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Address: 11 Pokrovsky Bulvar, Pokrovka Complex, room S942
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SPIN-RSCI: 3067-5534
ORCID: 0000-0001-5470-8635
ResearcherID: B-6591-2013
Scopus AuthorID: 35428028600
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S. Kuznetsov
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Boris Mirkin

  • Tenured Professor
  • Boris Mirkin has been at HSE University since 2008.

Education, Degrees and Academic Titles

  • 1990

    Doctor of Sciences* in System Analysis, Management and Information Processing
    Institute for Systems Studies of the Academy of Sciences and State Committee of Science and Technology of the USSR
    Thesis Title: Matrix-approximation approach to the analysis of mixed data

  • 1975
    Senior Research Fellow
  • 1975
    Associate Professor
  • 1966

    Candidate of Sciences* (PhD) in Mathematical Logic, Algebra and Number Theory
    Thesis Title: Equations in the algebra of events applied to abstract automata

  • 1964

    Saratov Chernyshevsky State University

* Candidate of Sciences
According to the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) 2011, Candidate of Sciences belongs to ISCED level 8 - "doctoral or equivalent", together with PhD, DPhil, D.Lit, D.Sc, LL.D, Doctorate or similar. Candidate of Sciences allows its holders to reach the level of the Associate Professor.
* Doctor of Sciences
A post-doctoral degree called Doctor of Sciences is given to reflect second advanced research qualifications or higher doctorates in ISCED 2011.


Professor of the University of London (Emeritus) 

Continuing education / Professional retraining / Internships / Study abroad experience

Working in the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems Birkbeck University of London (March-December 2015)

Awards and Accomplishments

Best Teacher – 2013, 2011

Student Term / Thesis Papers

Full list of of student term / thesis papers

Courses (2019/2020)

Courses (2018/2019)

Courses (2015/2016)

Data Analysis and Data Mining (Bachelor’s programme; Faculty of Computer Science; "Алгоритмика"; field of study "01.03.02. Прикладная математика и информатика"; 3 year, 1, 2 module)Eng

Editorial board membership

  • 2012: Member of the Editorial Council, Egyptian Computer Science Journal.

  • 2009: Member of the Editorial Board, Journal of Classification.

  • 2008: Member of the Editorial Board, Бизнес-информатика (Business Informatics).

  • 2010–2013: Deputy Editor-in-chief, Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery.


  • 2014
    19th International Conference On Methods and Models in Automation and Robotics, MMAR 2014 (Międzyzdroje). Presentation: A new output feedback adaptive input time-delay compensation scheme for uncertain systems.
  • 2nd International Conference on Information Technology and Quantitative Management, ITQM 2014 (Москва). Presentation: A Concept of Multicriteria Stratification: A Definition and Solution.
  • 2013
    11th Workshop on Time-Delay Systems, TDS 2013 (Grenoble). Presentation: Tube-Based Direct Model Reference Adaptive Control in the Presence of State Time Delays.
  • 14th International Conference on Rough Sets, Fuzzy Sets, Data Mining, and Granular Computing, RSFDGrC 2013 (Halifax, NS). Presentation: Individual Approximate Clusters: Methods, Properties, Applications.
  • 18th International Conference on Methods & Models in Automation & Robotics, MMAR 2013 (Międzyzdroje). Presentation: Fault tolerant tube-based adaptive tracking for a class of nonlinear plants.

  • 2012
    7th IFAC Symposium on Robust Control Design, ROCOND 2012 (Aalborg). Presentation: Tube Reference Model Based Direct Adaptive Control.


Employment history

1967-1982   Researcher,   Head of Lab.(1975)   Institute of Economics , Siberian Branch of Soviet Academy   of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Russia 

1982-2000    Senior researcher, Central Economics-Mathematics Institute of RAS, Moscow

2000-2008    Professor,   Birkbeck University of London, London UK

2008-pres..   Professor,     National Research University Higher School of Economics,Moscow RF

Part time

1970-1982    Assoc.Professor        Department of Mathematics-Economics Methods, Novosibirsk,  State University, Novosibirsk

1984-1991    Assoc.Professor        Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Higher School ofTrade Unions of the USSR, Moscow

2008-2010    Professor                   Birkbeck University of London, London UK 

2009-pres.    Leading research      Laboratory on Decision Choice and Analysis at HSE Moscow                                  

