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Project Highlights from HSE’s Master’s Programme in Fashion

Over the past year our students and graduates of the Master’s Programme ‘Fashion’ participated in a diverse array of projects. The emerging designers put on two of their own fashion shows at Rizhsky Station as part of Arts Night 2018 as well as the large festival Telling Stories, participated in exhibitions, collaborated with prominent brand names, and opened a joint showroom in the Klebozavod (Bread Factory) space.

‘From the very beginning, when we launched our master’s programme in fashion in the HSE Art and Design School, there were two things we wanted to do: firstly, to make the programme comparable to internationally renowned schools of fashion, since, after all, it is precisely at the master’s level that you have the most prestigious fashion schools in London, in Paris, and in Antwerp. The master’s level is where you get the necessary experience and understanding to enter the fashion market with your brand,’ says Anzor Kankulov, programme supervisor. ‘Secondly, students need to gain real practical experience in a master’s level programme and do work in conditions that are comparable to the real industry. Therefore, we put particular emphasis on collaboration with well-known brands on projects that are based in the real world of that fashion business as much as possible.’

Graduates of the master’s programme gain the necessary skills to successfully join the modern fashion industry with their own brands or become professionals in diverse areas of the industry, from trend analysis and store merchandising to executing fashion shoots and directing fashion shows.

Fashion Show at Arts Night

Students put on a show of their new collections at the NewSchoolOldSchool Festival at Rizhsky Station as part of Moscow’s Arts Night.

The collections incorporated the influences/styles from the Soviet era and the nineties. In order to underline the significance of the link between generations and the widening of beauty standards, the show had models of widely varying ages, including models from the Oldushka, a modeling agency for models aged 50 and up.

Ekaterina Pavelko, programme curator: ‘We are proud of our master’s students’ projects and will certainly not pass up the chance to brag about them. The show at Rizhsky Station on Arts Night is an example of this. Everything came together perfectly—the location, which was a magnificent architectural monument, the lighting, the sound, the music—everything worked together to show the student collections on models of ages ranging from 18-65 in the most compelling way possible. For our grad students, this was also a necessary and invaluable experience—putting together a well thought-out visual concept, conducting a casting call, producing a show, doing solid backstage work—I am sure that all of this will be useful to them more than once in their future professional endeavors.’

HSE Art and Design School’s First Showroom

This past winter, HARDSHOWROOM, the first showroom of the HSE Art and Design School, opened at Marsakov, a retail complex located at Khlebozavod. Presenting their SS19 collections were graduates and students of bachelor’s and master’s programmes: Diana Raimzhanova, Anna Korneenkova, Darya Lukash, Ekaterina Titova, Natalya Estler, and Darya Belousova.

In addition to the collections, the showroom displayed limited edition T-shirts that were made specially for the event.

Anzor Kankulov: ‘At the end of last year the graduate students and I made a showroom at Marsakov at Khlebozavod (North Flacon). The students made it themselves, from finalizing and selecting everything to communicating with customers and the press. It was a pretty challenging but utterly invaluable experience—when you come to understand the importance of each and every detail—from the idea of the thing itself to what the sales tag is going to look like.’

Collaboration of Flacon x Mardo

Model and fashion designer Andrei Mardo, founder of Mardo and graduate of the Art and Design School’s Master’s programme, developed the design of the Flacon magazine-themed cosmetics bag.

The theme of the cosmetics bag was Flacon x Mardo — Rehab, and it contained 16 skin renewal products. The color scheme of the bag served as a reference to his debut collection, Mardo Disarmed, which was previously presented in the Dear Progress Showroom in Paris.

Andrei Mardo: ‘The driving factor for doing a collaboration with Flacon magazine was our common views on beauty, or, more precisely, its diversity. We used eco-leather as the material to show people that it’s just as good as its natural counterpart, which causes harm to animals, and even now it’s more relevant than ever before. The cosmetics bag conveys the main idea of the brand—the combining of the incompatible: I brought together smooth, round, and sharp geometric forms, just like in the brand logo.’

Strengths Show at Telling Stories

At the Telling Stories Festival, MA students presented a special collective project – Strengths, where they showcased their works created during their first year of the programme.

The show was dedicated to the theme of roles and images that we try on in modern life. ‘We thought about not so much about gender roles, but about how a person feels in life, and what role they take on: the “stronger” sex or the “weaker” one,’ students said of their idea. ‘Everyone inwardly feels weak and vulnerable from time to time, but in the modern world people hides these feelings behind a mask of a “strong person”.’

Pop-up Show at Lunar Hare Showroom

On June 4, at the Lunar Hare Showroom, bachelor’s and master’s students of the ‘Fashion’ programme presented a pop-up exhibition, That was a good year, in which they presented their best works from the 2018-2019 academic year.

