronic passes.

 The students, who graduated from the Bachelor's degree of the National Research University HSE and entered the 1st year of Master's degree, can extend the available EF from October 1, 2019 by phone: 8(495) 772-95-90* 11032.

To obtain an electronic pass, students must have their
: student ID.

Telephone for information: 8(495) 772-95-90* 11032

Up-to-date information on the time and place of issuing electronic badges is available on the website of the Office of Security and Safety at https://www.hse.ru/org/hse/aup/security/ubr . Keep track of changes.

- Issuing a library card. To do this you need to sign a Service Contract at the Central Library on Myasnitskaya 20 (go up to the second floor, from the elevator to the left until the very end of the corridor), you need to have your passport and student card with you. After that you will also have access to the Digital Library https://elib.hse.ru/e-resources/ez/ezregulation.htm

- You will be able to receive the payment installments, payment information, your copy of the contract and your DS at the Training Office.

Informational infostructure:

 The student's corporate mail. All students will be provided with an official mailing address like ___@edu.hse.ru. Instructions for using the mail here: https://www.hse.ru/studyspravka/corpemail. We recommend to set up forwarding immediately, as there are no mailing lists for personal mail. At the same time, information sent to corporate mail is regarded as having been communicated to the student. It's possible to obtain the login and password from the student office.

 Personal Cabinet at LMS - https://www.hse.ru/studyspravka/lms_student (e-gradebooks, curriculum 2020-21, student assessment modules, elective courses, and other necessary data). In September, the LMS will start selecting elective courses, based on which the individual study plan (ISP) will be drawn up. Access to the LMS is possible only if there is a corporate student mail, if there is no such mail, please inform the SO of your choice directly by mail.

(Access to LMS will be available after activation of corporate mail).

 The electronic schedule is published on the website and is also available in LMS and mobile applications. Details.

 A student in a group should create a group email; the password from the email is given only to the members of said group. Students are advised to set up a function to forward messages from group mail to their personal and student email addresses. The study office usually sends out event announcements to this email and duplicates essential information about the study process.

Study process:

 The curriculum of the program includes a block of elective courses. In early September, there will be presentations of the classes, follow the information.

 The Individual Study Plan contains information about the courses you are taking and is an official document that every student should have. Learn more about FTI - https://www.hse.ru/studyspravka/plan.





Of these, non-educational and holidays

Module 1

1st September


Fall Session

21st October – 27th October


Module 2

28th October – 22nd December

1 day – 4th November

Winter Session

23rd December – 31st December



1st January – 8th January

8 days: 1st January – 8th January

Module 3

9th January – 24th March

2 days: 24th February, 9th March

Spring Session

25th March – 31st March


Module 4

1st April – 16th June

3 days: 1st May, 9th May, 12th June

Summer Session

17th June – 30th June








For graduates:


2nd May – 8th May, 10th May



1st July – 31st August



1st July – 12th August




Important Information:

- If, based on the attestation results, students who have a single academic debt in three or more different disciplines (if they have not passed two examinations in discipline X - this is one debt) are not allowed to retake the results of the intermediate attestation in the disciplines. They are subject to expulsion immediately after receiving the academic debt in the third discipline.

- It is not allowed to retake the same discipline more than twice.

- retaking periods may not be completed beyond the periods indicated in the table:


To eliminate the academic debt of students as a result of

Deadline for the end of the retaking period


3rd – 4th Modules


15th October


1st – 2nd Modules


15th February


Reference to the military enlistment office:

We remind you that during September, all young men studying at the NIU HSE, must submit to the military commissariats, in which they are enrolled in the registration, certificates on form F-26: freshmen - to obtain a deferral for the duration of study, the other students - to confirm their right to deferral. It is better to do it in time, so that the military commissariats from October 1 (with the beginning of the autumn draft) do not start looking for and recruiting you.

To receive an F-26 certificate, you must come to the military registration and enlistment office (VUS) in person. It is necessary to have with you: a student ID, a certificate and a passport.

Students who have entered the 1st year of nonresident students, who have received or are going to receive a place in a dormitory in the nearest future, also need to know, in which dormitory they will live, and his address.

Certificate issuance schedule: Monday to Thursday. Time: 9.30-16.30. Lunch: 13:00-13:30

Address of the military registration and enlistment table: Cosmonaut Volkov str. 18, room 502.

Tel.: 8 (499) 159-21-09 (Head of VUS - p-k Zhilkin Alexey Mikhailovich - room 101). VUS is located in the building of the Institute "Giproavtoprom" (5-story light building with 6th floor only in the middle part). It is located directly between the platform "Krasny Baltiets" and Cosmonaut Volkov Street, next to a multi-story garage.

You can find more useful information in the Student Handbook.