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HSE Is Your Home, and You Never Forget Your Home

On November 18 the HSE Alumni Awards ceremony took place in Izvestia Hall. Since their establishment in 2007, the HSE Alumni Awards have recognized university graduates who have achieved significant successes in their professional activities. This year, anyone connected to the HSE, whether they are students, graduates, or staff, could vote for the winners via the HSE Family website. Opening the ceremony, HSE Rector Yaroslav Kuzminov urged graduates not to lose tough with HSE ‘the University needs you, and you just do not yet understand that you also need it.’

This year saw a 1990s themed awards ceremony. The organizers encouraged guests to remember what Russia was like in the final decade of the 20th century. Each of the six awards nominations was symbolically linked to a particular year.

1992 — HSE founded. Nomination  Beautiful Debut

2012 graduate from the Faculty of Business Informatics, Rustem Gumerov, was recognized for his contribution to the development of smart data analysis in Russian business, for his work to identify talented young people and unlock their potential, and for his work benefiting the community. Rustem headed the analytical modeling section at Megafon, before moving to the Life financial group, where he currently heads the mathematical modeling section. He also works as a coach and project developer, helping HSE Potanin grant recipients.

1993 — the year that saw the country’s system of government change. Nomination  Public Service

2010 graduate of the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs, Polina Tonkikh, who currently works as an attaché with the Russian permanent representation at the WTO, was recognized in this category for her contribution to the improvement of Russia’s image at the World Trade Organization.

1994 — one of the most successful periods for business-initiatives. Nomination Corporate Business

2007 graduate of the Faculty of Law Andrey Gorb, who is Russia and the CIS Development Director at Karen Millen, was recognized in this category for his contribution to the fashion industry’s development.

1995 — NTV broadcasts satirical programme ‘Dolls’ (Puppets – like the UK’s Spitting Image), this was a time of great freedom for journalists. Nomination Fourth Estate

2006 graduate of the Faculty of Politics Ilya Azar was recognized in this category for his striking reports on controversial issues. Formerly Lenta.ru special correspondent, he currently works with the newly-created online publication Meduza.

1996 — Boris Yeltsin was reelected for a second term, Russia saw the development of tele-shopping and the internet. Nomination — Private Business.

More people were nominated in this category than in any other. In the end, two winners were selected. 2010 graduate of the Faculty of Politics Mikhail Dashkiev was recognized for his contribution to the development of business education and creation of Russia’s largest community of entrepreneurs in the Business Youth project. Graduate of the HSE International College of Economics and FInance Oleg Guskov, was recognized for creating and developing Russia’s first online-food customization project — MixVille.

1999 — saw the death of Raisa Gorbacheva, a key figure in the development of charities within Russia. Nomination  Philanthropy.

Most votes went to 2010 graduate from the Faculty of Law Galina Shatilova, who is director of the Hospital Clown NGO. She conceded that, 10 years ago, when she enrolled in HSE, she never expected to be involved in such an important charitable initiative.

University Academic Supervisor Evgeny Yasin also awarded a special prize to Faculty of Management graduate, General Director (CEO) of Sberbank Insurance Maxim Chernin for supporting the April conference. ‘HSE – is our homeland, and you can never forget your homeland,’ Chernin said.

Photos by Mikhail Dmitriev

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Indonesian Public Officer Graduates from HSE

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On 20th June HSE invites all graduates, students and teachers to the Star Wars themed University Graduation Party at Space Moscow. This is without a doubt, the best party of the year. But to get the most out of it, remember to follow these few vital steps.  

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The club Space Moscow will become a spaceship for one night to whisk HSE graduates away into the film fantasy world of Star Wars. Guests will greet one another with, ‘May the HSE be with you!’ assured that this is just the beginning and HSE is the launch pad for their journey into a new life.

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On September 25, 2013, the 13th HSE International College of Economics and Finance graduation ceremony took place at the residence of Timothy Barrow, Ambassador of the United Kingdom to the Russian Federation.

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HSE's Academic Ambassador

Dmitri Vinogradov is one of the first graduates of the HSE Master's Programme and a winner of the 2012 HSE Gold Award in the Alumni Academic Success category. Currently he is a lecturer in Finance and Postgraduate Programme Director (Finance) at the University of Essex.