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HSE Graduation Party: A Step-by-Step Guide

On 20th June HSE invites all graduates, students and teachers to the Star Wars themed University Graduation Party at Space Moscow. This is without a doubt, the best party of the year. But to get the most out of it, remember to follow these few vital steps.  


Step 1: Buy your ticket in advance for 750 roubles. If you don’t manage to get one, don’t despair, tickets will be on sale at the door.

Step 2: Don’t forget to print out your ticket (if you bought it in advance)! We can’t confirm the validity of your booking without the code on your print out.

Step 3: Bring your passport. The club has the right to check your papers and not allow you to enter without them.

Dress code

Step 1: Wear something fashionable but don’t forget the nights can be cold. No one wants to get ill in summer.

Step 2: Wear comfortable shoes. You have a long night of dancing ahead. The brave and experienced can wear high heels - we’re expressing our admiration in advance.

Step 3: Save your Darth Vader and Princess Leia costumes for the Christmas party. Characters from Star Wars will be greeting you and it would be annoying to get lost among them.

(May I join you at your table? Graduation episode IV ‘The Cocktail Era’. 20th June)


Step 1: At the entrance, pick up your free cocktail voucher - for individual collection only.

Step 2: Clutch the voucher to your bosom, go to the bar, order your drink, give your voucher to the barman, get your free cocktail and drink it.

Step 3: Feel the effects of the cocktail. Dance until dawn - there’ll be wild music from the Jedi DJ and space videos and a show to fire up your desire to let your hair down and party, party, party! And it’s allowed.

Nice bonuses

Step 1: Listen to congratulations from the leaders. The ‘Elders’ will arrive around 23.00 and they’ll tell you something cosmic.

Step 2: Put your name on the list of university benefactors. There’ll be a stand at the party where you can make a contribution to the university for development - just like at Cambridge or Harvard.

Step 3: Join the contest to win prizes. The evening is full of surprises, from the car manufacturers Jaguar for example. And that’s just for starters.

(Join me and together we’ll rule the galaxy. Believe in the Elders! Graduation episode III ‘Greetings from the government’ 20th June)

Party programme:

21.30 - guests arrive, enter the stellar portal, Jedi musical set

23.00- 23.20 - greetings to the Padawans from the government of the university, and special guests from other galaxies

23.30 disco begins

00.00 - 00.20 Star Wars show

00.20 - disco continues accompanied by the leader and the animation programme

01.00 - 01.25 artists performances

02.00 - 02.25 triumphant finale for the disco and continuation of the animation programme

Party parameters

Time: 20th June, guests arrive at 21.30, programme starts at 23.00

Location: Space Moscow club, 36 Kutuzovsky Prospect, building 11

Entrance fee: 750 roubles. Buy a ticket and book the last tables here

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The International Preparatory Year programme held its graduation ceremony in July. This academic year, 125 students from 50 countries were enrolled in the programme. They will continue their studies at Russian universities, most of them pursuing bachelor's and master's programmes at HSE University. The graduation was organised as a quest, where the students were able to demonstrate their achievements in learning the Russian language. Graduates from Ecuador, Syria, and Mexico shared their impressions with the HSE News Service, Deputy Director Polina Shanko talked about plans for the coming year, and mathematics teacher Vladimir Gordin gave his advice to future students.

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On July 4, HSE University graduates celebrated their graduation with Little Big, a vibrant punk rave band, - this was the University’s gift to the students. The concert drew students, graduates from previous years, and HSE University staff: over 5,000 people attended the event.

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The theme of this year’s HSE graduation party, which was held at Moscow’s Izvestia Hall, was ‘Bond’. Party-goers enjoyed espionage contests, British humor and, of course, plenty of music.

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A Harry Potter-themed university graduation party has been held at HSE. This year, the party was completely organized by HSE students, they selected everything – from the location to the entertainment, and not only graduates, but also their friends and family were invited.

‘Dream and Move ahead in Your Field – HSE Will Always Be by Your Side’

On June 28, another university-wide graduation ceremony was held at the Higher School of Economics. This year, the celebration’s theme was the future and continuous progress. And the university’s graduates are the engines of this progress.

Indonesian Public Officer Graduates from HSE

Political Analysis and Public Policy is the most popular Master’s programme among HSE’s international students. It draws people with professional experience as well as those fresh from Bachelor’s degrees to do research. Indra Prasetya Adi Nugroho is one of the 2015 new Master’s graduates. He came to HSE from a job in the Indonesian government.

Star Wars Party to Launch Graduates

The club Space Moscow will become a spaceship for one night to whisk HSE graduates away into the film fantasy world of Star Wars. Guests will greet one another with, ‘May the HSE be with you!’ assured that this is just the beginning and HSE is the launch pad for their journey into a new life.

HSE Is Your Home, and You Never Forget Your Home

On November 18 the HSE Alumni Awards ceremony took place in Izvestia Hall.

Just what the Doc ordered

On July 1, the HSE celebrated a university-wide leavers' day. The Trekhgorka plant and Jagger club were transformed into 'HSE Valley' for the special Back to the Future themed event.