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FIFA President Awarded HSE Sports Management Graduates

Graduates of the joint FIFA/CIES – HSE programme in Sports Management have won the FIFA/CIES Network Prize for 2016 for their 360º Academy project. The winners were awarded their prize by Gianni Infantino.

The 360º Academy project was prepared by Olga Laeva, Elena Bortnichek, Daria Smirnova, Lev Fertelmeyster and Maksim Shipov under the supervision of Alexander Chebotarev, a sports lawyer and former general director of Lada hockey club. The project offers a model for sports education establishments where athletes get comprehensive training for their development and social adaptation.

‘We are offering an organizational model with a developed system of management, a marketing and communication strategy, and a working financial model. This model’s advantage is its adjustability, and, accordingly, various mechanisms for its implementation’, said Olga Laeva, the team captain.

The project was trialed at the ‘Chaikovskaya’s Skate’ sports school, where Maxim Shipov, a Russian figure skater and member of the project team, works.

‘I believe that the most important and the strongest aspect of the project is that it supports a change in sports managers’ way of thinking’, said Elena Chaikovskaya, a renowned Soviet and Russian figure skating coach, ‘They think about how to build the management system properly and effectively, to build a marketing strategy, and how to attract and return investment. I believe that this approach is the future of sports development in Russia. It will help Russia to uncover new stars and lead to an era of new athletes and sports specializations’.

The main prize of the contest was a trip for the best project team to Switzerland, to visit the FIFA and CIES headquarters. During the trip, the HSE team presented their project to students of the FIFA Master programme – the world’s leading programme in sports management.

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Graduate of HSE FIFA/CIES Programme in Sports Management Appointed Head Coach of FC Spartak Moscow

Oleg Kononov, who graduated from the HSE FIFA / CIES programme in 2018 and previously headed Arsenal Tula, has been appointed head coach of FC Spartak Moscow.

HSE Hosts Joint Graduation Party for HSE/FIFA/CIES Programmes Taught at Two Campuses

43 students from two HSE campuses received a professional retraining certificate from the HSE Executive Programme in Sports Management together with a CIES/FIFA diploma this year. The students had the opportunity to attend lectures both in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where they were broadcast live. The final, sixth, module of the programme was taught in Pushkino near St. Petersburg. The graduates prepared their degree projects together.

Gianni Infantino: ‘Sports Needs Knowledge and Professionals in Order to Move ahead’

What is required of modern sports managers and how do digital technologies influence its development? These issues were discussed by participants at the international conference ‘Sport and the Future’ organized by HSE, International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES), FIFA Master Alumni Association (FMA), and the Football Union of Russia (FUR).

HSE Boasts the Best English Website among Russian Universities

HSE University has maintained its leading position in the ranking compiled by the Russian Council for International Affairs. The ranking evaluated the websites of 65 Russian universities. HSE was awarded 104 points out of 108, increasing its position by 11 points on last year. HSE's closest rival ranked a further 17 points behind, which is a larger gap than previously.

‘I Know That More Than One Olympic Games Await Me’

Several HSE graduates worked at the Olympic Games, which recently came to a close in Rio. Elena Stenkina, Daria Smirnova, and Evgenia Dolina told the HSE news service how they came into the sports industry thanks to HSE, even though several years ago they couldn’t even imagine having anything to do with sports.

52 HSE Students Awarded Presidential Grants

Russian Presidential grants for first year BA students at Russian universities have been awarded for the first time for the 2015/2016 academic year. HSE students were among the top recipients.

HSE Business Incubator Named Incubator of the Year by the Internet Initiatives Development Fund

The HSE’s business incubator was recognized by the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) as Incubator of the Year in the first youth internet entrepreneurship forum.

Sona Hovsepyan Dance School Wins 10 Gold Medals in Russian Tap-Dance Championships

The Russian Tap-Dance Championships are part of the XIII World Dance Olympiad. HSE tap dancers are always among the winners, but this year’s haul was particularly rich.

HSE Students Part of SAP Hackaton Winner Team

A team which includes several HSE students has won the SAP InnoJam hackaton in Moscow. The winners will now move forward to the SAP InnoJam in Europe this autumn.

HSE Students Became Winners of Interuniversity Olympiad in Arabic Language

Three HSE students of the educational programme in Asian and African Studies became winners of the 10th Interuniversity Olympiad in Arabic language.