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Global Business: Unique Education in an International Environment

A grand opening for the third enrolment of master’s students in Global Business took place at the HSE campus in Nizhny Novgorod. The master’s programme is aimed at training managers with professional, social, and personal competencies needed for working in the global economy.

The master’s programme in Global Business was launched at the HSE campus in Nizhny Novgorod in 2012. Partner universities, Johannes Kepler University of Linz (Austria), University of Bergamo (Italy), and HSE in Nizhny Novgorod joined forces to offer students the opportunity to get experience of work and education in the world’s leading economic regions. Each year, the programme becomes better known both in Russia and internationally.

'The classical education in the partner universities means many hours of theory and much less practice. We offered a practical aspect, and they took it eagerly. Of course, we have differences in the general model of teaching. HSE has many hours in class, many hours for students to consult teachers, and comparatively less independent work. In Europe, the main focus is made on independent study or team work, but out of class. We had to get used to this difference in formats. But this is our third enrolment, and we can say that we have more or less adjusted to each other,' says Mikhail Plotnikov, Leading Lecturer at the master’s programme in Global Business.

The grand opening of the master’s programme in Global Business took place at the HSE campus in Nizhny Novgorod. The evening allowed the international students, the lecturers, and the guests to relax in the informal atmosphere of an international party.

Johannes Schobesberger, Austria

I’m very interested in looking at how students learn in other universities, I’m keen to learn more about Italy and Russia and the specifics of management in these countries. I hope to establish useful business contacts, and to understand Russian culture, both national and business.

Enrico Ubiali, Italy

My friends and colleagues graduated from this master’s programme last year. Their feedback was positive. They liked the curriculum; the topics they studied were very interesting and useful, and the experience of living in various countries was unique and essential. That’s why when I was choosing a programme for further studies, I decided to apply for Global Business, in order to experience all those things myself.

Svetlana Roganova, Russia

I met my international classmates and I can say that I’m now immersed in the international community. I applied for Global Business because, when you grow up in a family of entrepreneurs, you feel part of the business community anyway. I have some prospects for work in an international company and I have my own business, and hence the experience I get here will be very important for my future career.

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In May, the HSE Voronovo Learning Centre hosted the International Spring School on Human Rights, a five-day educational retreat organized jointly by the HSE Department of Public Policy, the University of Bologna and the International Institute of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

HSE Becomes Member of Erasmus Student Network

HSE’s volunteer organisation, which is made up of student ‘buddies’ who help foreign students adapt to life in Russia, has become a part of the Erasmus Student Network.

Studying Software Engineering at HSE

The Master’s programme in System and Software Engineering aims to provide students an opportunity not only to acquire the knowledge and experience they need in their chosen profession, but also to help them generate a systemic view on bringing resolutions to the difficult professional challenges they are certain to face in the future. Academic Supervisor Dmitry Alexandrov talks about programme features and international students share their experience of living and studying in Moscow.

Dutch Student Investigates Languages of the Caucasus

Samira Verhees, a Ghent University alumna and doctoral student at the HSE School of Linguistics, spoke about her Caucasian studies.

Students Come from Far and Wide to Study Big Data Systems

The Master’s programme in Big Data Systems at the Higher School of Economics focuses on the value aspect of big data for large enterprises and the implementation of big data technology in enterprises. Two current students of the programme share their thoughts about what drew them to HSE to study big data, what they hope to gain from the programme and what advice they would give to prospective international students.

French Delegation Visits School of Business Informatics to Discuss Cooperation in Big Data Studies

In March 2016, the School of Business Informatics (Faculty of Business and Management) at HSE was visited by a delegation from France’s University of Évry; in late 2015, a student exchange agreement was signed between HSE and this university. The delegation brought 19 students from the Master’s programmes in the field of big data at the University of Évry to Moscow.

Spring School Provides Italian Students Intense Exposure to Russian Culture

‘Texts and Places: Introduction to Russian History, Language and Culture’ (I testi dei luoghi: introduzione alla storia, alla cultura e alla lingua russa), an international Spring School at HSE organized jointly by Julia Ivanova, leading research fellow at the Poletayev Institute for Theoretical and Historical Studies in the Humanities, and the University of Eastern Piedmont Amedeo Avogadro, took place from March 15 to 23.

American Student Does Mathematical Research at HSE

Nicholas Howell is a PhD student at University of Oregon. He came to HSE Faculty of Mathematics on the invitation of his research advisor Vadim Vologodsky to do research during two months. In his interview Nick talks about his time in Moscow.

New Master’s Programme in Population and Development Draws Diverse Array of Students

One of the HSE’s newly launched Master’s programmes – Population and Development – aims to train specialists who can develop solutions to many of today’s economic and social challenges. Taught entirely in English and offering courses in public administration, economics, demography and statistical analysis, the programme has partnerships with universities in France, Germany, Italy and Belgium.

Student from Morocco: from Winter School to HSE Master's Program

Hamid Ait-El-Kaid is a second-year student from Morocco of the Master's programme in Political Analysis and Public Policy. His first exposure to HSE took place during a Winter School for prospective students in February 2014. After learning about the Public Policy programme, he decided to apply to HSE.