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First Issue of the International Organisations Research Journal in English

The first issue of the International Organisations Research Journal in English (issue 5, 2010) has been published. It focuses on the G8/G20 summit performance as well as the future of the Groups’ partnership and possible improvements.

The first issue of the International Organisations Research Journal in English (issue 5, 2010) has been published. It focuses on the G8/G20 summit performance as well as the future of the Groups’ partnership and possible improvements. The issue presents the results of research conducted by the HSE International Organisations Research Institute (IORI), the Munk School of Global Affairs of the University of Toronto and analysts from the World Bank, Royal Institute for International Relations of Belgium, University of Ghent and Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security (IFANS) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Republic of Korea. It opens with reflections from the Aide to the Russian President and Russian G8/G20 Sherpa Arkady Dvorkovich. The majority of papers from this issue were discussed during the international conference “Partnership for Progress. From the 2010 Muskoka – Toronto Summits to the Seoul Summit” organized by the IORI with support from Oxfam International and the Department for International Development of the United Kingdom.



  • Dvorkovich, A. V. Arkady Dvorkovich welcoming address to the participants of the conference “Partnership for Progress. From the 2010 Muskoka-Toronto Summits to Seoul Summit”
  • Foreword from the Editor
Topic of the Issue
  • Lukov, V. B. Toronto and Muskoka Summits: Expectations and Results


Analytical Papers


  • Kirton, J. J. Working Together for G8-G20 Partnership: The Muskoka-Toronto Twin Summits, June 2010
  • Kokotsis, E. The Muskoka Accountability Report: Assessing the Written Record
  • Qureshi, Z. G20: Global Growth and Development Agenda
  • Hajnal, P. I. The Muskoka G8 and Toronto G20 Summits, Accountability, and Civil Society
  • Kartamyshev, V. A. From Toronto to Seoul G20 summits: a Civil Society Call for Seoul Development Consensus
  • Rakhmangulov, M. R. Establishing International Development Assistance Strategy in Russia
  • Larionova, M. V., Rakhmangulov, M. R. A Tale of Two Institutions. New Figures, New Opportunities
  • Lesage, D. The G8 and G20: How Far Can the Parallel Be Drawn?
  • Larionova, M. V. Assessing G8 and G20 effectiveness in global governance so far
  • Gilman, M. What Comes after the G20?


Full texts of the articles can be found on the journal website.

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