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Illustration for news: Card Index: Joint Attention

Card Index: Joint Attention

As a rule, people look immediately and automatically in the same direction when their companion or someone nearby suddenly turns their attention. And it seems rather obvious. In fact, joint attention is an ability that helps people in many areas, such as communication, collaborative activities, etc. But sometimes a person can be deprived of it. We analyse this phenomenon — what is joint visual attention, cases in which this mental function can be disrupted, and what remains a mystery for scientists — in IQ Card Index with the help of HSE researchers Tatiana Shevel and Maria Falikman.

Illustration for news: Researchers Investigate Link Between Bilingualism and False Memories

Researchers Investigate Link Between Bilingualism and False Memories

HSE University researchers have discovered that false information in one’s native and second languages contribute equally to the formation of false memories. The study, entitled ‘False Memories in Native and Foreign Languages’, has beenpublished in the journal Frontiers in Psychology.

Illustration for news: HSE University Experiment Asks Subjects to Throw Words into Baskets

HSE University Experiment Asks Subjects to Throw Words into Baskets

Attention mechanisms impact the perception of polysemous words, while shades of meaning are presented as a continuum in the mental lexicon.

Illustration for news: Everybody Ran and I Ran, Too

Everybody Ran and I Ran, Too

In lockdowns, why do some people stay home, while others violate the quarantine rules and go out for picnics in the park? Behavioural economics may provide the answer to this question. Oksana Zinchenko, a Research Fellow of the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, explains how we can predict people’s behaviour with game theory.

The Latest on Human Infants

Professor  Emmanuel Dupoux , Paris, Ecole Normale Supérieure ( ENS) will visit the HSE, Moscow  for a lecture entitled  ‘Quantitative modeling of early language acquisition’ on November, 15, 2013. He shared a few ideas with the HSE news service and spoke about his research interests.