2010-2020 research results

  • A method for pattern recognition utilizing information of the structure of pattern neighborhood both for a single classifier and multiple classifiers (in collaboration with Zacharias Voulgaris, Birkbeck College Ph.D. Student; published in 2010)
  • Experimental assessment of the author-proposed “intelligent” version of the popular K-means clustering method (iK-Means). It is experimentally shown that the iK-means method outperforms seven other methods in various conditions (in collaboration with Ming-Tso Chiang, Birkbeck College Ph.D. Student; published in 2010)
  • A method for representation of  research organization’s activities by means of optimal lifting over a taxonomy of the domain under consideration (in collaboration with Prof. T. Fenner, Birkbeck University of London, UK and Dr. S. Nascimento, New University of Lisbon, Portugal, partially published in 2010)
  • A system and description of data analysis main methods (published as a textbook, Core Concepts in Data Analysis: Summarization, Correlation, Visualization, Springer, 2011, 388 p.)
  • Extending k-means clustering to the case of Minkowski distance with automatic choice of feature weights (jointly with Birkbeck PhD student Renato Amorim, published 2012)
  • Method of annotated suffix tree for automation of the analysis of the relationship between a set of key phrases and a collection of unstructured texts applied to problems such as annotation of research papers, completion of taxonomies, etc. (jointly with E. Chernyak, published in 2012-2015, mostly in Russian)
  • Method for automatic combining multiple criteria in a convex combination; its verification at specially developed models of data generation  (jointly with NRU HSE PhD student M. Orlov, pubished in 2014-1015)
  • Method for direct assessment of the level of research results using a taxonomy of the research domain; its partial verification at the data analysis domain (jointly with NRU HSE PhD student M. Orlov, pubished in 2014-1015)
  • Adaptation of my earlier method for anomalous clustering to problems of the analysis of temperature maps of the sea surface (jointly with Dr. S. Nascimento, New University of Lisbon, Portugal, published 2015)
  • A novel method for divisive cluster-analysis with random projections of the data (jointly with Е. Kovaleva, published 2015)
  • Method for accelerating agglomerative clustering by using my method of anomalous clusters (jointly with R. De Amorin (Essex UK) and V. Makarenkov (Montreal Canada), published in 2016)
  • Method for concensus partitioning by using Minkowski metrics (jointly with R. De Amorin (Essex UK) and V. Makarenkov (Montreal Canada), published in 2017)
  • Method for finding super-clusters to consist of "tight" core and shell, for datasets represented by similarity graphs both in statics and dynamics (joinyly with I. Rodin, partly published in 2017)
  • Method for parsimonious lifting of leaf clusters in the rooted tree of a domain taxonomy to the higher ranks is extended to the case at which the cluster is fuzzy (jointly with D. Frolov,  T. Fenner (London UK) and S. Nascimento (LIsbon Portugal), published in 2019) 
  • A hybrid method for the analysis of tendencies in researh within a domain by using a domain taxonomy and a collection of papers within the domain, combining my three earlier developed mehods  (string-to-text relevance scoring, fuzzy clustering, and  parsimonious lifting of fuzzy clusters), jointly with D. Frolov,  T. Fenner (London UK) and S. Nascimento (LIsbon Portugal)  published in 2020

Current research

  • Method of anomalous cluster in delineating upwellings in coastal waters (jointly with S. Nascimento (New University of Lisbon, Portugal), 2014-2015
  • Methods for evaluation of the quality/level of research results (jointly with PhD student M.A. Orlov) 2013-2015
  • Methods for stratification of objects over a set of criteria (jointly with PhD student M.A. Orlov) 2012-2015
  • Methods for analysis and visualization of unstructured texts (jointly with E.L. Chernyak); supported by grants from the Academic Fund of HSE to lead a group of 5-6 students (2012-2015)
  • An additive spectral method for cluster analysis of similarity matrices, its experimental verification and application (in collaboration with Dr. S. Nascimento, New University of Lisbon, Portugal).
  • Stopping criteria for divisive hierarchical clustering algorithms (in collabortion with E.Kovaleva, HSE student)
  • Approximate tri-clusters (in collabortion with A. Kramarenko, D. Gnatyshak, D.I.Ignatov,
  • Methods for interpretation of thematic clusters over hierarchical taxonomies and other cognitive structures (in collaboration with Prof. T. Fenner, Birkbeck University of London, UK, and Dr. S. Nascimento, New University of Lisbon, Portugal)
  • Methods for analysis and classification of a corpus of unstructured text documents by using the techniques of annotated suffix trees and taxonomies of specific domains. These methods are to be applied to programmes of teaching courses, taught in HSE (in collaboration with E.Chernyak, O.Chugunova, J.Askarova, HSE students). This work is part of the research project “Teacher–Students: Development and adaptation of cluster analysis methods to automate the analysis of textual information by using a specific domain’s ontology”. Six students of the School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics take part in this project, supported by the HSE Research Foundation 2011-2012. 


