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Английский для специальных целей. Лингвокультурология

Статус: Факультатив
Когда читается: 1-3 модуль
Охват аудитории: для всех кампусов НИУ ВШЭ
Язык: русский
Кредиты: 3

Программа дисциплины


This ESP course is designed for students majoring in Linguistics, Philology, and Culture Studies. The aim of this course is the development of basic professional communication competencies (receptive and productive language skills) in the field of language and culture. While mastering the course, special attention is paid to building the professional vocabulary related to culture studies and intercultural communication. These competences are necessary for mastering the disciplines of the English language curriculum. The course involves working with English-language texts to trace the key features of national pictures of the world, analyzing precedent texts, highlighting culturally specific features of different variants of the English language (British, American, Australian, Scottish, Welsh, Canadian, etc.), discussing cases of intercultural communication. The course is also aimed at developing speaking skills (through discussions, debates, presentations of individual and group projects) on relevant topics, such as the concept of culture, linguistic characteristics of different cultures, transcultural literary texts, and English as the language of globalization.
Цель освоения дисциплины

Цель освоения дисциплины

  • -to form socio-cultural awareness in the range of the indicated level of communicative competence
  • -to form a large pool of active vocabulary and terminological knowledge in the specified area in the target language
  • -to develop cognitive skills using authentic material as resources in classroom and independent work
  • -to develop oral and written skills of professional communication, necessary for further education in bachelor’s, master’s and research activities in the given area
Планируемые результаты обучения

Планируемые результаты обучения

  • The students of the course will be able to write a summary of the text emphasizing the key points, essays on the discussed issues
  • The students of the course will learn about the specifics of terminology used in the given area
  • The students of the course will obtain additional sophisticated knowledge in the sphere of culture studies and intercultural communication
  • The students of the course will be able to work effectively with authentic audible or written materials
  • The students of the course will raise awareness of the context meaning of words and synonyms from the academic word list
  • The students of the course will develop skills of reading techniques for understanding articles on general, academic and professional topics
  • The students of the course will get the skills to find, select and give a brief analysis of the useful data, and present a fully developed argumentation- oral ( discussions\reports) and written
  • The students of the course will improve strategies of speaking on professional topics, enhance presentation skills
Содержание учебной дисциплины

Содержание учебной дисциплины

  • The concept of culture
    The notion of culture. Culture as an iceberg. The concept of language for special Purposes (LSP).
  • Types of culture
    National-, gender-, social differences of cultures. Intercultural communication.
  • Culture shock
    The concept of culture shock. The causes of culture shock. The stages of culture shock. National stereotypes.
  • English dialects in English speaking countries
    Dialects in the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, Scotland: specific lexicological and phonetic features of dialects, grammar differences and use of language. Precedent texts.
  • Culture and language
    The relation between culture and language. Language as a tool of transmitting culture.
  • Language and inclusion
    Inclusive language in dictionaries and articles. The gender issue in English. Political correctness.
  • English as a language of globalisation
    The process of globalisation. The term of global village. English as a lingua franca.
  • World Englishes
    Variants of English language in non-English speaking countries. The influence of English borrowings on culture.
Элементы контроля

Элементы контроля

  • неблокирующий Assessment Module 1 (Listening (20%), Reading (20%), Writing (30%), Speaking (30%))
  • неблокирующий Assessment Module 2 (Listening (20%), Reading (20%), Writing (30%), Speaking (30%))
  • неблокирующий Assessment Module 3 (Listening (20%), Reading (20%), Writing (30%), Speaking (30%))+ Oral project
Промежуточная аттестация

Промежуточная аттестация

  • Промежуточная аттестация (3 модуль)
    0.2 * Assessment Module 1 (Listening (20%), Reading (20%), Writing (30%), Speaking (30%)) + 0.2 * Assessment Module 2 (Listening (20%), Reading (20%), Writing (30%), Speaking (30%)) + 0.6 * Assessment Module 3 (Listening (20%), Reading (20%), Writing (30%), Speaking (30%))+ Oral project
Список литературы

Список литературы

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Рекомендуемая дополнительная литература

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