Summer School in Economics Kicks Off at HSE Nizhny Novgorod

For the fourth time, the HSE campus in Nizhny Novgorod welcomes international students from Germany, Finland, Poland, Bulgaria, Switzerland, and Ukraine.

This year’s programme is expected to be very intense. Over a two-week period, the participants will learn more about Russian economics and culture, visit old Russian towns of Semyonov and Gorodets, and improve their Russian skills. In addition, they will get to know Nizhny Novgorod’s major companies, where they will have the opportunity to discuss Russian financial policies and doing business in Russia with experienced entrepreneurs and top executives.

International students share their first impressions of the Summer School.

Bernhard Mühlhäuser, Germany

I’ve always wanted to learn more about the Russian people, their traditions and culture. In addition, the Summer School is a great opportunity to improve my Russian.

Olivia Pawlak, Poland

I study at a small German university, and we are often given the opportunity to go to summer school in various cities and countries. I chose the Higher School of Economics in Nizhny Novgorod, since I believe it embodies Russia. Moscow is a European city. The programme is very interesting, of course. I believe it’s the best way to get to know the Russian people – it’s better than just traveling.

Andrei Vorobiev-Obukhov, Ukraine

I was born in Nizhny Novgorod, but now I live in Kiev and am finishing high school there. I’m going to apply to a Russian university, but I haven’t chosen which one yet. I’m interested in economics, which is why I’ve chosen this summer school. The students are great here, and I think if I have trouble with some subjects, they will surely help me. It’s also a great opportunity to practice my English.

Tuomas Hooli, Finland

I’m from Finland, but have lived and studied in London for the past two years. My interests are politics and European relations. I was able to take on one more area of research, so I chose economics. I’m interested in Russian economics. I liked the first two days of this school a lot; they’ve been intense and useful.