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‘I Love Learning in a Multicultural Environment’

‘I Love Learning in a Multicultural Environment’

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The Master’s programme in Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation at HSE University has long been popular with international students due to the versatility of its curriculum, strong practical focus, and talented faculty. International students of the programme talk about the advantages of the programme, their favourite courses, and career aspirations.

Bernal Alvarez Manuel Alejandro (Colombia), first-year student

Choosing HSE

I decided to study at HSE Moscow quite a long time ago, when I was still a bachelor’s student in Kazan (Russia). HSE is recognized as one of the top universities in Russia—it performs well in international rankings. What’s more, there’s a special atmosphere here — a breeze of joy, hospitality, and a plethora of opportunities for students in all sorts of different realms.

I got my place at HSE thanks to the Open Doors Scholarship Project. The decision to study Governance of STI was a mix of both passion and a bit of luck because I have always had a thing for technology and the social sciences. This programme combines both—it is unique in this respect, but I didn’t learn about it until I was awarded the scholarship.

I chose HSE having faith that I would find a programme I would fall in love with, and it happened just like that

Studying Governance of STI

I believe that what makes the programme of Governance on STI so special is threefold. First, you are trained in managerial skills for the entrepreneurial and business worlds, so if what you are looking for is a corporate job afterward, you certainly will learn useful things here.

Second, on the other hand, the STI programme has a major policy component, which helps you understand the place of your country and region in the world, and it gives you some perspective on the direction it should go in the future. I think it is inspiring in that respect.

Third, in addition to the business and policy aspects, the programme provides you with structured academic training. Here I have learned several useful theories and strategies to approach academic research, which I think is good for structuring your thinking, regardless of whether you want to pursue an academic career or not.

My studies are going well. I liked, in particular, the Competitive Intelligence course because many of the tools we learned can be used in everyday business. Our teacher was also very demanding, so I had to digest a huge amount of information in a relatively short period of time.

The professors here are wonderful. In terms of inspiration, I would mention Dr. Jonathan Calof. He has extensive experience in both the academic and business worlds, so his stories were fascinating and full of useful tips. In Prof. Vitaly Roud’s course, I liked how we needed to write constantly, and I think that is probably the best way to learn. When it comes to explanations and support, Prof. Ekaterina Streltsova, who taught Research Methods for STI, is the teacher that comes to mind. Her explanations were clear and she was very supportive, even outside of the classroom.

Finally, I would also highlight Prof. Stanislav Zaichenko, who is my supervisor this year. He has dedicated many hours to working with me, which I appreciate because his advice leads me from vague ideas to a concrete research topic and the right approach to it. His standards are high, so I had to work very hard in order to meet them, especially now that we are about to deliver the final version of my term paper.

Future Plans

My plans for the nearest future are quite big and ambitious. First, I want to finish my Master´s degree, but I am also planning on getting Russian citizenship, or at least a permit that allows me to work without trouble.

Many things have changed since I came in 2015 and the fact that I can work as a foreign student without any restrictions was a game changer

I got a job shortly after the law was enforced in 2020. I work at RetailCRM, in the international branch, as an analyst. And now one of my goals also is to grow inside the company I work for and get settled in Russia on a long-term basis.

Zhang Xiaoqian (China), second-year student

Choosing HSE

In 2019, I earned my Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature at Shandong University, China. Being a language major, I was very interested in technology and innovation in language-related fields such as machine translation, speech recognition, etc. I participated in several related projects during my undergraduate years and wanted to know more about technology and innovation in general.

I got to know about HSE when I was a sophomore studying at Perm State University as an exchange student for one year. HSE has a campus there. My Russian friends told me that HSE is very cool and international. I learnt more about it on its official website and found that HSE is a young and dynamic university with many extraordinary professors and talented students from all over the world.

Studying Governance of STI

The English-taught Programme in Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation is exactly what I wanted for my Master’s studies, plus I love learning in a multicultural environment.

I just went for it and now I’m glad that I made this choice 

Everything’s going well with my studies—I’m doing my Master thesis research right now. I plan to work in the ICT industry, but I do not rule out a career in academia.

Currently, I unfortunately cannot go back to Moscow due to COVID, so I am in China. I really miss Moscow. To be honest, I prefer in-person education where students and professors have more interaction.

There are many interesting subjects in this programme, such as Economics of Innovation, Measurement of STI, Competitive Intelligence, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Foresight, Research Seminar, etc.  The teachers are all supportive and inspiring.

Everyone has their own style and great expertise in a certain field. I enjoy their lectures and seminars very much

Besides full-time HSE lecturers and professors, we also have many guest lecturers from other universities such as MSU, from other countries such as Netherlands, USA, Canada, Korea, France. They always bring fascinating perspectives.

HSE University welcomes applicants from all over the world and offers not only different levels of study, but also different formats in English and Russian, online and offline. International applicants can apply for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in a separate admissions process for foreign applicants and receive scholarships with full or partial tuition fee coverage.

Undergraduate applicants can test their chances of admission now by taking mock tests. Master’s applicants also have the opportunity to get a preliminary assessment of their portfolio and communicate with their programme of choice online.

To learn more about HSE University, its admission process, or life in Moscow, please visit International Admissions website, or contact the Education & Training Advisory Centre. The staff are happy to advise applicants and their parents via e-mail at inter@hse.ru, by phone +7 (495) 531 00 59, or WhatsApp +7 (916) 311 85 21, as well as on social media in Russian and in English: Vkontakte, Facebook, Telegram and Instagram.

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