Participation in conferences in 2010 – 2011

  • 11th Russian national symposium “Strategy planning and enterprises development”, April 2010, CEMI of RAS, invited plenary talk “Representing research organization activities, considering the structure of the research area domain: the cluster-lift method”
  • 4th International Conference “Knowledge Science, Engineering and Management”, September 2010, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK. Paper: Constructing and mapping fuzzy thermatic clusters to higher ranks in a taxonomy (jointly with S. Nascimento, T. Fenner, and L.M. Pereira) has been selected among six others to have been published in International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2010. № 4(3). C. 257—275.
  • 13th International Conference on Rough Sets, Data Mining, Fuzzy Sets and Granular Computing (RSFDGrC-2011), Moscow HSE June 2011 – General Chair
  • 4th International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence (PReMI-2011), Moscow HSE June 2011, Invited plenary talk.
  • International Conference on Classifications, Glasgow UK, July 2011 – Member of the organizing committee, a paper
  • Biannual conference of International Federation of Classification Societies, Frankfurt, Germany, August 2011 – Member of the Program Committee, a paper
  • 2011 meeting of the European Mathematical Psychology Group, August 2011, Telecom, Paris, France – Member of the Scientific Committee  

Recent funded projects

HSE grant for individual research projects 2009: 09-01-0071 "Interrelation between spectral and approximation approaches to cluster analysis"

HSE grant  11-04-0019 “Teacher–Students: Development and adaptation of cluster analysis methods to automate the analysis of textual information by using a specific domain’s ontology”  (Six students of the School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics take part in this project)
HSE Academic Programme grant Research and Study Lab 13-05-0047 Methods for text visualization using suffix trees, multifacet classifications and hierarchic ontologies: algorithms and software (six students involved)

Timetable for today

Full timetable

Lecture by B. Mirkin on "Generalization in taxonomies: model, method, applications"

On Wednesday, May 15 the all-Russian seminar "Mathematical methods of decision analysis in economics, finance and politics" was held. B. Mirkin gave a lecture on B. Mirkin on "Generalization in taxonomies: model, method, applications".

Fuad Aleskerov Elected to Academia Europaea

Tenured HSE Professor Fuad Aleskerov, who is the head of the Faculty of Economic Sciences’ Department of Mathematics, has become a member of the Informatics section of the Academia Europaea.

Joint Projects in Big Data Discussed at HSE

The workshop on ‘Big Data and Applications’ was organized by HSE School of Business Informatics, Institut Mines-Télécom in association with CNRS MADICS with the support of the French Embassy in Russia, and the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

Laureates of Golden HSE 2016

On December 20, 2016, the ZIL Cultural Centre hosted this year’s Golden HSE awards ceremony. This year saw several significant changes to the award rules: new nominations have appeared, many of them were divided into categories for different groups of employees — all to help ensure HSE was able to express its gratitude to a larger number of worthy candidates.

13th International Conference on Concept Lattices and Their Applications 

On July 18-22 the 13th International Conference on Concept Lattices and Their Applications was held at HSE. The conference has been organized since 2002. This year it was held in Russia for the first time. The event was organized by the International Laboratory for Intelligent Systems and Structural Analysis and the  School of Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence of HSE Faculty of Computer Science.

On Wednesday, October 21 the all-Russian seminar "Mathematical methods of decision analysis in economics, finance and politics" was held

Speaker: Boris Mirkin (HSE, Russia)
Title: "The metric tide: evaluation of research impact"

Faculty of Computer Science: an Impressive Start

The Faculty of Computer Science is only one year old – it was founded March 28, 2014 – but it already has a rich history and ambitious plans. Ivan Arzhantsev, the dean of the Faculty of Computer Science, spoke to The HSE Look about highlights from the past year, current research focuses, and the faculty’s plans for the future.

HSE on Coursera: This is only the start

The 11 educational courses completed in the first year of HSE's cooperation with Coursera won an audienec of 300,000. The courses' lecturers talked about how they succeeded in doing this at a round table at HSE.

Experts discuss issues related to big data processing

The Second International Conference on Information Technology and Quantitative Management (ITQM 2014) took place on June 3-5, drawing 120 professionals from 29 countries to consider issues of model performance and decision-making algorithms when processing large amounts of data.

ECIR 2013: in Search of Everything

On March 24 -27 2013, the 35th European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR) took place in Russia. Yandex and the HSE School of Applied Mathematics and Information Science organized the conference, which was held in Russia for the first time. More than 300 researchers, mainly from Western European research centres and universities, took part .

Intellectual Integration: Multiply by Two

From June 25th – 29th the HSE School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics will organize two international conferences. Sergey Kuznetsov, Head of the School, told us about the participants, tasks and programmes of both conferences.