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ICEF Students Receive Awards and Letters of Commendation from University of London

University of London published a list of ICEF students who received Awards and Letters of Commendation for Academic Achievements on the University of London International Programme 2015.

Awards acknowledge a student’s outstanding performance in the 2015 exams. Students will receive a Certificate and formal letter signed by the Pro Vice-Chancellor (International) and Chief Executive. The Letters of Commendation acknowledge students’ excellent exam performance and encourage them to do well in the rest of the programme. Students will receive a Certificate and formal letter signed by the Chair of the EMFSS Programme Board of Examiners.

The number of awarded students this year increased dramatically and exceeded the previous years’ results.

In total 29 ICEF students were awarded and commended:

Awards for Academic Achievement:

  • Oleg Kabanov (2 year)
  • Elvira Alimbekova (4 year)
  • Estella Kolobaeva (3 year)
  • Ilya Ilin (2 year)
  • Nataliya Gimpelson (2 year)
  • Anastasiia Khokhlova (2 year)
  • Rimma Khusnutdinova (2 year)
  • Ekaterina Chegaeva (2 year)
  • Roman Kurov (2 year)
  • Artur Sarkisov (2 year)
  • Ekaterina Tishkina (2 year)
  • Maria Maricheva (3 year)
  • Anton Tolokonnikov (2 year)
  • Nataliya Mikhailova (2 year)
  • Danil Dmitriev (2 year)
  • Rail Akhmetov (2 year)
  • Ilya Shchupko (3 year)
  • Alexandr Petrov (3 year)
  • Anton Rysev (2 year)
  • Roman Skoromnyi (2 year)

Letters of Commendation:

  • Evgenii Baranov (3 year)
  • Sergey Kondratyuk (3 year)
  • Valeriya Dolottseva (2 year)
  • Elena Kromina (2 year)
  • Ksenia Chub (2 year)
  • Artem Chubarov (3 year)
  • Dmitrii Kazantcev (3 year)
  • Ksenia Tsapina (3 year)
  • Emiliia Giniiatullina (3 year)

The total number of all students who received awards, letters of commendation and exam top-scores is 43.

Congratulations to ICEF and its students on this extraordinary achievement!

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It’s Only the Beginning for the ICEF Graduates of 2018

On September 13, 230 graduates of ICEF-UoL Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes received their diplomas. The history of HSE's collaboration with the London School of Economics of the University of London spans more than 20 years and demonstrates the integral role that international cooperation between universities plays in academic, research, and cultural development. The graduates of 2018 are sure to continue this tradition.