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Monday, June 27

Conference on Algebraic Geometry 'Sputnik-22'

Illustration for news: HSE Supercomputer Doubles Its Performance

HSE Supercomputer Doubles Its Performance

The peak performance of the HSE cHARISMa supercomputer has doubled, reaching 2 petaflops (2 quadrillion floating-point operations per second). HSE University now outperforms the Kurchatov Institute in terms of computing power. The only more powerful university computers are MSU’s Lomonosov-2 and SPbPU’s Polytechnic. Thanks to the timely upgrade, cHARISMa has retained its respectable 6th position among the Top 50 most powerful computer systems in the CIS for three years.

Illustration for news: Open-Source GPU Technology for Supercomputers: Researchers Navigate Advantages and Disadvantages

Open-Source GPU Technology for Supercomputers: Researchers Navigate Advantages and Disadvantages

Researchers from the HSE International Laboratory for Supercomputer Atomistic Modelling and Multi-scale Analysis, JIHT RAS and MIPT have compared the performance of popular molecular modelling programs on GPU accelerators produced by AMD and Nvidia. In apaper published by the International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications, the scholars ported LAMMPS on the new open-source GPU technology, AMD HIP, for the first time.

Illustration for news: HSE Supercomputer Is Named cHARISMa

HSE Supercomputer Is Named cHARISMa

In July this year, there was an open vote to name the HSE’s supercomputer. Two names - Corvus (‘crow’ in Latin; the crow is HSE's mascot) and cHARISMa (Computer of HSE for Artificial Intelligence and Supercomputer Modelling) – received the most votes. The latter won by a narrow margin, with 441 people (one in three of those who took part in the vote) choosing this name.

Illustration for news: Supercomputer Set Up at HSE University

Supercomputer Set Up at HSE University

A new supercomputer, which has been recently set up at MIEM, will allow the university to carry out high quality research in deep learning and mathematical modeling. The computer was ranked sixth in the April Top-50 ranking of supercomputers in Russia.