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HSE Presents the Exhibition ‘Opening the Collection. The World by Russian Photographer Sergey Chelnokov’ in the Museum of Moscow

In October 2015, the Museum of Moscow will exhibit a unique collection of images of pre-revolutionary Moscow from Sergey Chelnokov’s archive, available for the first time for the general public. Most of the photos were made using the then-unique technique of ‘stereo-pairs’, which require the images to be viewed through a special device, creating a 3D picture. A series of lectures ‘Photography and Cultural Memory’ will run alongside the exhibition.

Sergey Chelnokov worked at the turn of the 20th century. He was not a professional photographer, but a rich industrialist, who, nevertheless, was interested not only in his factories, equipped with cutting-edge technology, but with urban development in general. Chelnokov expressed his love for and interest in Moscow through his documentary shots. He left over 1,500 monochrome and colour photographs, taken between the 1880s and 1917. They portray the everyday life of Muscovites, as well as remarkable historic events, from the cruelties of the 1905 revolution, to the flood of 1908; from the big fire in Maly Theatre, to Sergey Utochkin on the Farman airplane. In addition to this, the archive contains pictures taken by Chelnokov during his travels in Europe: early-20th-century Venice, war-time Port-Artur (Lyushunkou), Italy, Greece, and many other places.

Chelnokov died as an emigrant in Denmark, and hence his photos have long remained undiscovered. Most of his photos were made on glass using the 'stereo-pair' technology: the viewer gets a 3D illusion when they view the two pictures through a stereoscope, each of the pictures being processed separately by the left and the right eye. For the exhibition at the Museum of Moscow, HSE MIEM will provide modern multimedia equipment, which allows visitors to wear ‘magic glasses’ and find themselves in the streets of old Moscow.

‘We are giving the exhibition visitors the opportunity to view analogue photos of the early 20th century by means of modern 3D technologies’, said Alexander Tikhonov, MIEM Director and Academic Supervisor, ‘Such HSE departments as the Laboratory of Internet Technology and Services and the Laboratory of 3D Visualization and Computer Graphics have jointly developed the technology to process and visualize the 19th-century stereo-pairs in a contemporary 3D format. The processed images are projected on a screen. The viewer wears 3D glasses and gets the effect of really entering another historical era’.

As part of the exhibition, a series of lectures ‘Photography and Cultural Memory’ (in Russian), which has been organized jointly by HSE and the Museum of Moscow, will take place at the Museum of Moscow. HSE professors and experts will talk about the history of photography from a historical, sociological, cultural, and philosophical perspective.

Dates of the exhibition: October 2 – 18, 2015.

Location: Museum of Moscow, 2 Zubovsky Bulvar.

Organizers: Museum of Moscow, with the support of the Chelnokov Foundation, HSE, and HP Company.

The lectures will take place in the Museum of Moscow on Tuesdays, from October 6 to November 24, at 7 pm. The schedule is available on the website (in Russian).

The Grand Opening of the exhibition will take place on October 1, at 7 pm, at the Museum of Moscow.

HSE students and staff can get a free ticket to the exhibition from 18 Myasnitskaya Ulitsa, Room 18-312 on the following days:

September 30, 2015, from 10 am to 7 pm

October 1, 2015, from 10 am to 3 pm

Contact number: +7 (495) 772-95-90 ext. 12399.

See also:

'Comrades of Light' Exhibition Opens at HSE Art Gallery

On June 18, the HSE Art Gallery opened a new exhibition, Comrades of Light, a full-scale installation simulating the space of a Soviet apartment with barely noticeable mutations and distortions. Within this space an alternative history of the Soviet Union unfolds on a sequence of matchbox labels, some of which are copies of real labels from the 1950-80s, and some of which are the creations of project authors Alexandra Kuzetsova and Darya Dolgopolova.

HSE Hosts Exhibition Devoted to Last Months of Mandelstam’s Life

The exposition ‘Osip Mandelstam – End of the Road’ located in the HSE building at 20 Myasnitskaya Street in Moscow reconstructs the final 11 weeks of the poet’s life and profiles many of his contemporaries.

Student Photo Exhibition Opens in Moscow

On November 30, a new exhibition opened at Belyayevo Gallery called Collective Belyayevo, featuring works by sophomores from the Photography in Fashion and Advertising bachelor’s programme of the HSE School of Art and Design.

Exhibition about 1968 Events Opens in HSE Building

A new exposition in the assembly hall of the HSE building on Staraya Basmannaya is dedicated to the events of August 1968: the invasion of Czechoslovakia by Soviet troops. Here, you can see declassified documents from the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union archives; leaflets and posters; amateur photos by railroad worker Josef Kut illustrating what was happening on the streets of Prague; and a ‘graphic diary’ by Czech artist Jiří Jirásek.

HSE Opens New Modern Art Gallery

The HSE Art Gallery is the first of its kind among Russian universities. The gallery is expected to become a space for established contemporary artists and students to work together and share their experiences with one another. They will be able to not only present their works at the gallery, but also participate in the creation of exhibitions.

School of Design Exhibition at Central House of Artists

The exhibition Design NEXT opened last Wednesday at the Central House of Artists in Moscow’s Krimsky Val area. This is the continuation of the first Moscow Biennale of Design, which took place in 2017. During the event, group exhibitions by Moscow design universities were all brought together at a single location. The exhibition also featured personal expositions by Russian graphic, industrial, and fashion designers, including Anna Kulachek and School of Design Curators Alexandra Lartseva, Stephan Lashko, Philipp Tretyakov, and Tim Yarzhombek.

Recycling in the Name of UNIQLO and HSE

HSE School of Art and Design, in conjunction with UNIQLO, has unveiled a new exhibition entitled, 'New Life for Old Things'. The exhibition showcases a vast array of ingenious ways to give new life to old things - the most important aspect of sustainable fashion.

Mandelstam Exhibition Opens at HSE

This exhibition, located at the HSE building on Staraya Basmannaya Ulitsa, near the Mandelstam Centre, tells the story of all the important stages in the poet’s life and work. It features photos, announcements of poetry nights, and documents testifying to Mandelstam’s arrest and death, as well as comments by the poet’s contemporaries.

HSE Opens an Exhibition at Khitrovka on History of the Place

This exhibition has become part of the Open University project and is held on the HSE’s Anti-versary. It covers the history of Khitrovka and its surroundings, and offers a historical view of each object.

Stereoscopic Film on Pre-revolutionary Russia to Be Shown in Moscow

The HSE MIEM 3D Visualization and Computer Graphics Laboratory worked alongside the Sergei Chelnokov Foundation to create a slide film based on the stereoscopic photographs of Russian photographers working at the turn of the 20th century. A viewing of the film will take place on October 18th as part of the exhibition From the Belle Époque to Revolution – the History of Russia through sterophotography 1880–1917 in 3D.