V. Risks for the Programme’s Implementation

The Development Programme has been drafted relying on a base scenario for the socio-economic development of the Russian Federation, drawn up by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development within the framework of its forecast for the country’s socio-economic development up until 2036. The key risks in this respect may include a significant decrease in the purchasing power of the population and lower household income growth.

The full-scale implementation of activities and attainment of Development Programme’s outcomes will depend on the University’s own involvement in programmes to provide support to Russian academic institutions (e.g., the Priority 2030 Strategic Academic Leadership Programme), as well as the receipt of target resources within the framework of the “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation” national programme and the “Science and Universities” national project. The positions attained and the University’s developmental dynamics will ensure its successful involvement in related competitions.

HSE University’s competitiveness on the global market is also significantly driven by the development of its infrastructure, which can be ensured thanks to the reduction of the deficit in academic and laboratory spaces and dormitories, as well as their equipment with contemporary facilities. Furthermore, the University has plans to take advantage of internal optimization of academic and laboratory spaces. To this end, a system for reporting and auditing the use of space on campus is now being developed.

Within the framework of the new student housing model, public-private partnerships’ options may be used, wherever possible, to secure accommodation for students.

A necessary condition for the fulfilment of the Development Programme is sufficient resource support for the digitization efforts at HSE University and development of its digital infrastructure. As such, the proposed efforts in the digitization of operations and infrastructure lay the groundwork for successful implementation of the majority of efforts in other aspects of the programme.