15 designers, 25 looks, 4 different course levels — everything that is the pride of School of Design’s ‘Fashion’ programme was on display in one exhibition.

Anzor Kankulov: ‘At the end of the spring we started working with the Lunar Hare Agency. Lunar Hare is one of the fashion market’s leading agencies that represents a number of big brands. Students presented their collections to professional journalists and buyers alongside brands that are already well-known. I think that this experience is worth a lot of lecture hours.’

Graduation Show 2019

As part of the graduation festival at the Museum of Moscow, undergraduate and graduate students of the ‘Fashion’ programme presented original collections at Graduation Show 2019. For programme graduates, the show was a significant event with more than 100 ensembles. Visitors of the Museum of Moscow got to admire collections that were shown for the first time, including the best final collections of programme graduates. Each collection represented its designer’s search for their own theme, their unique perspective, and, of course, their own statement.

Anzor Kankulov: ‘Fashion design as a search, as a concept, and as a statement—these are the three main parameters upon which we base our teaching in the ‘Fashion’ programme at the HSE School of Design. For each student, the culmination of their studies is the creation of their own collection, which expresses their signature designer vision and springs forth from their personal values and creative discoveries.’

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HSE ART GALLERY 2.0: Relaunch and New Space at the Winzavod

HSE ART GALLERY, which was established in 2018, is launching a new exhibition area. This second gallery will be in Winzavod, one of the largest private centres for contemporary art in Russia. The art space on Paveletskaya will become a place for implementing commercial projects and housing exhibitions by HSE Art and Design students and graduates.

HSE University and Pobeda Airlines Launch Joint Competition

HSE Art and Design School, in collaboration with the Pobeda Airlines, has announced the start of a competition to create a new uniform design for flight attendants and representatives of the airline. Young professional designers, as well as students over 18 years old studying at Russian universities in full-time and part-time programmes in the field of ‘Design and Fashion,’ will have the opportunity to showcase their talent.

Exhibition by HSE Art and Design School Students Now Open at Fabrika Centre

The Fabrika Centre for Creative Industries is hosting a graduation exhibition by bachelor’s students of Contemporary Art at the HSE Art and Design School. In the exhibition titled ‘Freedom of Absurdity’, the early-career artists present their interpretations of melancholy. The exhibition is open to visitors until April 21, 2024, and admission is free of charge.

‘The Form of a Building Plays a Supportive Role; the Main Thing is Its Content’

Environmental design shapes the reality around us. It is the appearance of spaces, buildings, and objects that surround us. What is happening in this field today? What awaits us in the future? And how do we prepare for it? The HSE News Service discussed these and many other topics with Boris Bernaskoni, Head of Environmental Design Studies at the HSE Art and Design School.

Still the Best: HSE Art and Design School at the World Brand Design Society

HSE Art and Design students, graduates, and curators have been participating in the World Brand Design Society international competition for several years. The winter of 2023/24 was no exception—several projects won in various categories.

Second Season of ‘Parajanov—100’ Contest Launched at HSE Art and Design School

As part of a continuing exploration of the national cultural context, the HSE University Art and Design School and the Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University, in collaboration with the Sergei Parajanov Museum and the Artists' Union of Armenia, have announced the second open international online contest for collage in animation dedicated to the centenary of Sergei Parajanov’s birth.

HSE Art and Design School Opens First University Concept Store

In December, HSE University launched its first concept store—the HSE ART AND DESIGN STORE (part of the HSE Art and Design School). The new space offers ample opportunities for the successful implementation of design projects and features young and promising brands from students, graduates, and teachers of the HSE University Art and Design School.

Season Six of HSE CREATIVE OPEN Competition Begins

Beginner-level specialists and students, as well as graduates of any university, regardless of geographical location, are invited to participate. Works can be submitted in the categories of Identity, Object Design, Illustration and Comics, Game Visuals, and Sound until January 21, 2024. Launched by the HSE Art and Design School in 2022, the competition collected more than 1,500 works in its first year. Its goal is to present a unified platform to host original ideas and spectacular projects in all areas of design, contemporary art, and fashion, as well as to draw the attention of the creative community to the development of professions in the industry.

Fashion for Strong Women: Emancifashion Exhibition Takes Place at HSE University

In early November, the Emancifashion exhibition, dedicated to the representation of women in art and fashion, took place at HSE University in Maly Trekhsvyatitelsky Pereulok. The event, organised by first-year students from the HSE Media Communications programme, featured works created by students from the Fashion Design programme of the HSE Art and Design School.

HSE Design Lab Receives Diploma from Union of Moscow Architects

The HSE Design Lab was named one of the winners in the Best Interior Solution project category of the Union of Moscow Architects for its project to renovate the interiors of the HSE University building on Maly Tryokhsvyatitelsky Pereulok. The awards were presented at the BUILD SCHOOL exhibition in Moscow, which ended on November 2.