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'Comrades of Light' Exhibition Opens at HSE Art Gallery

On June 18, the HSE Art Gallery opened a new exhibition, Comrades of Light, a full-scale installation simulating the space of a Soviet apartment with barely noticeable mutations and distortions. Within this space an alternative history of the Soviet Union unfolds on a sequence of matchbox labels, some of which are copies of real labels from the 1950-80s, and some of which are the creations of project authors Alexandra Kuzetsova and Darya Dolgopolova.

The exhibition’s mythical, almost fairy-tale-like story centers on the discovery of ‘autotrophy’—whereby organisms (autotrophs) subsist on inorganic substances through the process of photosynthesis or chemosynthesis. After the revolution, Vladimir Lenin ordered research in this area and provided support for a large number of scientists. The scientists in turn managed to achieve complete human independence from biological food and turn solar and electric light into the Soviet citizenry’s sole source of nourishment.

With these scientific advances, the GOELRO (State Commission for Electrification of Russia) plan was created. Rather than ‘illuminate’, the plan sought to ‘feed’ the entire nation. Soviet citizens became ‘Comrades of Light’ of the USSSR—the Union of Soviet Socialist Solar Republics—where land cultivation was longer be needed, plant growing became an art in itself, and the builders of communism were free to devote all of their efforts to eternal creative labor.

This labor soon yielded its fruits. After the entire population mastered autotrophy by the 1940s, incredible leaps were made in conquering space and the colonizing nearby planets with biosphere settlements.

The viewer is invited to check all the presented facts, explore where reality ends and fiction begins, and witness how easy it is to generate a mythical reality using a combination of original documents and borrowed stylistic features of a past era.

Graham Harman, a philosopher of speculative realism, argues that intangible and unrealistic objects affect reality just as much as real ones do. This means that ‘fairies, nymphs, and utopias can be examined under the same conditions as sailboats.’ If you apply this idea to Russian history of the twentieth century, all futuristic fantasies, Soviet propaganda exaggerations, unexecuted architectural designs, and unfulfilled space and engineering programmes, constitute a ‘project’ of an unrealized reality and unachieved future, which we perceive partly as something that was, and partly as an alternative reality—a future that never came and got lost somewhere in the past.

The exhibition Comrades of Light is a fiction constructed in Soviet utopia, where the most farfetched state projects have been achieved, and the illuminating future has arrived.

In constructing a heterochrony and heterotopia within the Soviet project, the authors highlight the absurdity of the past epoch and explore the impact of its endless exaggerations and substitutions, which are presented in all seriousness, with documental support and propagandistic pathos—characteristic not only of the past’s unrealized future, but of our current moment as well.

About the authors:

Alexandra Kuznetsova is the academic supervisor of the ‘Design’ programme. She served on the project as both a curator and artist.

Daria Dolgopolova is an alumna of the HSE Master's programme in ‘Design’ with a profile in ‘Art Direction’. Serving as a designer and illustrator for the project, Dologopolova created the graphic dimension of the exhibition space, designed the exhibition’s overall style, and collaborated on the creation of the labels. Her work on the exhibition constitutes her thesis project.

Admission to the exhibition is free.

Exhibition dates: June 19 - August 15 (Wed - Sun, 12:00 - 20:00)

Address: 12 Malaya Pionerskaya (metro station Paveletskaya)

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Fabrika Centre for Creative Industries will exhibit the project ‘The more we contemplate, the less we live’ by Alexandra Kuznetsova, Curator at HSE School of Art and Design and laureate of the sixth session of ‘Fabrika workshops’.

HSE Student Wins Bronze at International Design Competition

In December 2019, the awards ceremony for the Taiwan International Student Design Competition, one of the world’s biggest student design contests, took place in Taiwan. Anna Degoeva, fourth-year student of Communication Design at HSE University who participated in the competition, took third place.

Moscow-2050 Exhibition Opens at Shukhov Lab

In December 2019, Shukhov Lab – the HSE Laboratory for Experimental Urban Design – is turning three years old. For its anniversary, it has set up a gallery with collages depicting future images of Moscow. Before the close of this year, the Moscow-2050 project goes toShenzhen Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture in China.

Works of HSE Art and Design School Students to Be Auctioned for First Time

On December 4, the HSE ART GALLERY opens a pre-auction exhibition of works by students of the HSE Art and Design School. Within two weeks, the exposition will be available to all lovers of contemporary art, after which it will go to GUM, where the pieces will be put up for auction at the joint New Year’s SAMPLE and the HSE ART GALLERY auction.

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HSE Art and Design School to Launch New Master’s Track in Sound Art & Sound Studies

The HSE Art and Design School is opening a new master’s track in Sound Art & Sound Studies as part of its Master’s programme ‘Practice of Contemporary Art’. Classes will begin in Fall 2020. The language of instruction is Russian.

‘Artistic Style Is a Mirror of the Soul’

A personal exhibition of Alexander Dzhikia, Professor the HSE School of Art and Design and Supervisor of the School’s track in Environmental Design, is now open at HSE ART GALLERY. HSE News Service spoke with the artist about how to search for one’s own style and why our environment needs to be designed by professionals.