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Registration for International Data Analysis Olympiad Now Open

Registration for International Data Analysis Olympiad Now Open

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The HSE Faculty of Computer Science, Yandex, and Otkritie Bank are holding the fifth International Data Analysis Olympiad (IDAO). There will be two competition stages: the qualifying round will last from February 1 to 28, 2022, and the finals will take place from April 16-17. Registration for the event is already underway.

The first stage of the Olympiad will be held online on Yandex.Contest – an online programming competition platform. The final stage will take place at Yandex headquarters in Moscow.

In 2022, the first round of IDAO involves solving a research problem. Participants will have to predict the properties of 2D crystals of various configurations. Such crystals contain only one atomic layer and have a unique energy landscape, which allows them to function as powerful accelerators, effective semiconductors, and optical information elements. 

Konstantin Novoselov

‘Synthesis of 2D crystals with pre-set properties is a brand-new area of interdisciplinary studies. One of the methods to create new crystals is to use alloys, carefully introducing defects,’ says Konstantin Novoselov, a Nobel Prize winner in physics. ‘Structural defects seriously impact physical and chemical properties, such as conductivity, photoluminescence, and magnetism. The range of possible configurations is huge, and the use of machine learning methods will help decrease the time needed to find new key configurations with pre-set properties.’

Andrey Ustyuzhanin

‘The participants need to put together a neural network to calculate a specific problem, which is usually solved by long calculation experiments,’ says Andrey Ustyuzhanin, Head of the HSE Laboratory of Methods for Big Data Analysis (LAMBDA). ‘We have prepared the data with descriptions of various crystal configurations and their energy properties. In machine learning terms, the input data is presented as point clouds, which allows for experimenting with different approaches, such as graph neural networks and topological analysis.’

In 2022, IDAO will take place for the fifth time. The Olympiad is changing its format in the anniversary year: now, only students will compete for prizes. This way, the organizers want to equalize the chances for participants from all over the world, so that people who already work at IT companies have no advantage over students.

Stanislav Fedotov

‘IDAO is becoming more and more interesting for its participants. It is no ordinary event. It is an international competition, where students can try their hand at solving complicated problems directly related to academic research. We are happy to be among the organizers and are looking forward to welcoming the strongest contestants at Yandex,’ says Stanislav Fedotov, Head of Yandex School of Data Analysis in Moscow.

The Olympiad has been held since 2019, and since then, it has attracted over 10,000 participants from 97 countries. In 2021, 32 strongest teams from 15 countries met in the finals, while 648 teams took part in the selection round: they solved a problem by HSE LAMBDA lab, which cooperates with CERN and carries out research in Large Hadron Collider physics. The contestants have solved varied problems in various years of the Olympiad, both in the IT industry and in academic research: from the search for dark matter to optimization of ATM cash replenishment.

Sergey Rusanov

‘Participation in IDAO opens a wide range of opportunities for computer science students. As always, we are going to offer an interesting financial problem in the finals,’ says Sergey Rusanov, member of the Management Board, Head of IT Office at Otkritie, Head of the HSE Joint Department with Otkritie Financial Group. ‘I wish all the participants success in getting to the finals and winning. IDAO is an excellent platform for showcasing one’s capabilities to employers and getting professional acknowledgement. We are always happy to welcome new talent.’

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IDAO 2022 Challenges Participants to Work with Graph Neural Networks

On February 1, the IDAO 2022 was launched. The HSE Faculty of Computer Sciences, Yandex and Otkritie Bank (platinum partner) are holding it for the fifth time. The first round of the olympiad will be held in an online format on Yandex.Contest - an online platform for organizing programming competitions.

Winners of the International Data Analysis Olympiad (IDAO) Announced

The Faculty of Computer Science at HSE University, Yandex, and this year’s platinum partner, Otkritie Bank, held the International Data Analysis Olympiad (IDAO) for the fourth time.  This year’s first-place winner was the ‘random team’, Ilya Kornakov and Kirill Borozdin, from Switzerland. Second and third places went to the Russian teams ‘Mylene Farmer’ (Vasiliy Rubtsov, Anvar Kurmukov) and ‘Shizika’ (Dmitry Simakov, Nikita Churkin).

IDAO 2021 Qualifying Round Comes to a Close

30 teams have advanced to the finals of the 2021 International Data Analysis Olympiad (IDAO) after passing the qualifying round, which was dedicated to the search for dark matter.

International Data Analysis Olympiad IDAO-2021 Has Started

The registration period for the International Data Analysis Olympiad (IDAO-2021) is open until March 12. The qualifying round has already begun and will run until March 31. This year, the HSE Faculty of Computer Science and Yandex are holding the Olympiad for the fourth time. This year's Platinum Partner is Otkritie Bank. The Olympiad is organised by leading data analysts for their future colleagues—early career analysts and scientists.

HSE University Faculty of Computer Science and Yandex Hold Final Round of International Data Analysis Olympiad IDAO-2020

The HSE Faculty of Computer Science (FCS) and Yandex held the Online Final of the IDAO-2020 International Data Analysis Olympiad, which took place for the third time. The task for the final round was provided by QIWI, the platinum partner of the event. Sberbank also became a competition partner.


participants from 83 countries have registered for the International Data Analysis Olympiad (IDAO). Most registrations came from Russia and India. The top ten most-represented countries among participants also include the United States, Iran, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Pakistan.

HSE Students Win Awards at the Kaggle International Data Science Competition

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