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What You Can Do in Data Science: HSE University Invites Applications for IDAO 2020

What You Can Do in Data Science: HSE University Invites Applications for IDAO 2020

The registration for the 3rd International Data Analysis Olympiad (IDAO 2020) organised jointly by the HSE Faculty of Computer Science and Yandex, is open until January 21,2020. The international competition introduces young developers and analysts to current issues in Data Science.

IDAO 2020 will be held in two rounds. The first stage will be a traditional machine learning competition held on the Yandex.Contest platform. Developers will need to train a model to make new predictions and then upload them to an automatic verification system.

The top 30 teams of the Online Stage will advance to the on-site final, which will be held on at the Yandex headquarters in Moscow. In the final 36 hours of the competition, participants will endeavour not only to train a model, but to create a full-fledged prototype, which will be tested both in terms of accuracy and performance. Participants will have to complete the competition tasks in real-life conditions: they have to make tight deadlines, abide by capacity limitations, and work in a team.

The Olympiad is already in its third year. The winners of the first IDAO - the Magic City team – are now busy working in sports programming. St. Petersburg State University alumni Roman Pyankov and Sergey Arefyev have repeatedly won prizes at Sberbank data analysis and AI hackathons.

Magic City team
© Mikhail Dmitriev

According to Roman, IDAO was the first competition that his team managed to win. ‘The victory gave us experience, at the very least, and excellent laptops (a laptop is a traditional prize in IDAO – editor’s note),’ says Roman. ‘Now Sergey and I are participating in almost all tournaments, since the majority of them are held online.’ The prize fund of these kinds of competitions can reach several million rubles.

© International Data Analysis Olympiad

Ilya Ivanitsky, Olympiad winner, 2019:

Solving an applied problem in a short time in a competition with a bunch of other teams is interesting. But what’s even more interesting is improving your solution over the course of the competition – when you can come up with hacks and see them work. It is also a useful line on your resume. My wishes to IDAO participants: sign up for this contest, try different things, use your time, energy, and server capacities to show what you are capable of at DS.

Winners and runners up of IDAO 2020 will receive valuable prizes and gifts, as well as an advantage in getting into the Yandex School of Data Analysis and master's programmes at the HSE Faculty of Computer Science.

The platinum partner of the 2020 Olympiad is Qiwi.


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participants from 83 countries have registered for the International Data Analysis Olympiad (IDAO). Most registrations came from Russia and India. The top ten most-represented countries among participants also include the United States, Iran, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Pakistan.

HSE Students Win Awards at the Kaggle International Data Science Competition

Ekaterina Melianova and Artyom Volgin, second-year students of the Master’s programme ‘Applied Statistics with Network Analysis’, took second place in an international data analysis competition. Using a Kaggle survey of 19,717 respondents from 171 countries, they analyzed the community of PhD degree holders in Data Science.

Eight Teams Compete in HSE’s First Data Science Hackathon

HSE University has recently hosted an SAS Data Hack Platypus data analysis hackathon, where teams competed to solve a case problem provided by the online hypermarket, Utkonos (or, in English, ‘Platypus’).The top five finalists received devices from partner companies as gifts.

First Cohort Graduates from Master’s Programme in Statistical Learning Theory

The Master's Programme in Statistical Learning Theory was launched in 2017. It is run jointly with the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech). The programme trains future scientists to effectively carry out fundamental research and work on new challenging problems in statistical learning theory, one of the most promising fields of science. Yury Kemaev and Maxim Kaledin, from the first cohort of programme graduates, sat down with HSE News Service to talk about their studies and plans for the future.

Winners of the II International Economics Olympiad Announced in St. Petersburg

On July 31, the II International Economics Olympiad (IEO) for high school students came to a close in Saint Petersburg. In the team competition, the Brazilian team won the gold medal, while teams from China won silver and bronze. One of Russian teams placed fifth.

Second International Economics Olympiad Opens at HSE University in St. Petersburg

On July 24, the second annual International Economics Olympiad (IEO) for high school students kicked off at HSE University in St. Petersburg. The competition is organized by HSE University with the support of Sberbank. Students from 24 countries will compete over the course of a week. The winners will be able to enroll in any HSE Economics programme in 2020 with a full tuition scholarship.

HSE University − St Petersburg to Host the International Economics Olympiad

On July 24-July 31, the second annual International Economics Olympiad (IEO) for high school students will be held in St. Petersburg. The IEO is organized and hosted by HSE University with the support of Sberbank.

DNA Secondary Structures Lead to Gene Mutations that Increase the Risk of Cancer

Researchers have used machine learning to discover that the two most widespread DNA structures — stem-loops and quadruplexes — cause genome mutations that lead to cancer. The results of the study were published in BMC Cancer.

HSE Opens Laboratory of Financial Data Analysis

Part of the Centre of Deep Learning and Bayesian Methods and another partner project between Sberbank and HSE University’s Faculty of Computer Science, the laboratory will focus on applying machine learning methods to financial services.

31 Teams from Seven Countries Make It to IDAO Finals

On February 18, the online round of the International Data Analysis Olympiad (IDAO) officially finished. The Data analysis competition is organized by the HSE Faculty of Computer Science and Yandex with the support of Sberbank. This year 1287 teams from 78 countries took part in the online round.