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International Programme in Economics and Finance
Bachelor’s Programme

International Programme in Economics and Finance

4 years
Full-time programme
192 500 –
770 000 RUB/year
Tuition Fee in 2023
Russian government and HSE scholarships and tuition fee waivers not applicable
Instruction in English

ICEF at a glance{}


Founded in 1997, with academic support of the London School of Economics and Political Science and the University of London.

Multum in parvo

Our motto






Academic staff

About programme features


In addition to the core curriculum, ICEF offers a wide array of electives allowing students to learn programming, data management and much more. Students are welcome to join on-campus activities or contribute to project work. Here’s how ICEF students customize their learning process, upgrade their skills as researchers or project team members, and join student life by assuming, for example, roles as tutors.
March 13
Alexander Zayonts, Founder, President and CEO at Hoff hypermarket chain, delivered his talk, entitled “Promoting Business Under Restrictions”, as part of a series of sessions with leading Russian practicing economists and entrepreneurs. Alexander has a place on ICEF Endowment Fund Board of Trustees. Acting as the moderator was HSE University President Alexander Shokhin.
March 11
Artur Isaev, who is in his first year of bachelor’s degree, was preparing for college in the USA, but chose to study in Russia and entered ICEF. In this interview, Artur shares about his chosen career path in Economics and Finance, how he found his best friend at ICEF, and why he keeps abreast of trends in architecture.
February 22
Alexandra Nalobina earned her bachelor's from ICEF in 2022. Currently a financial modeling and investment analysis specialist at Uralchem, Alexandra shares about the right approach to job search, the benefits of being employed in real economy sector, and what makes ICEF graduates perfect candidates for highly sought-after jobs.
February 20
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