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HSE Endowment to Back Student Participation in International Contests

Judge Geoffrey Henderson and the HSE team that won the finals of the International Criminal Moot Court in The Hague in 2015

The funding will be allocated on a competitive basis. The first round of applications has already started and will run until October 15, 2016.

The HSE Endowment has allocated 3,000,000 roubles to reimburse costs incurred by students (including state-financed, fee-paying, and doctoral students), as well as group heads (HSE staff), who represent the university at international contests. These funds will cover the costs for transportation, accommodation, visa fees, medical insurance, and registration fees. Financial support is provided to cover these costs either fully or in part.

Funding is provided on a competitive basis. The decision on funding is made by an HSE competition committee on international student academic mobility. Competition applications should be submitted online to the HSE Office of Internationalisation. 

Application from a student (in Russian)

Application from a group head (in Russian)

The application procedure, the documents required, and reporting process are regulated by dedicated HSE regulations (in Russian).

The first round of competition applications is open until October 15, 2016. NB: applications should be submitted no later than 30 consecutive days before the start of the trip if it is in Russia, and no later than 45 consecutive days if it is held abroad.

If you have any questions regarding the competition, please contact Sofia Sadykova or Valeria Stefanenko at the Office of Internationalisation.

What is the HSE Endowment?

The university endowment is a fund formed from donations by graduates, partners and friends of the university. The donations are not spent immediately, but are invested in stocks, bonds, and deposits. Income earned through this investment is used to support important university projects and initiatives. These are the projects that are already being implemented, but on a smaller scale, or those have yet to be developed due to lack of resources, but which have a clear benefit to the university community.

Endowments are very well developed in American universities, and the best of them have the biggest endowments worth dozens of billions of dollars. This highlights the true purpose of endowments – they exist to develop the university, not to ‘save’ it. Graduates like to participate in university life, and some donate out of their sense of gratitude to the university for the knowledge they gained while students, the friends they made, and the careers they were able to build on graduation. Others view donating to the endowment as an investment in future generations.

The new HSE Endowment initiative is based on the same principles. HSE spends the income from the endowment on projects that provide students with new opportunities and comfortable conditions for their studies. It supports internships in partner universities, student teams’ participation in international intellectual contests, and on the construction of sports venues. Research is another important area of funding. The Endowment supports participation of the honorary guests in the April Conference, the main academic event at HSE. Some subscriptions for the most important library e-resources are also renewed from the endowment income.

See also:

HSE Endowment Fund Exceeds 1 Billion RUB

As of September 30, 2020, HSE University’s endowment fund reached 1,054,203,380 rubles. According to data from 2019, HSE University ranks among the top three state universities in Russia in terms of assets.

HSE Endowment Fund to Include New Endowment Fund for ICEF

An Endowment for the Development of the International College of Economics and Finance (ICEF) has been created within the HSE Endowment Fund to provide financial support for the ICEF’s long-term projects. Thanks to the endowment, the ICEF will also be able to direct more funds to research and expand the range of opportunities for the professional and personal growth of its students.

Construction of HSE Sports Centre to Start in October 2017

The Centre will include a swimming pool, a climbing wall, a gym, as well as dedicated space for basketball, tennis, badminton and other sports. The plan is to build the three-storey venue of almost 12,000 sq.m in under two years.

HSE Endowment Exceeds 500 Million Roubles

The HSE Endowment was created in 2007 and includes donations from individuals and companies. As of today, it comes to over 550 million roubles. It is only surpassed by the endowments of four other leading Russian universities – St. Petersburg State University (1.036 billion roubles), MGIMO (1.5 billion roubles), European University in St. Petersburg(1.64 billion roubles), and SkolTech (4.387 billion roubles).

HSE Alumni Awards Laureates Announced

HSE has held the latest Alumni Awards ceremony, presented awards to the best alumni and organized the auction to benefit HSE Endowment.

VTB24 Establishes Chair at HSE

Following a long history of cooperation between HSE and VTB24 bank, a programme has been launched to fund financial research through a university endowment. This entails the establishment of a VTB Chair position as the logical outcome of this programme.