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10 Reasons to Come to HSE Day or Unauthorized Entry Only

10 Reasons to Come to HSE Day or Unauthorized Entry Only

It’s September but you don’t have to get blues because autumn starts with HSE Day — a massive city festival in Gorky Park. For the third year in a row on September 10 the HSE transforms the park into a university campus where you can have fun finding out about life in a modern university. Here are 10 good reasons why everybody, even if they have nothing to do with the HSE should come to this special day.

1. You can loosen up a bit

Whoever likes faster, taller, stronger will find a whole country of sport and physical activies waiting for them in HSE land.

You can test your strength and agility running on clouds, in a squirrel cage or taking on a sumo wrestler. And on the igniting dance battle floor there will be a competition for the best moonwalk and hip-hop stars.

2. Clever people talking about interesting things

On HSE Day, everyone without exception can be a student and go to lectures, not in a lecture theatre but in the open air. In the lectorium 'University for the City' prepare yourselves to learn about the old student quarters, about education in Ancient Rus, about how universities set the style of city life. In the English language lectures, HSE Open Talks, you can listen to HSE international staff give lectures, talk to them in an informal atmosphere and find out how life in Russia suits them. 

3. HSE isn’t only about going to classes

Lectures, seminars, exams, diplomas...but what about life? Students have set up masses of clubs and societies since the HSE began. In the Studlife tent students will tell you about the ecology club which collects scrap metal, Green HSE, about which mountain peaks the Extreme Sports club intends to conquer and what kind of weapons the historical reenactment club Spiritum Saeculorum use. You can find out about everything from the university newspapers to the sailing school.

4. Nice people meet other nice people  

If you strolled into the celebrations alone just spend five minutes in the speed dating zone Love HSE and you might meet a potential flame or simply make new friends.

5. You can make a speech or read a good book

If you want a rest from all the noise and sports come to the networking Veranda the innovations space for intellectuals. If you dream of doing a Steve Jobs style presentation, come to the Soul Pitch where you’ll have 5 - 7 minutes to steal the hearts of your audience with the story of your career, business or even your own 'epic fail'.

In the Open Air Library book lovers are offered the best books published by Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, Piter and RIPOL Classic and free access to the electronic library Bookmate.

On the networking Veranda you can watch a demonstration at the FabLab workshop of the miracles of 3D scanning and 3D printing.

6. How to have a brilliant career

If you are aiming for the top, come to the Business Club where in a masterclass the best HSE graduates will share their professional secrets and tips about career building. If you want to know how to become a top manager or find money for your own business, you can learn about it from people who have done it themselves.

7. Want to talk about the mysterious Russian soul?

For the first time at HSE Day, we’ll be putting on a virtual apron and head band and inviting you to gather around the samovar in the Russian Tea Room. Over tea, barankas and gingerbread, foreigners can discuss with the locals the niceties of the Russian mentality and join in quizzes and games about the Russian language and Russia’s rich culture.

8. Prizes for counting crows

'Counting crows again?!' have you been brought back from a daydream with these words? Well on HSE Day counting crows is de rigueur.There are prizes if you join the quest in the park, solve riddles and find the HSE baby crow cuddly toys.

9. Good music

Pop-rock, funk, fusion and avant garde jazz will be playing in the Azhurnaya besedka - the lacework pavillion - the most romantic spot in Gorky Park. Music and dancing will charge up your batteries for the entire academic year! The highlight of the day will be the concert starring rockband Bi-2.  

Shura and Lyova will be coming to HSE Day for the second time. Don’t forget - entry to the concert is free but you must register in advance.

10. And finally, what about the photo?

To make sure you have an unfading memory of the day, there will be a photobooth in the park where you can take an original photo with the HSE insignia. And rumour has it that the Rector of HSE, Yaroslav Kuzminov will be taking a stroll in the park near the embankment, you might just get a selfie with him…

For further information please visit the HSE Day website.


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HSEcoins have been donated by HSE students to finance student projects over the first few days of a new crowdfunding platform’s existence.

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