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Open Doors Scholarship Competition for International Applicants: Register Now!

Open Doors Scholarship Competition for International Applicants: Register Now!

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More than 40,000 participants from 183 countries have already registered for the Open Doors Scholarship Competition. The competition, which is held by the Association of Global Universities, gives international applicants the opportunity to enroll tuition-free in a Master’s programme of a participating Russian university of their choice without having to take entrance exams. The deadline to submit your portfolio for consideration is December 18.

Successful applicants may choose from a wide range of English- and Russian-taught master’s programmes. The competition provides scholarship recipients access to 500 participating Russian universities. HSE University oversees economics and political science subject areas of the Open Doors competition.

Master’s students Sayan Sovetbekov (Kyrgyzstan), Mira Kuderinova (Kazakhstan) and Aytaj Abduragimova (Azerbaijan) enrolled in HSE University through the Open Doors Scholarship Competition. HSE News Service spoke with the three students about the competition and academic life at HSE.

Sayan Sovetbekov (Kyrgyzstan), Master’s Programme 'Lawyer in Public Justice and Law Enforcement'

In countries that belong to the Bologna educational accord, a bachelor's degree in law is not enough - after all, four years of study is not enough. You need further education at the master’s level. My main priority was to study at a university abroad. I learned about HSE University online – I saw that HSE, despite being a young university, ranks quite highly in the international rankings, and this shows that the university is quickly growing and developing.

Before entering HSE University, when I was an undergraduate student, I was involved with legal representation in local courts during my free time. I worked to preserve transparency in court hearings and monitored proceedings for procedural irregularities on behalf of defendants. It was this legal work that made me want to choose HSE’s master’s programme in Public Justice and Law Enforcement.

I learned about the Open Doors Scholarship Competition on social media, and the scholarship allowed me to enroll tuition-free in my master’s programme without having to take any of the entrance exams. The competition is conducted online in two stages. The first stage was the portfolio competition; for this you have to present all of your achievements (certificates, diplomas, research articles, and so on). In the second stage, you have to compete tasks given by the proctoring system while being timed. But I managed.

One of my first impressions of studying at HSE University is its rather powerful material base, with multiple structural divisions that clearly and conscientiously fulfill their functions. HSE provides a lot of support to international students and helps them acclimate to academic life at the university. And I am also convinced that HSE is a truly democratic university with an atmosphere of freedom.

Mira Kuderinova (Kazakhstan), Master’s Programme ‘Political Analysis and Public Policy’

I am actually an HSE alumna. I did my undergraduate degree in Political Science here in the Faculty of Social Sciences. I decided to continue my studies at HSE, and my choice fell upon the programme in Political Analysis and Public Policy for several reasons:

1. The course offerings and available tracks in this programme help prepare me for my future goals. I would like to work with international organizations and study human rights.

2. The programme is in English. This is an excellent opportunity to consolidate the knowledge I gained in my undergraduate studies and increase my level of language proficiency.

3. The social and cultural aspects. My classmates here are from different countries. Sharing your experience with them, gaining new knowledge, and just making friends from around the world is incredibly interesting.

The admission process is easy if you have a good background and knowledge in your chosen area. Preparing for the scholarship competition and looking at sample topics for essays and demo assignments is a must.

Studying in a master’s programme at HSE, as in a bachelor’s programme here, is a lot of work. But this is a pleasant challenge when you try to manage everything: both work and study, in addition to making time for yourself, friends, and relatives.

Aytaj Abduragimova (Azerbaijan), Master’s Programme 'Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation'

Prior to coming to HSE University, I graduated from Azerbaijan State University of Economics, where I majored in World Economy. I also had practical experience in the banking sector and experience in volunteering in various fields.

I first heard about HSE from a friend, and after that, I decided to learn more about it. I found out that HSE is one of the most prestigious universities in terms of the quality of education and its achievements. Consequently, I wanted to apply. The Open Doors Scholarship Competition gave me a fantastic opportunity to do so. And the master's programme has allowed me to specialize in a specific field, which at the same time is connected with what I was doing before.

In general, the admissions procedure was somewhat complicated – you have to be vigilant at each stage, especially the online exam stage. And if you are also a little nervous at the same time, then... On the other hand, if you do well, the victory is all the more valuable. And all in all, there was nothing in the process that was overly complicated.

My initial impressions of studying at HSE can be described as follows: I realized that I was getting an education in the right place. Everything is going fine, and I feel like I am gaining important knowledge and skills every day, and I am grateful to Open Doors and HSE for this opportunity.

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Registration for the Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project for international applicants to Russian Master’s programmes is open until December 18. The competition consists of two online rounds. The first round is a portfolio competition.

> 20,000

participants from 158 countries have already registered for the Open Doors Olympiad, an international competition organized by the Association of Global Universities. This event gives participants a chance to get tuition-free admission to English or Russian-taught Master’s programmes at Russia’s top universities.