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HSE University to Host First ‘Russia—China: Business in a Multipolar World’ International Forum

HSE University to Host First ‘Russia—China: Business in a Multipolar World’ International Forum

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Experts from Russia and China will discuss new challenges and opportunities for business cooperation between the two countries, including those using advanced digital technologies. The event will take place on September 28 at the HSE building on Pokrovsky Bulvar. The forum is expected to be held annually.

The first annual international forum ‘Russia—China: Business in a Multipolar World’ was organised by HSE University with the support of the Media and Communication Union and will be held as part of International Partners’ Week at HSE University.

The opening of the forum will be attended by HSE University Rector Nikita Anisimov, First Deputy Chair of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs, former Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to the PRC Andrey Denisov, First Deputy Chair of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy Olga Zabralova, Chair of the Union of Chinese Entrepreneurs in Russia Zhou Liqun, and representatives of government authorities, business, and scientific and expert communities.

During the plenary session, leading experts from Russia and China will discuss new challenges and opportunities for business cooperation between the two countries. Participants of the discussion panel ‘Russian and Chinese Business: Leadership in the Digital World’ will talk about various aspects of interaction using advanced technologies.

Dmitry Kuznetsov

‘The annual international forum “Russia—China: Business in a Multipolar World” is a very significant event,’ says Dmitry Kuznetsov, organiser of the forum and director of HSE University’s Higher School of Law and Administration. He notes that the ‘turn to the East’ requires national business elites to develop a completely new understanding of China as a unique civilisation—one of the leaders of the multipolar world in the 21st century.

‘The great Chinese culture requires deep immersion and studying, since the modern Chinese economic miracle is built on it. HSE University continues to contribute to the development of Russian–Chinese economic dialogue. This forum is intended to make a special contribution to the development of modern Russian–Chinese business projects and ecosystems, establishing partnership contacts between representatives of the business communities in both countries,’ emphasises Dmitry Kuznetsov.

The forum will also include a presentation of HSE University’s executive master programme ‘Business with China: Organisational, Legal and Financial Support’, which will be conducted by Dmitry Kuznetsov and the programme’s Academic Supervisor, Artem Semenov.

Artem Semenov

Social communications in China are the foundation for success in any area of activity. ‘The ability to build connections and create personal relationship architecture is a necessity if you want to be a master at solving issues related to cooperation with Chinese partners,’ says Artem Semenov. ‘Knowledge of the PRC’s political system and the cultural code of this unique country are the most important tools for forming such communications. To help Russian entrepreneurs save money, time, reputation, and other resources along this path, HSE University has launched a unique educational programme for business owners and top and middle managers.’

Andrey Denisov

As Andrey Denisov, head of the programme’s supervisory board, stresses, the current situation gives China more opportunities to enter the Russian market, but ‘windows and doors for entering the Chinese market’ have also appeared for Russia, so business education is in demand. ‘And I would like to be not a ceremonial bystander gracing various presidiums at HSE University, but to actually speak and give advice on how to behave with Chinese partners,’ he explained in an interview with Izvestia (in Russian).

The programme starts on October 16, 2023.

Participation in the ‘Russia—China: Business in a Multipolar World’ forum is free. Those interested must register in advance.

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